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As the  Federal Reserve Corporations and Their OLIGARCHS endlessly Print Money and Operate and Control the  LAME STREAM MEDIA ….  The  Truth and the National Conversation gets  CONTROLLED,  MASSAGED and  CORRUPTED by the  Talking Head Puppets on the  Evening News    IT’s  WAKE  THE PHUCK UP TIME  AMERICA





The TRIAD, Deutsche Bank and the TRUMP, Bush, Clinton Obama  SECRET WARS


Just how much BLOOD  does  Donald Trump have on His Hands 

NABILA and the Deutsche Bank and  The  HOUSTON TRIAD  MAFIA


The  Friggen Stories  NEVER  END

Way Way Way Way Way  BEYOND the Clinton and Bush Mafias  LAND SCAMS

Bobby Harmon, Danny Castalano, Barry Seal, Brian Quig, Vince Foster, Mark Lombardi, Don Bolles, Gary Web, Paul Friggens and many others The Crime Scene Has Been MASSIVE

Brainwashing and the TRUMP / LIBERAL Machine

The TRIAD of Evil … Smoke and Mirrors America … You’re being DECEIVED https://www4.bing.com/searc…

YES  DONALD  TRUMP,  Of Course  the  Bushs and Obamas and Clintons were involved with the TRIAD

From almost 17 Years ago I found an Old Version Cache and Archived ….http://web.archive.org/…/20011110142547/http://ww…/jurisnot/
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Restoring The Bill of Rights One Website at a Time

(May 26, 2000) I believe that very shortly I will be setup AGAIN on more Red Herring FALSE Charges by Local and Probably Federal Prosecutors. The reality of Retaliation and Persecution for revealing truth in America is all to real for myself, my children and Debra. Many, Many BILLIONS were l…

PHOENIX, Ariz., Nov. 25  Two and one‐half months of Federal hearings across the country have produced evidence of widespread disreputable practices by land developers in the face of a Federal crackdown that has resulted in indictments, convictions, fines and jail terms.

Among findings of the hear ings are the following:

Massive misrepresentations to land buyers.

Discovery, from complaining witnesses, of numerous developers who operate outside the law by failing to register with the Federal Government.

Instances  of outright fraud going far beyond mere misrepresentation.

While the bearings were being planned and carried out, Federal prosecution convicted unethical developers of such charges as conspiracy to defraud by misleading advertising, failure to provide a promised water supply and trickery in covering up a wide variety of shortcomings.

“The main thing that has come through is the massive extent of misrepresentation to the consumer by salesmen and developers,” George K. Bern stein, Administrator of the Of fice of Interstate Land Sales Registration, said in a telephone interview.

His agency, which is part of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, will hold the last of 17 hearings Thursday and Friday at Miami.

Tough Law Possible

As a result of the findings, he said, the agency may recommend a strong regulatory law to control financing methods and sales and promotion techniques used by developers.

Most of the country’s 10,000 developers are honest. They meet a need in an affluent age by helping buyers find a suit able lot for a principal home or for a second home for recreation, retirement change of scene or investment.

But John McDowell, deputy administrator, of the registration office, said at a hearing in Phoenix last week, “Many developers never had any intention of providing the streets and other amenities they promised—and the number of developers in this group is multiplying.”

While this criticism applies to numerous developments throughout the country, perhaps nowhere is the contrast between reputable and shady developers sharper than in western Arizona, where a company named Lake Havasu Estates has been accused for two years of misleading lot buyers by trading on the established reputation of a development named Lake Havasu City.

Carved From the Desert

“Salesmen for Lake Havasu Estates imply that their development is part and parcel of Lake Havasu City,” William Adams, deputy director of the investigative arm of the registration office, said in an inter view here.

Lake Havasu City was carved out of the desert by the McCulloch Corporation in 1964. The development has become a self‐contained city of 10,000, aided by a lakeside setting rare for the arid Southwest and by the promotional value of the developer’s multi‐million‐dollar purchase and reconstruction here of the London Bridge.

Lake Havasu Estates, about 40 miles to the north, near Yucca, consists of some 10,000 acres of desert and cactus except for a portable sales office, rudimentary, unpaved “streets” and a big gold geodesic “dine sphere” that has never opened for dining.

To imply that Lake Havasu Estates is in Lake Havasu City is easy because the development specializes in selling plots sight unseen to buyers in other states.

Lake Havasu City, by contrast, has a firm policy of selling only to buyers who have examined their lots and the surroundings before making a down payment. Buyers are flown in daily without charge from all over the country in McCulloch planes for this purpose.

The other day a young couple from New York arrived at Lake Havasu City and asked to see Lake Havasu Estates property on which they had been making monthly payments.

When they learned that Lake Havasu Estates was neither on a lake nor a part of the widely known McCulloch development, they were shocked and angry.

“It happens several times a month,” said Jack Thompson, tract manager at Lake Havasu City.

Off‐site buyers of lots at Lake Havasu Estates are told that they have a year to come to see the project and get a refund if they choose.

“If dissatisfied,” one sales man, Jack Brown, said in a spiel to vacationers at Reno that was recorded on tape, “all you have to do is stick out your hand and take back your money, every single penny.”

Like hundreds of others, Mr. and Mrs. William F. Fraccaro of Clarendon Hills, III., have been sticking out their hands unsuccessfully, for a long time.

Mr. Fraccaro testified at a Chicago hearing last month that while vacationing in New Orleans last year, he and his wife accepted a free lunch and tour of the city in return for listening to a sales pitch for Lake Havasu Estates.

“We were led to believe that the company was the multi million‐dollar McCulloch Corporation,” he said. “We were also led to believe that Lake Havasu Estates was responsible for bringing London Bridge to Arizona.”

Mr. Fraccaro, a substitute teacher in suburban Chicago, and his wife were given a copy of an article from the magazine Arizona Highways about the McCulloch organization and all it has accomplished at Lake Havasu City.

They were convinced that the area could make a choice place to build, and was fool‐ proof because of the one‐year money‐back guarantee. They put $165 down and have been paying $57.29 a month ever since.

Not willingly, however, because after returning from New Orleans they saw a McCulloch advertisement in a Chicago newspaper offering free flights to see a McCulloch development in the Ozark Mountains.

When they called to ask if they could get the same thing to look at their property in Arizona, they learned that Lake Havasu Estates had nothing to do with Lake Havasu City.

I Only then did they plow through the entire sheaf of literature they had been handed at the time of signing their sales contract in New Orleans.

Among the fancy brochures was a property report. Each developer is required, under the Federal Full Disclosure Act of 1968, to file this document with H.U.D.’s Office of Interstate Land Sales Registration and to provide each lot buyer with a copy.

The report is intended to make sure the buyer knows as much about the development as the seller does. Questions asked by the Federal agency for the enlightenment of the buyer are printed, followed by the answers. If there are omissions or untruths, the company is subject to prosecution.

For the unscrupulous developer, and for over‐zealous salesmen whose only income is commissions, the favored technique in subverting the full‐ disclosure intention of the law is to avoid prosecution by filing a candid property report, but then to make it extremely difficult for the lot purchaser to get a look at the report before he signs a contract.

Often Passed Off

Most unsophisticated buyers who become the prey of such salesmen are not aware of the existence of property reports. For those who do get a glimpse of the document before signing and ask what it is, the salesman is likely to try to pass it off as insignificant red tape.

“This property is not useful for building purposes,” says a property report on River Ranch Acres, a project of GAC, formerly General Acceptance Corporation, in Florida. “It is unimproved property, unsurveyed and without roads, drainage or other improvements. Some parcels may be covered with surface water during all or most of the year.…

“This property is near the Avon Park Air Force practice range and some lots may be as close as three to five miles to an active target area.… The county government of Polk County, Fla., has not promised or agreed and does not intend to provide streets, drainage, water, utilities or any other improvements to this land.”

In the Lake Havasu City property report, H.U.D. notes that McCulloch “has had a per fect record of performance” in completing all improvements promised to buyers.

Though Lake Havasu Estates has taken in millions of dollars from unsuspecting lot buyers in the last two years, the Fracearns found when they finally read the Lake Havasu Estates property report that none of the necessities and amenities provided at Lake Havasu City were available in the development to the north.

At Lake Havasu Estates, in dividual lot owners must main tain the streets if there is to be any maintenance.

The water supply, says the development’s property report, “is unknown,”

The 10,000 acres of desert, which salesmen have described glowingly as a booming city of the future, has no sewage disposal system, no garbage or trash collection, no hospital, dentists, shopping, schools, electricity, telephone lines or any of the lake recreation pictured in brochures.

It has, in fact, no population  just buyers seeking refunds or continuing to make monthly payments in the hope that someday facilities will be in stalled and they can resell their land.

The Fraccaros, citing “gross misrepresentations,” unsuccess fully sought help from the real estate regulatory agencies of Arizona, Illinois and Louisiana in getting a refund of the $738 they had paid.

They hired a lawyer at $40 an hour, only to be told he could not help. They invoked a refund clause in their con tract that gave them 12 months to inspect the property and decide whether they were satisfied. The required inspection trip cost $500.

That was in July. They still do not have a refund. First they were told they needed to sign other forms, then that the necessary papers were at the printers, then that the company’s “refund money” was “frozen.”

Others seeking refunds have been told the computer at the headquarters office in Phoenix has gone haywire and has snarled paperwork.

“They are stalling,” Mr. Fraccaro said in a telephone interview. “The development is desolate.”

Mrs. Curt Roth of Phoenix testified at the Phoenix hear ing that two acres she and her husband bought from Lake Havasu Estates turned out to be “solid rock halfway up a mountain that would cost a fortune to build on.”

Mrs. Samuel M. Dyer of Sun City, Ariz., said she and her husband bought after a girl in a Lake Havasu Estates booth at the Arizona State Fair in Phoenix spun a roulette wheel and said, “Oh, look. You have won a trip to Las Vegas for three days and two nights.”

She said they asked the sales man they bought from, Victor Lockwood, if he was licensed and she said he was but could not show them the license just then because it had been slow in coming through from the state.

She said they were told the development would have “a nice big lake,” that 70,000 home sites had been sold and Lake Havasu Estates would be a city that size within a year, and that the Ford Motor Company and Singer Sewing Ma chine Company were buying land for employees they in tended to move there to work in plants they would build there.

A Lake Havasu Estates bill board at the property shows a bikini‐clad girl water skiing, but the property report says “there are no recreation facilities” and the nearest public beach is 52 miles away.

A McCulloch official called the development a “hoax” and a “fraud.” The Arizona Real Estate Department has ordered sales at Lake Havasu Estates halted three different times in the past because of irregularities. The State of Iowa got an injunction to halt sales to Iowa residents, charging fraud in misleading buyers about avail ability of streets, power, water, sewers, electricity and telephone service.


California and Minnesota also ordered Lake Havasu Estates to “cease and desist” sales to residents of those states.

Lake Havasu Estates cur rently is under no restriction by the Arizona Real Estate Department and can sell at will throughout most of the country.

As for Federal restrictions, Mr. McDowell said only that Arizona developers were under intensive investigation and that some Federal indictments could be expected soon.

Officials of Lake Havasu Estates could not be reached for comment today.

Under the Full Disclosure Act, developers can be fined and jailed for failure to register and provide a truthful property report, for outright fraud or for permitting salesmen to lie so flagrantly that a company pattern or policy is apparent.

There were no convictions under the act until Mr. Bernstein became administrator of the registration agency last March and initiated a crack down.

Since then, Edward L. Parker of Miami was fined $5,000 in Federal court in Miami for sell ing lots at two developments in North Carolina without registering with H.U.D. or providing purchasers with property reports.

Charles G. Geotis of  Danvers, Mass., was ordered jailed for two years in September for failure to file required details and for fraudulent use of the mails in making sales at Black Horse Acres in Rome,  Me.

He was convicted in Federal court in Portland, Me., of additional similar charges after 81 purchasers of lots at his Brandywine subdivision at Winthrop, Me., complained that the site was never developed for vacation homes as promised.

The Government charged that “after a minimum of expenditures for drainage, bulldozing and graveling a few rough roads,” he sold lots for as much as $10,000 an acre “by means of gimmickry, trickery, deception, misrepresentations and the omission of vital information.”

Robert V. Steinhilber, in Federal court in Kansas City last month, was convicted after promising a water purification plant and a 304,000‐gallon storage tank for his Lake Winnebago development in the Ozark Mountains when the only water service he had actually arranged for was through a one‐inch pipeline from a town seven miles away.

The Great Northern Development Corporation was indicted last month in Federal court in Atlanta on multiple counts of conspiracy to defraud. These included representing pictures of a lake, clubhouse, golf course, tennis courts and other amenities at a development in Pennsylvania as being at an other project called Treasure Lake of Georgia.

One Hell of an Octopus – – wordpresscom507 – Stephen Erdmann …


Aug 25, 2017 – Danny Casolaro’s Octopus….has reached Jules Verne proportions and grows daily….” …..Barry Seal and the Drug-CIA-Mafia-Complex …. shipments of heroin involving the combined Gambino-Gotti-Castellano families (p.

Mr. Bernstein said that “thousands of people every week are being misled or cheated.”

“Abuses are not unique to any one part of the country,” he said. “Although a vast majority of the developments are located in the better known recreational and retirement areas, the developers, including the fly‐by‐night operators, zero, in on markets anywhere they think there’s a fast buck to be made.

“As long as the con men continue to mulct the life savings of the aged and other innocent victims … we will exert every effort to turn this industry around.”

One loophole he would like to close involves a requirement that lot buyers be given 48 hours to rescind their purchase if they do not get a property report that far ahead of contracting to buy. Unethical developers now seek to force buyers to sign papers, often presented with a welter of documents at the last moment, waiving the reconsideration privilege. Mr. Bernstein would like to lengthen the “cooling off period” and make waivers illegal.

From Roland Carnaby’s  Shooting to Don Bolles  BOMBING …..   The  Eastern Mob Families and the  Florida to Idaho, Alaska to California, Utah, Arizona and Texas   REALTY CRIME  Syndicates lead STRAIGHT to the  CLINTON LAND SWINDLES   and  the  TRIAD

THE  ENTERPRISES of the  Greatest Heist and Cover Up  EVER

18 Indicted in Arizona Land Fraud Costing 10,000 Victims $40 Million …

Sep 15, 1976 – (AP) —A Federal grand jury today indicted 18 persons and five corporations in the Cochise College Park land fraud and securities swindle that …

Land Fraud | Cochise County

Every Arizona county and hundreds of thousands of trusting land purchasers were victimized by the rampant land scams of the 1960’s. Artist renditions showed …




The Largest Crime Spree and Crime Scene in Human History


Registered in the TAX HAVEN   Nassau  and  REPOSSESSED  No  Less

THE SWAMP is  Donald J Trump, The Clintons and Bushs with the Obamas


THE TAX HAVEN GODS …..  Imagine that  Donald 


The SUPER YACHT That Tax Havens and Weapons Trafficking and Real estate Fraud Bought ….  YES  and of Course  REPOSSESSED


The SULTAN  of Brunei  AKA  Adnan Kashoggi  and  Donald Trump’s Wife


The  TRIAD,  BLACK OP  Illegal Wars  and  THE DONALD


The  SALT LAKE, VANCOUVER, NEW YORK and  HOUSTON  TRIAD  ….   Donald  Trump and the  Clintons and Bushs  AFFAIRS


Trump, Khashoggi & Germany’s Outlaw Deutsche Bank

Jun 26, 2017 – It is public knowledge that two well-known customers of Deutsche Bank have deals considered sensitive to scrutiny. One is Donald Trump.

Missing: triad ‎| ‎Must include: ‎triad

Khashoggi’s Fall | Vanity Fair

Adnan Khashoggi’s life was an eighties remake of The Thousand and One Nights. … In 1987, TriadAmerica Corporation, his American company, which was involved … Commercial Bank of Saudi Arabia is suing him for $22 million, plus interest. … A story that Trump frequently tells is about his purchase ofKhashoggi’s yacht, …

Exclusive: Deutsche Bank says privacy laws prevent Trump financial …

Jun 8, 2017 – Deutsche Bank AG is not allowed to share information it may have about President DonaldTrump’s finances and his possible ties to Russia …

Missing: triad ‎khashoggi

Subpoena For Deutsche Bank May Put Mueller On Collision Course …

Dec 5, 2017 – However, Trump attorney Jay Sekulow said he had “confirmed that the news reports that the special counsel had subpoenaed financial records …

Missing: triad ‎khashoggi

Subverted America – Reagan Bush Clinton Obama and THE …

Triad America Corp., the company Khashoggi`s family founded to manage its … The Salt Lake … SEE FAIRBANKS CAPITAL / SPS and DEUTSCHE BANK / HSBC. YES SAME …… TrumpKhashoggi, & Germany’s Criminal Deutsche Bank.

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Khashoggi – Persian – World News

Related News; Top Headlines; French; German; Hindi; Indonesian; Italian; Persian … Khashoggi headed a company called Triad Holding Company, which among other … The Yacht was purchased by DonaldTrump but was later repossessed … arms purchases from the now-bankrupt financial institution theBank of Credit …

Stepping Out – Dec 18, 1989 – Page 36 – Google Books Result

New York Magazine – ‎Vol. 22, No. 50 – ‎Magazine

But by 1984, Triad America was close to bankruptcy and Khashoggi’s financial … and the sultan of Brunei seized the Nabila and sold it to Donald Trump. … out of the Philippine treasury into a bankaccount controlled by Khashoggi. …. and German, he insisted that he had no real responsibility in theKhashoggi organization.

SEC,Adnan Khashoggi,GenesisIntermedia and me – OffshoreAlert …

Why can’t the SEC contact Adnan Khashoggi or any other person who opens a ….. “On New Year’s Eve 1989, Ivana Trump confronted Marla Maples at Bonnie’s … Both Election.com, and Triad, the election company cited for causing most of the …. director of corporate finance for I-Bankers Securities, an investment banking …

Exploring Real History: PART 2:GOODFELLA’S:THE DARK TOWER …

Resorts had close ties to at least two American presidents —Trump and another ….. The fact thatKhashoggi was frequenting Lexington added fuel to the speculation. … Some of the report suggested the Triad was CIA-sponsored. ….. loans (2); Delaware (1); Democracy (1); Depression (1); Deutsche Bank(1); DHS (2); DIA (2) …

WWW.11-11.TV :: View topic – Anti-Trump Data Dump

Posted: Thu Mar 31, 2016 10:19 am Post subject: Anti-Trump Data Dump …… he claims Deutsche Bankhead Mayo Shattuck III was involved with Khashoggi in …


Appraisers in the Poconos allegedly colluded with interested parties to over- ….. into Monroe County from New York and New Jersey were of minority group ….. They are Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, NorthCarolina, Ohio, Tennessee, and Texas. ….. his scam by misleading the principles, departing from norms in land deals, …

8 Major Scams in Real Estate – What You Need To … – Land Century

Dec 5, 2015 – Real estate is a major industry that is susceptible to scams just like any other industry in the world. When you go to buy land or a property, it’s important to know what current scams are … We’re going to take a look at the most common scams the real … Imagine an unused, empty lot of land that is in Florida.

Land ‘scams’ techniques revealed – BBC News – BBC.com

May 21, 2011 – Many were persuaded to pay tens of thousands of pounds for land that is … ago, andpersuaded to pay £101,000 in order to buy eight strips of land in … After three months Gareth left the firm as he was unhappy about how the …

Utah ‘fraud capital of world,’ experts say – UPI Archives – UPI.com

Aug 22, 1986 – … combine to make Utah ‘fertile soil for fraud,’ a panel of experts told a… … real estate investment scam for which land developer Grant Affleck is …


Feb 7, 1993 – Jensen, of North Ogden, was convicted on 18 counts of banking fraud and related charges. … million in restitution to victims of a 1980s Texas landfraud scheme. … to commit bank fraud, wire fraudracketeering, misapplication of bank … 3Grayson Allen focused on basketball in Utah, not shedding villain …


Texas bank fraud defendants receive prison terms, fines

Jan. 15, 1992

MIDLAND, Texas — Former Dallas-area developer D.L. ‘Danny’ Faulkner was sentenced to 20 years in jail and fined $215,000, and three others received prison terms for masterminding one of the largest thrift scandals in Texas.

U.S. District Judge Lucius Bunton sentenced former Garland, Texas, Mayor James L. Toler and former Empire Savings and Loan Chairman Spencer H. Blain Jr. to 20-year prison terms, and land appraiser Arthur G. Formann of Hondo, Texas, to 10 years, for their roles in looting thrift institutions of more than $130 million. The fraud, which became known as the I-30 condominimum scandal, eventually cost the government more than $300 million.

Toler was also fined $220,000. There were no fines against Blain and Formann.

Bunton also upheld the $100 million of forfeiture verdicts brought against three of the defendants under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. Under that ruling, Faulkner was ordered to forfeit $40 million, Toler $38 million, and Blain $22 million.

Each of the four defendants will also serve five years of probation following their prison terms.

All four would be eligible for parole, but it was not known how much of their sentences they would have to serve before becoming eligible for parole.

Speaking to reporters after the sentencing, Faulkner blamed the media for giving publicity to the case and said everyone took notice when conspiracy was alleged.

‘I think the world sat up and listened for years in Dallas, saying conspiracy, fraud,all that stuff, but I know one thing, I never felt I was part of a conspiracy,’ he said.

Lawyers for all four plan to appeal their sentences.

U.S. Attorney Marvin Collins said the case was the largest bank fraud prosecution in Texas.

‘The sentencing today brings to a close one of the darkest hours in the history of financial institution fraud,’ Collins said. ‘The patience and persistence of the many FBI agents and assistant U.S. Attorneys over the years has paid off with some of the most significant sentences yet handed down for bank fraud in this district.’

‘These sentences today clearly demonstrate that those who steal with a pen will be held to a standard just as high as those who steal with a gun,’ he said.

The conspiracy and fraud charges arose from the development and construction of condominimums along Interstate-30 east of Dallas in Garland. The thrift failures in the aftermath of the scandal cost the federal government about $300 million.

A total of 58 counts were filed against the four defendants. The jury on Nov. 6, 1991 convicted Faulkner on 42 counts, Toler on 41, Blain on 34 and Formann on 21. The charges included conspiracy, kickbacks to bankers, misapplication of insured funds and overvaluation of appraisals.

The four were charged with conspiring to loot Empire Savings in Mesquite, near Dallas, and four other thrifts of more than $130 million.

The scheme involved obtaining huge loans to build the I-30 condos through what is called land-flips. Appraisers fraudulently inflated the value of the land and drained the money from the thrifts, prosecutors said.

During the trial, Faulkner attorney Michael Fawer described his client and Toler as decent men who were duped by another developer, who is serving a 13-year prisons sentence for bank fraud.

Other defense attorneys had charged that the prosecution’s case was based on false testimony from those who had themselves been convicted for involvement in the scandal.

The four were first tried in Lubbock in West Texas in 1989 on the same charges after it was moved on a change of venue from Dallas. The Lubbock case ended in a mistrial after six months of testimony.

The case was then moved to Midland in West Texas after attempts to select a jury in Dallas again failed because of pre-trial publicity.

Three other defendants in the I-30 case will be tried later. They are land appraiser Paul D. Tannehill, former salesman Kenneth E. Cansler, and Paul A. Jensen of Ogden, Utah.

RICO Complaint – Valley of Lakes Racketeering Class Action against …

Valley of Lakes RICO Class Action against PNCBANK, et. al …. Many purchased “lake front” properties on the promised “Lake Algonquin” which has never been …

Land Development Scheme – Valley of Lakes Racketeering Class …

A copy of the Property Report effective April 8, 1987, of C.B.G. Ltd. for the Valley of Lakes Development filed with the Office of Interstate Land Sales Registration, …

Valley of Lakes Racketeering Class Action against PNC Bank, N.A., et al.

Presentation of Project Owner/Borrower – C.B.G. Limited, a Pennsylvania limited partnership, owners and developers of Valley of Lakes/Eagle Rock Ski and Golf …

Racketeering Enterprise – Valley of Lakes Racketeering Class Action …

The racketeering enterprise, within the meaning of 18 U.S.C. Section 1961, is an association in fact of FRANK M. CEDRONE, C.B.G. LIMITED ,ONEIDA WATER …

Leader of Big Mortgage Lender Guilty of $2.9 Billion Fraud – The New …

Apr 19, 2011 – Prosecutors said the defendant, Lee Farkas, led a scheme of … on 14 counts of securities,bank and wire fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud.

Missing: racketeering ‎| ‎Must include: ‎racketeering

Lee Farkas, Mortgage Lender, Found Guilty of Fraud – The New York …

Apr 21, 2011 – Lee B. Farkas, guilty in a $2.9 billion mortgage lending scandal, had this … Taylor Bean was once owned by a savings bank in Peoria, Ill., and …

Missing: racketeering ‎| ‎Must include: ‎racketeering

Former Chairman of Taylor, Bean & Whitaker Sentenced to 30 Years …

Jun 30, 2011 – Lee Bentley Farkas was sentenced today by U.S. District Judge … The fraud scheme contributed to the failures of Colonial Bank and TBW.

Missing: superior ‎racketeering

Latest Jewish Ponzi Schemers – Discussion on Topix

http://www.topix.com › Brevard County

Jun 25, 2011 – 4 posts – ‎1 author

Risher held the funds he was stealing at Wachovia BankBank of America … Lee Farkas, 58, was convicted in April on 14 counts of conspiracy, …

[PDF]Office of the Special Inspector General for the Troubled … – Oversight.gov

Oct 28, 2015 – banks who sell defective mortgages to the Government will be changed after SIGTARP’s and the …… Lee Farkas, former chairman of mortgage company Taylor, Bean and Whitaker. Mortgage ….. Superior Financial Services, ….. Office of Labor Racketeering and Fraud Investigations; and the Federal Housing.

Deadly Clear | “Our courts should not be collection agencies for …

New York’s top financial regulator slapped a “Panama Papers”-linked bank with a $180 million … TBW chairman Lee Farkas sent mortgage data to Colonial Bank for fake loans or … oral argument that took place on certiorari before the Hawaii Supreme Court on August 18, … Bank of America to DefendRacketeering Claims.

Real Estate & Property Law – ABA Journal

In a ruling on Monday, the Massachusetts Supreme… Apr 26 … Lawyer, Ex-Mortgage Broker Husband Charged in Alleged $8.8M Mortgage Fraud Racketeering Conspiracy … A 55-year-old Florida real estate lawyer was acquitted of 13 counts of bank fraud … A federal jury in Alexandria, Va., today convicted Lee Farkas,…

Barry Minkow was charged with 54 counts of racketeering, securities …

Barry Minkow was charged with 54 counts of racketeering, securities fraud, money … Lee B. Farkas, one of the few major bank executives to go to prison ….. June 17 to begin his two-year sentence for insider trading with the Supreme Court …


Apr 26, 2018 – SIGTARP Investigations Related to TARP Banks. 127 ….. Lee Bently Farkas …. (Superior Bancorp Case) …. Carla Lee Miller …… Racketeer-Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) indictment against former bank CEO …

[PDF]Quarterly Report to Congress, January 27, 2016 – FRASER (St.Louis …

Jan 27, 2016 – Lu along with 10 co-conspirators for racketeering in a narcotics trafficking … bank Superior Bank based on schemes to conceal the extent of loan losses ….. Mortgage Corporation LLC (“TBW”) case, former TBW chairman Lee Bentley. Farkas was convicted for spearheading a $2.9 billion fraud scheme that …