Zombie Bastard Banksters DIRT DEALING for Trillions

Dear FBI DOJ US SECRET SERVICE …. Texas State Attorney General and the BASTARDS from Conroe and Houston KISS MY ASS YOU BASTARDS

Maybe the  CorpORAT   American News Media ….  The  Senate ….  Congress …..   US  Secret Service …. FBI  and  DOJ  with the  ORAL OFFICE  Cares To Explain  ?

Real Estate Bubble   MY ASS


I just can’t believe they’re not   COLONIAS


Yes Absolutely  they Must Have To Be  ….    COLONIAS


The  REALTY  SCAMS AND SHAMS  …..  Looting Earth  for  GAZILLIONS







The  Mega Looting of  Planet Earth




Savings and loan crisis – Wikipedia



The savings and loan crisis of the 1980s and 1990s was the failure of 1,043 out of the 3,234 … Whilebanks offered a wide array of products to individuals and businesses, thrifts ….. The Lincoln Savings collapse led to the Keating Five political scandal, in which five ….. Inside Job: The Looting of America’sSavings and Loans.

Background · ‎Causes · ‎Failures · ‎Scandals

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fraud and politics in the savings and loan crisis – NCJRS



The savings and loan debacle involved a series of white-collar crimes unparalleled … 4 Corporate takeovers, currency trading, loan swaps, land speculation ….. a bank robbery; it was a fundamental economic failure of a substan- tial part of our …

Global Worldwide Bank Lootings Land Swindles Document Frauds



Jan 1, 2016 – The savings and loan crisis of the 1980s and 1990s (commonly dubbed the S&L crisis) was ….. Stock options increase looting by control frauds.

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The Savings and Loan Debacle Twenty-Five Years Later: A Misesian …


Aug 21, 2014 – Third, the S&L debacle serves as yet another case study of the unintended … influential was Inside Job: The Looting of America’s Savings and Loans (1989) …. loans, commercial paper, and corporate bonds; real-estate loans no longer … A small part of the answer is fraudbanks made loans to friends that …


LOTS OF INDICTMENTS … Land & Bank Scams 101 | Trillions Stolen …



The GREATEST LAND FRAUDS AND BANK LOOTINGS IN WORLD HISTORY … Apr 01, 2011 · The Crime of the Century – The Looting of America … front men are out in droves ….. Jun 22, 1990 · A Savings Fiasco in Texas Ends at a Fire-Sale Price … ….. See more videos of land fraud bank looting mortgageswindles …

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Causes of the Savings and Loan Debacle – FLASH: The Fordham Law …




by RJ Laughlin – ‎1991 – ‎Cited by 11 – ‎Related articles

Jun 6, 1990 – inclusion in Fordham Law Review by an authorized editor of FLASH: The Fordham Law Archive of … Looting of America’s Savings and Loans 25 (1989) [hereinafter Inside Job] (“starting a … Commercial banks were originally subjected to Regulation Q in re- …… like land and buildings and the book value.


The Savings and Loan Crisis in the Shadow of the 2000s – American …


by AJ Field – ‎2014 – ‎Related articles

Dec 1, 2014 – words “savings and loan” without following them with the word “crisis. …. to economics and insurance law, soft-pedals the contributions of insider looting (Akerlof … imprudent lending on undeveloped land and commercial office construction …. scrutinized by bank officers (kickbacks andfraud were involved), …

Dirt Dealing America … Looting Trillions 101 | Trillions Looted …



Apr 14, 2016 – The Never Ending Story of The GREAT TEXAS BANK JOB THE BEST WAY … Carbon Area Part Of Early Land Scandal – tribunedigital-mcall …… Inside job : the looting of America’s savings and loans / Stephen Pizzo, Mary …

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Where Is the S&L Money? – The New York Times


Jun 1, 1990 – The Attorney General also said that most of the money lost to fraud was not recoverable. … $100 million in bank accounts in Switzerland, Panama and the Bahamas. … is investigating thefailure of Vision Banc Savings in Kingsville, Tex. … link between savings and loan fraud and offshore money laundering.


Crime, Justice, and the Savings and Loan Crisis – Berkeley Law …


by FE Zimring – ‎1993 – ‎Cited by 31 – ‎Related articles

Jan 1, 1993 – The savings and loan (S&L) crisis of the 1980s and 1990s is one of the most significant … lamity, debacle, and scandal and by a thesaurus of other synonyms). … Home Loan Bank Board’s earlier estimate of $ 31 billion (U. S. Congress … Trying to determine the economic cost of events like rape or robbery.

DEAR HUD   FHA    Produce All The  Records

SwampFox notjuris@gmail.com

11:47 AM (37 minutes ago)

to Adrienne.HardingCFPB_FOIARyanCFPB_FOIAFederalChicagofbi.dallasAprilAnnbillieKimKimwithament, bcc: Sarah, bcc: Sarah, bcc: Jacqueline
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Dear FBI DOJ US SECRET SERVICE …. Texas State Attorney General and the BASTARDS from Conroe and Houston KISS MY ASS YOU BASTARDS Maybe the CorpORAT American News Media …. The Senat…

The  PUBLIC  Interest  is  specifically to  KNOW  what exactly was done to originate these  PREDATORY  LOANS.   The  Dissemination of the  TRUTH and the  FACTS  associated with the  VAST  SCAMMING  that  Premier Mortgage Funding Engaged in.   The  OWNERSHIP  of  Premier  is essentially  LOW CLASS  MOBSTERS Who currently engage in  MASSAGE PARLOR   BUSINESSES  like   Trailer Trash.

I would suggest  I am entitled at LEAST  at Very Least  …..  To 100  Free Pages of the information I seek.   The  PUBLIC’s  RIGHT TO KNOW The  Massive  Abuses of  HUD /  FHA  regarding hundreds of billions in   SHADY / SKETCHY    loans  being engaged in by  SLEAZY MAFIA  TYPES is very obvious.  The Public’s Interest in fully understanding WHY  the  SLEAZE BAGS   at Premiere have been granted   Loan Brokering Authority at HUD /  FHA   under the  NEW IDENTITY  …..    Paramount Mortgage Funding  hugely SMACKS of a  Culture of Corruption at FHA / HUD.
The  Public’s  RIGHT  to FULLY UNDERSTAND  these  Predatory  Predators and the  Massive  Funding  FHA and HUD  enable them with is  CERTAINLY RELEVANT in the wake of such MASSIVE  SWINDLES with Millions Of Victims.
PLEASE  Provide the  Records and Data requested  AND YES  at very least  100  FREE PAGES  as  required by the  FOIA.
In closing  the  Culture of  Corruption at HUD /  FHA   is  nothing new.  AS  A  WHISTLE BLOWER  requires Me to insist the Files and Records be produced IN THE PUBLIC’s  INTERESTS  as   HUD /   FHA   Secrecy and  Hiding Corruption should be  FULLY  EXPLAINED.
The 100  Free Pages  can  NOT Lawfully be  with held ….  Produce at very least the 100 Free  Pages.
Whistle Blower
On Fri, Dec 7, 2018 at 9:59 AM <Adrienne.Harding@hud.gov> wrote:

Good morning Mr. Witham,

Please see the attached response to your recent FOIA request.

Thank you



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Land Speculation Paper Land Swindles on STEROIDS | Trillions …



Collapsed Speculative WILDCAT GHOST RED FLAG , NON BORDER COLONIAS The CONROE TEXAS MAFIA … I’ll take Bank Looting and Land Swindles for TRILLIONS ALEX …. Sep 27, 2016 · UnrecordedGhost Illegal Subdivisions. TOXIC …

RICO REALTY The Looted Trillions



Jan 1, 2016 – Land Swindle Bank Looting 1880 …… JBW. RED FLAG WILDCAT PHANTOM GHOSTPAPER UNRECORDED COLONIAS BANK LOOTING. Exposing … bing.com/search?q=toxic+zombie+illegal+subdivisions+land+fraud .

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The Great Texas Bank Job …… The Paper Con Job …



Jul 2, 2015 – COM trillions looted bank fraud land swindles – Bing Intelligent search from Bing makes it easier to quickly find … Wildcat Subdivisions · Paper Phantom Illegal Subdivisions ….. ILLEGAL REDFLAG LAND SPECULATIONS.

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http://www.bing.com/search?q=CIA++Bank++Looting++Land++Fraud++ ….. Red Flags = Ghosts =Wildcat = Paper = Illegal Subdivisions = Colonias. … http://www.bing.com/searchq=Ghost+Wildcat+Paper+Unrecorded+Red+Flag+ …

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The Great Global Bank Swindles ….. Google TRYS to Censor Me …



https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=trillions+looted+bank+fraud+land+ ….. Red Flags = Ghosts =Wildcat = Paper = Illegal Subdivisions = Colonias ….. at all the NEWLY ( but illegally) SubdividedWildcatRedflag, Unrecorded, Ghost, Paper …

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VANISHING of TRILLIONS – American Style … Down the Rabbit Hole …



cfSNYpcjHUM The Magical Vanishing Trillions The Size of the Bank Bailout: $29 Trillion … Oct 9, 2008 – They gave us the Looting Decade by changing laws and …. PAPER PHANTOM RED FLAGUNRECORDED DIRT DEALS WILDCAT NO … [PDF]Zombie Subdivisions in the United States and GhostDevelopments in …

Beware of the “SUBPRIME” Gangster Bankster “TOXIC ZOMBIE …



Sep 28, 2016 – LAND SWINDLING and BANK LOOTING was like a Cancer in American History … Unrecorded Ghost Illegal Subdivisions …. Subprime, Toxic Zombie, GhostPhantomRed FlagWildcat, Robo Signing, Securitized, Fake Paper …

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The Never Ending Bank Jobs – Felonious Balonias | Trillions Looted …



County officials ignored the explosive growth of the unrecorded subdivisions. …… ILLEGAL GHOST WILDCAT PHANTOM RED FLAG UNRECORDED …

withament | Trillions Looted …. Looting of America



Jun 29, 2017 – Read all of the posts by withament on Trillions Looted . … The Title Insurance Ghost Subdivision RICO REALTY Rackets of the Bank Looting, …. Red Flags = Ghosts = Wildcat = Paper =Illegal Subdivisions = Colonias.