WikiLeaks a FRAUD … The Catbird’s Nest …. Trillions Looted

In Honor of  Bobby Harmon and Laser Hass, etc etc Et Al

Wiki Leaks is  a  GIANT SCAM and a Huge Fraud

The  DOJ and FBI   Protect the  VIRUS  Sucks  TESTICLES   for  the   DEEP STATE ……   The Banksters are Well PROTECTED


The  DEEP STATE CHRONICLES …. How The  FEDERAL RESERVE  CABAL   Pulls  all the  Puppet Strings



The  Bull Shit of  Julian Assange and Q  totally EXPOSED


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The  DOJ and FBI   Protect the  VIRUS  Sucks  TESTICLES   for 

the   DEEP STATE ……   The  Banksters   are Well  PROTECTED

The Greatest Heist in the History of the Universe



   The Great Real Estate Scams in the History of Man


Did He Say the USA Inc. is  the  Deep State ?



HUD to Enron Back to the Real Estate, Here’s The Billions

The Great Texas Bank Job and ENRON, the MISSING Billions at HUD are all connected at the DOTS Judson Witham Cruise around abit, you will begin to see WHY so many BOGUS Land Developments exist in Texas, California, Arizona, FLORIDA, Tom Ridges Pocono Mountains and BEYOND

[CTRL] [1] The Great Texas Bank Job –

Many, Many BILLIONS were looted using Whitwaters & Castle Grandes all over Texas and America. As was Castle Grande and Whitewater DIRT ROAD SUBDIVISIONS are how the Banksand S&Ls were looted in the 1980s and how it was done in the 1920s.