US District Judge Lynn Hughes an Open Letter to FBI Director Chris Wray … THE DEEP STATE

The Largest Looting in Human History

The Immense Gargantuan Crime Wave that is the EPICENTER of the Global Black Bag Operators ….  Dirty Deeds  are  NOT CHEAP

A stroll down Memory Lane

The Fantasia World of  Imagineered  Money from Tin Air

Quantitative Easing an Amazing World of  Smoke and Mirrors

The Great Texas Bank Job

Excerpts from 1999 –  12  years  BEFORE  Anon and Occupy 

The Continuing Series …. 

United Press International   You Left So Much Out of the Story

The Law of Origin  /   What Goes Around Comes Around

The  Wool  Pulled Over Americans  Eyes  …..  Played beyond Played


           This  Letter has  ALSO  Been  Sent  to  United Press International.   They Have  NEVER  Published  MY WHOLE STORY …..  There are  TRILLIONS  of  Reasons   UPI  Should  always  follow up on  STORIES.        JBW    

329. THE SECRET TEAM Lanny Sinkin and Father…

A Blast from the past …. Listen to the Whole Video…/AV_410-SAVINGS_and_LOANS-STOLEN_and_L…


William Black | TED Summaries

Sep 21, 2014 – Summary. The average bank robbery nets $7,500, but the really scary thing is when CEOs use dishonest accounting to claim record profits and defraud the economy as a whole. The last time this happened it cost $11 trillion and 10,000,000 jobs were lost. The common ‘recipe’ for this style of fraud is easy to …

William Black: How to rob a bank (from the inside, that is) | TED Talk

William Black is a former bank regulator who’s seen firsthand how banking systems can be used to commit …

Banking System Rotten to the Core | William K Black PhD | FINANCIAL …

Nov 25, 2011 – The following is a transcript of a recent speech given by Professor William Black on an Economics Panel regarding the fradulent roots of our current crisis and the urgent … If you look at just losses in the household sector, it is $11 trillion. …. William Black: Why No One Went to Jail During the Credit Crisis.


Land  And  Loot

YES …..

The  Quixotic  Joust   A  Great  Background from a Harris  County  Prosecutors  Perspective

Linda Minor was with HARRIS COUNTY’s Attorney’s Office for MANY YEARS

Linda  Minor  and  Cathryn  Austin Fitts,  Richard  Bowen,  Professor Black   MANY MANY MANY MANY   Know  Now  Ole  Judson is  NOT   CRAZY


What a  Wicked Web We Weave



Sending  copy to  Former  US  Secret Service Agent   SAIC   Rick Williams

Sending Copy to

KAT WOOLFORD  Bank Liquidations  FDIC /  Carlyle Group / Bearing Point /  USAID / IMF


The  King  of  Arizona,   Couch  Mortgage,  Lee  Farkas  and  the  WESTERN  NATIONAL  BANKS  and  Thousands of  Others  PLAY  the  HOCUS   GAMES …..   700  Trillion   TAYLOR BEAN AND WHITAKER  /   FARCAS  –  DEAN COUCH  –  KENNY BOY –  ABRAMOFF –  MADOFF   Games.


Friday Night Info Marathon with Randy Kelton and Steve…

Dear  Judge  Lynn Hughes,

  Former  Houston  US  Secret Service  Agent  Rick  Williams  currently works  as  Chief of Security at Connoco  Phillips  Oil  in the  Woodlands.   As  You know  Judge  Hughes  the  Octopus  Operations  all over  Harris and Montgomery County has left a  HUGE  and  SMELLY  Trail  of  Iran Contra  and  Charlie Wilson’s  War  all over  Texas.

Huge numbers of  Witnesses  and  Media  including  Roland Carnaby’s  Family  and  Secretary of  State  James Baker  with  JoAnna King  and  the  Iran  Contra  BLACK BAGGERS  of  Big “H”  and  Little  “W”  Bush  and  the  Mena  Clinton  Mobsters  used  Houston as  Their  Private  BORDELLO  with the  most famous  Weapons Traffickers in American History.   Clark  Clifford  and  Roger Altman and Oliver North and  the  Admiral Secord,  Casey,  Poindexter  CARTEL OF BLACK BAG OPERATIONS  were something  ROLAND CARNABY  Et Al  and  JoAnna’s  Crowd  with Secretary of  State  Jame’s Baker,  THE HOUSTON POST  and  HOUSTON  CHRONICLE  just could  NOT keep  SECRET.

The Records  of  the  Houston  Federal Court  reveals  I WAS  TARGETED  and  LIED ABOUT  hugely  by   FORMER   Houston  FBI   GOON  …..  Agent  John Connolly  of  the  Whitey Bulger /  Winter Hill  Gang  Flavor.   The  FBI  Goof  Ball  that ACCUSED  ME  on  November 18th  1985  is  Serving  Life In Prison for  Many  Murders  and  Money Scams  He was involved in.   SEEMS  Operation  Lonestar  went  ROGUE  and  WILD  after the  Sharpstown  ….  Rent A Bank  Scandals  ……   EXPLODING  into the  Banking  and  S&L  Schemes  of  the  1970s  and 1980s  and 1990s  …..  YOU KNOW  Todays  Missing  Vanished  TRILLIONS.

    This is  a  Letter I sent to the  Houston  Chronicle  Today.   A  FRIEND  HAS  ASKED  THAT I HAVE  MY  ARREST  RECORD  EXPUNGED  REGARDING   The  BLANKET PARTY  HOUSTON  FBI  Tried to  Throw  for  Me  in 1985.   In closing  Judge  Hughes  …..  Magistrate  Lingo  Platter  knew  very well  as  does  FORMER  US  SECRET SERVICE  AGENT  RICK WILLIAMS  …..  Many  Trillions  Seem to  Have  VANISHED  ……   Harris  County  Style.    I’d  like to  have  My  FBI /  SECRET SERVICE  Arrest  EXPUNGED.

Thank You


The Montgomery County Whistle Blower  (  Ask  NELDA  LUCE  annd  BARB  SADLER  ) 





Mueller,  Comey, Trump, Sessions and  Wray ….  JEANIE  IS OUTTA THE BOTTLE

The Cat is  OUTTA  THE  BAG

Central Banks Are ‘Malicious Tools Of Wholesale Cultural Destruction’ | Zero Hedge
Fear of Missing Out and Greed riding high right now in Crypto land. … is but swindling futurity on a large scale.'” … 17 trillion…
The United States Is In Deep Doodoo! – Flashback Deprogram Your Mind – Revolutionary News
The swindle of the system is simple. The Federal Reserve Bank hires the US Treasury to … YOUR land is being stolen by the government…

Ehrenfeld – Evil Money – The Inside Story of Money Laundering and …

EVIL MONEY unveils a world-wide underground economy linking drug cartels, terrorists, and even legitimate governments and businesses, threatening to undermine ….. In addition to cocaine. that thecorruption of drug wealth has successfully penetrated business and government elites. they continue their role in providing …


FBI  AGENT  Harreal  Blackshear  Bank President

The  Real Life Story of   BIG  BROTHER  &  THE HOLDING COMPANY/ies

From  Zurich to London, Dubai, Saudi, Panama to Houston



YouTube and Google  Destroyed and Removed tons of materials from the 80s and 90s


United Press International   You Left So Much Out of the Story


Hocus Pocus


Looted Stupid – America’s Greatest Robbery of ALL TIME | Trillions …

The Nation and World Robbed Stupid Using Dirt Deals and Flipping The Bankster Gangsters Exposed AMERICA The SWAMP IS WAY WAY WAY WAY BEYOND YUGE ……. THE ACTUAL REAL GENUINE REAL HISTORICAL RECORD Good Ole Harris and Montgomery County Texas …… LOTS of FUN FACTS I got Kicked …

SwampFox <>

8:55 AM (5 minutes ago)
     So  lets  see  …..  IRAN  CONTRA,    The   Clintons ,   Oliver North and Secord,  Bin Ladins  and  what  Charlie Wilson, Roland Carnaby  and  the   Poidexter, Casey  Crew  with  JoAnna  want to   COLONIZE   Afghanistan.     Hmmmmmm   Interesting  Stuff.

Maybe the  Chronicle  and  Lise  Olsen  wants to  explain what the  BUSH’s   Houstonian Estates  Suite  Played.   You Know  the  OPERATION LONESTAR   Gang  of  Clinton ….  BUSH

      Make  Certain   NELDA  LUCE  and  BARB  SADLER  with   Former  US  Secret Service  Agent  RICK WILLIAMS  (  Conoco Phillips Oil  WOODLANDS )   and  Huntsville  Attorney  Bill  Gammon  and  Sheriff Rand  Henderson  KNOW …..  The  CAT’s  OUTTA  THE  BAG

Force behind Charlie Wilson’s War has new plan … – Houston Chronicle

Jan 21, 2015 – Former President George H.W. Bush thought he was agreeing to 15 minutes with Joanne King Herring, but an hour later he was shooing away his next commitment, riveted by her ideas for Afghanistan. The two were in his office for a private meeting, with ABC news anchor Diane Sawyer and a television …

Missing: oliver
Aug 1, 2003 – Good Time Charlie Wilson of Lufkin, Texas, noted boozer and pussyhound, teams up with a rule-bending CIA agent to secretly funnel hundreds of millions of … It was, after all, the same era in which Ollie North was running around raising money from right-wing zealots to buy choppers for the contras and …

Dec 13, 2017 – Photograph of Congressman Charles Wilson laughing with First Lady Barbara Bush, President George H.W. Bush, and Texas Governor Ann Richards.

Missing: oliverhouston
Large modifications to the plan were devised by Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North of the National Security Council in late 1985, in which a portion of the proceeds from the weapon sales was diverted to fund anti-Sandinista fighters, known as Contras, against the socialist government of Nicaragua. While President Ronald …

Apr 13, 2010 – Provocatively, one of Mrs. Herring’s first statements to me when we sat down for her interview was, “We turned to Charlie [Wilson], cuz he was an old friend of the oil business.” Later in her interview for this documentary, Mrs. Herring told about how, shortly before George H.W. Bush’s inauguration as Vice …

Missing: oliver

Congressional Record: Proceedings and Debates of the … Congress

United States. Congress – 1922 – ‎Law

Chariy Wilbourn (Charley Welburn, Charly Wilburn, Charles Wilson). Tuscalousa, Ala. Beverly Williams, West Point, Miss. … Walter Brown, Grenada, Miss. George Bush, Grenada, Miss. Hilliard Carver … Lewis j. iiouston (Louis Johnson Houston, Lewis Hohnson Huston), R. D. No. 1, Holcomb, Miss. Henry Jackson, Leflore …

In an article in the Washington Post (11th October, 1986), the newspaper reported that George Bush and Donald P. Gregg were linked to Felix Rodriguez. It gradually emerged that Richard L. Armitage, William Casey, Thomas G. Clines, Oliver North, Edwin Wilson and Richard Secord were also involved in this conspiracy to …
The Reagan faithful pinned the blame on his VP, George H.W. Bush, contributing to a rift between the Reagans and Bushes. Some of the men involved with the scandal used the exposure they got in the hearings to catapult their careers, including Marine officer Oliver North, who went on to become a popular conservative …

Resting hard on the western edge of the Southern Pine Forest, the Big Thicket has been called “the biological crossroads of North America,” the intersecting point … Houston Congressman George Bush, the GOP nominee for the Senate seat, upped the ante by calling for a 150,000-acre park and introducing a House bill to …

AmIraqa and the New American Century

Chris Wogan – 2004 – ‎Social Science

The Banque de Commerce et de Placements was 85% owned by the BCCI (the other 15% belonged to the Union Bank of Switzerland through Thesarus Continental Securities Corp). Khalid bin Mahfouz, the BCCI principal, was the one who allegedly gained control of Salem bin Laden’s Houston interests following bin …

For instance, his 1999 drawing “George W. Bush, Harken Energy, and Jackson Stephens, ca 1979–90” shows alleged connections between James Bath, the Bush and bin Laden families, and business deals in Texas and around the world. Following Lombardi’s suicide in 2000, the book Mark Lombardi: Global Networks …
Oct 31, 2008 – BCCI consisted of layers of interlocking corporate entities, which enabled it to decentralize record keeping, avoid banking regulations, and evade a complete ….. the Saudis had taken a stake with the 1978 purchase of the bank’ headquarters building by members of the BinLaden and bin-Mahfouz families.



Economic Warfare: Sanctions, Embargo Busting, and Their Human Cost

R. T. Naylor – 1999 – ‎Political Science

Yasir 106-7, 111-12, 122, 135, 169, 329, 404-5n.51 Argentina: arms trade 151, 262, 301-2, 342; continental conflicts 242; Falklands/ Malvinas War 164, 203; … 4 Banco Nacional de Cuba 191 Bangaldesh, U.S. aid 404n.43 Bank Melli 236, 247, 254 Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI); diamond trade 169; …

Jun 9, 2008 – From BCCI, to Milken’s Junk Bond Kings, to Jack Abramoff, Senator John McCain has long provided the clean All-American face to the dirty job of … in which the Saudis had taken a stake with the 1978 purchase of the bank’ headquarters building by members of the BinLaden and bin-Mahfouz families.

Encyclopedia of White-Collar & Corporate Crime

Lawrence M. Salinger – 2005 – ‎Social Science

Journeymen Stone Cutters Association of North America,2:492 Beech, Walter, 1:86 Beech Aircraft, 1:86–87 Beech-Nut Nutrition, 1:87–88 Beef Trust, 2:518 … 2:471 Biden, Joseph, 1:280 big carrot scam, 2:717 Big Money Crime (Pontell and Calavita), 2:624 Big Spillers study, 1:160 Big Stores, 1:383 bin Laden, Osama …

[PDF]Crossing the Rubicon – CIA

The cost to you of supporting corporate media is not just the subscription prices or the time lost to ….. rial witnesses (including key members of the US government and the bin Laden family) or the collection and analysis of …… criminal charges for their role in illegally helping BCCI purchase an American bank, First American …


by JP O’NEILL JR – ‎Related articles

Dec 30, 2004 – Abdul Alomari, Wail al-Shehri, Waleed al-Shehri, and Satam al-Suqami hijacked American. Airlines flight 11 …. Defendants Al Baraka Investment & Development Corporation a/k/a Al Baraka. Bank a/k/a … hide funds for Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda in order to support and finance their terrorist activities …

Likewise, BCCI was the central bank for the British and American arms flows to the Afghan mujahideen. BCCI became a “crown jewel” … The remaining 15% was retained by the original owner, Thesarus Continental Securities Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS). Under BCCI control, BCP …

As we know, Milken and some of his closest associates, in league with the BCCI enterprise, perpetrated the “bust-outs” of numerous savings and loan banks, ….. Felix, through Russian intelligence, was prepared to cut a deal with Osama bin Laden, but the CIA balked when Klotsman demanded that the U.S. government pay …


Aug 15, 1993 – Robert A. Altman, a Washington lawyer charged with trying to defraud regulators about the secret acquisition of First American Bankshares Inc. by the Bank of Credit … The acquittal was vindication for Mr. Altman, who was indicted in July 1992 along with Clark M. Clifford, his mentor and former law partner.

Sep 3, 1991 – Correction Appended. WASHINGTON, Sept. 2— Somewhere near the center of the tangled financial story of First American Bankshares Inc., Washington’s largest bank holding company, is the mentor and protege relationship of Clark M. Clifford and his junior law partner, Robert A. Altman. At 85 years old, …

Clark Clifford’s Judgment –

Apr 11, 1993 – Maneuverings in the courts of New York and Washington have lowered the chances for a satisfying judgment about Clark Clifford, the erstwhile … That leaves his law partner, Robert Altman, to plead that both men were deceived about B.C.C.I.‘s illegal foreign control of the American bank they chaired.

Khashoggi, Gabonifar , Clark Clifford, Roger Altman, BCCI and the Bin Ladins all operating with POPPY BUSH in Houston …… Research Gulf Manor Airport. Lombardi …


See Gulf Manor Airport …. Altman, Clifford and the BCCI Operations from UPTOWN HOUSTON ….. Running The Black Ops From TEXAS. Remember the SECRECY OF THE IRAN CONTRA HEARINGS / CHURCH COMMITTEE. and the BLEACH BIT / HAMMERS / AND WIPED SERVERS …

Full text of “BCCI Hearings before the Terrorism … – Internet Archive

Many have asked me if I am gratified by the indictments issued against Clark Clifford and Robert Altman yesterday, and the answer is that one is inevitably sad when any person of significant reputation and accomplishment wind up in any perceived fall from grace. And I think that it is a moment of sadness, not a moment of …

Clifford & Warnke 815 Connecticut Avenue, NW Washington, D.C. 20006 Dear Mr. Altman: The purpose of this letter is to outline areas where we feel we can be of assistance to you and your clients, the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (Overseas) Ltd. and Che Bank of Credit and Commerce, S.A. (“BCCI“).
by GP Miller – ‎2004 – ‎Cited by 24 – ‎Related articles

BCCI accounts.”9 When BCCI collapsed in July 1991, it was hopelessly insolvent, and thousands of small depositors were bereft of their life savings. The damages caused by ….. dents.62 Clifford and his associate, Robert Altman, provided lucrative ….. Williams lived in a “palatial Gwanda Bay manor,” drove a Rolls Royce,.

Main article: Bank of Credit and Commerce International, Clark M. Clifford.
BT Pakistan +Economic+Papers
PKR 28 trillion) of looted money have been deposited in the Swiss banks. With this amount … 28 trillion) of national wealth has been stolen…
America’s Warfare State – Lining the pockets of Pentagon contractors Deprogram Your Mind – Revolutionary News
A great nation is being looted and millions of its citizens are being pauperized before … Tales of Halliburton/KBR’s alleged swindles fill books. Rory Maybee,…
Federal Reserve: A Faustian Bargain?
History of the Federal Reserve, America’s central bank … renamed ‘nited $tates Bank of Pennsyl(ania in ,9.:, became a #ri(ate bank until the bank ……








The  Saudis  and  Clintons  ….   The  State Foundation  Gate


Look  Hillary Wearing Her  SMART GLASSES …..  Built In Digital Displays  Oh My




The  Digital Display ….   SMART  GLASSES


The  Mega  Fortunes of  the  American Political Elite  and  Saudi Owned WESTERN BANKS


Bill Clinton and George W. Bush are implicated in Covering up Saudi Involvement in US Terror


“Foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of republican government… “spirit of party opens the door to foreign influence and corruption, which finds a facilitated access to the government itself through the channels of party passions. Thus the policy and the will of one country are subjected to the policy and will of another.” –George Washington’s Farewell Address

The recently declassified 28-pages of the 9/11 report are undergoing a lot of examination. As a result, Ryan Mauro at is convinced that both Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton are implicated in Saudi Arabia’s Involvement in terrorism in the united States.

Page 11 of the documents states:

“Prior to September 11th, the FBI apparently did not focus investigative [censored]…Saudi nationals in the United States due to Saudi Arabia’s status as an American ‘ally.’…A representative of the FBI’s [censored] testified in closed hearings that, prior to September 11th, the FBI received ‘no reporting from any member of the Intelligence Community’ that there is a [censored] presence in the United States.”

Mauro writes:

The censoring of the documents leaves us to wonder what specific terror-related presence the documents are referring to, but it is very clear that it is a network linked to the Saudi government and insufficient investigative resources were allotted for it because of those linkages.

The Bush Administration was in office for only 9 months, but cannot be absolved of blame. The files do not indicate that any change in direction was ordered before the attacks and it chose to classify the pages exposing the Saudis in the 2002 report.

The Bush Administration also opted not to blacklist two terror-tied organizations with strong Saudi ties: Muslim World League and International Islamic Relief Organization. The former also has strong links to Huma Abedin and her family, one of the closest advisers to Hillary Clinton.

Perhaps that decision has something to do with the Saudi ambassador to the U.S. at the time, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, who was so close to the Bush family that he was nicknamed “Bandar Bush.”


Mauro also points out that George W. Bush “was actually scheduled to meet with representatives from the Saudi-linked Muslim Brotherhood network on the very day of the attacks, September 11, 2001.”

He also reminds us that Prince Bandar’s wife paid $74,000 for “nursing services” to the wife of a Saudi intelligence officer who has been linked to the 9/11 hijackers. Copies of the checks, which dated from February 1999 to May 2002 have been found by the FBI, but they say such services were never rendered.

The Bushes are not the only ones to blame in this matter. Bill Clinton had two terms to deal with the Saudis and their connections to terrorism, but failed to do so.

These revelations should be brought to the forefront in the current presidential race since it is Clinton’s wife who is now running for office when she should be summarily indicted, tried, found guilty and hanged for treason, along with her husband and a plethora government accomplices in both the House and Senate.

The Foreign Agents Registration Act is led by a major Democratic Party financier, the brother of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign manager. This terror-tied organization receives $140,00 per month by the Saudis. The website indicates that 14 active foreign agents of Saudi Arabia are listed.

The question should then arise, why do we not only allow such spineless and weak men to represent us, but also, why we have any relations at all with Saudi Arabia? As a final question, I ask, why have we not gone to war with the Saudis over their involvement in 9/11?


Run the  Swiss  Enland and Saudi Arabia / Dubai  and  Global Networks  associated with   WESTGATE INVESTMENTS …..  RLG  HOLDINGS  ,  ATOS  ORIGIN,   KPMG  FINANCIAL ,   BROWN AND ROOT,   KBR / PULLMAN KELLOGG /   PRICE WATERHOUSE   COOPERS LYBRAIN ,     USAID  and  CARLYLE  GROUP /  BEARING POINT  oh  and  the  DIA,  CIA  and  NSA

The  Foundation  DOD  State Department  Clinton Campaign







Foundation Ties Bedevil Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign – The …

Aug 20, 2016 – The Clinton Foundation has accepted tens of millions of dollars from countries that the State Department — before, during and after Mrs. Clinton’s time as secretary — criticized for their records on sex discrimination and other human-rights issues. The countries include Saudi Arabia, the United Arab …

Why Did the Saudi Regime and Other Gulf Tyrannies Donate Millions …

Aug 25, 2016 – That the Clinton Foundation has done some good work is beyond dispute. But that fact has exactly nothing to do with the profound ethical problems and corruption threats raised by the way its funds have been raised. Hillary Clinton was America’s chief diplomat, and tyrannical regimes such as theSaudis …

Hillary Clinton Acknowledges Saudi Terror Financing in Hacked Email …

Oct 12, 2016 – Saudi Arabia and the U.S. have maintained their alliance for seven decades despite disagreements over oil prices, Israel, and, more recently, the Obama administration’s rapprochement with Iran. Judging by a 2014 email purportedly written by Hillary Clinton to John Podesta, her current campaign …

Julian Assange: Isis and Clinton Foundation are both funded by Saudi … › News › People

Nov 4, 2016 – Wealthy officials from Qatar and Saudi Arabia who donated money to Hillary Clinton’scharitable foundation also provided financial support to Isis, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has claimed.

The Clintons’ Saudi Connection | – American Liberty Report

Of course, documentaries like Fahrenheit 9/11 have covered the cozy relationship between the Bush family and the Saudi royals (and the bin Laden family). But what is less well known is that there are deep ties between the Clintons and the Saudis as well. In fact, there are so many connections to the Clintons, it’s hard to …

Fact-checking donations to the Clinton Foundation | PolitiFact

Jul 7, 2016 – It’s now possible to look up donation amounts on the Clinton Foundation’s website. Using Trump’s Saudi Arabia example, Saudi Arabia shows up as having given between $10 million and $25 million since the foundation started. When it began in 1997, the foundation’s main goal was to build theClinton …

Did Hillary Clinton take money from countries that treat women, gays …

Claim: Hillary Clinton has been given tens of millions of dollars by countries that “treat women horribly … and countries that kill gays.”
Claimed by: Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton, The Podesta Group And The Saudi Regime: A Fatal …

Aug 31, 2016 – If I told you that Democratic Party lobbyist Tony Podesta, whose brother John Podesta chairs Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, is a registered foreign agent on the Saudi government’s payroll, you’d probably think I was a Trump-thumping, conspiratorial nutcase. But it’s true. The lobby firm created by …

Leaked Hillary Clinton emails show U.S. allies Saudi Arabia and Qatar …

Oct 11, 2016 – A recently leaked 2014 email from Hillary Clinton acknowledges, citing Western intelligence sources, that the U.S.-backed regimes in Saudi Arabia and Qatar have supported ISIS. “We need to use our diplomatic and more traditional intelligence assets to bring pressure on the governments of Qatar and …

Trump Era: Saudi Purge Signals Death Of Bush/Clinton Globalism …

Nov 6, 2017 – The Clinton and Bush era of the last 30 years is about to come to an end in light of the sudden Saudi Arabian purge of Clinton and Bush allies. Brazile’s book “Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns that Put Donald Trump in the White House” contains several bombshells, including that …


The  EMAIL  To  Judge  Hughes  Court in Houston

SwampFox <>

4:20 PM (1 minute ago)

to Kathy_L_GrantLNHGlenda_Hassan, bcc: vicki, bcc: Sarah, bcc: georgia, bcc: Carol, bcc: billie

Dear Judge Hughes,

      Back in the  1980s  I undertook efforts to  EXPOSE  gargantuan  S&L  and  Bank Lootings  in  Texas and across  the  United States,   That effort ULTIMATELY  Prevailed  and  the  S&L /  Banking  Debacle  was  exposed.
      Subsequently  VAST SUMS of  Money has as well been looted in  a  LARGE  series of  Other Scams and Schemes  costing US Taxpayers  TRILLIONS.
      When I began My Whistle Blowing   in  Houston   UNBEKNOWNST  To Me   large scale  BLACK OPERATIONS  were ongoing  out of  515  and  the  Houstonian Residence of  Vice President  george Bush  to  SECRETLY  Finance and Move  very large amounts of  Weapons all over the World.   Today I believe  Hillary and  Bill Clinton  and  the  Obama State department have once again  engaged in such activities.
      In the 1980s  I was  FALSELY  ARRESTED  using an INFORMATION  COMPLAINT that Former US  FBI AGENT  JOHN CONNOLLY  orchestrated.   Former FBI Agent Connolly  is  serving  LIFE IN PRISON  for  the  Crimes He engaged in with Whitey Bulger and the  Winter Hill Gang.
      I was  NEVER INDICTED  and  NEVER TRIED  and  Never was  any Jury Verdict of  NOT Guilty returned against Me.   Magistrate Lingo Platter  sent Me  HOME to My Family  as  A  Fuller Investigation Revealed …..  I was  NOT  Guilty of  the  False  Charges  against Me in the  Information  by the  FBI there in Houston.
      I have PUBLISHED  Much about these matters  on the  Net  by  Using this  letter as  the  BASIS  for  the  Request  that My  Arrest record  of  November 18th 1985  Be  EXPUNGED.   The Arrest  was  on a  Flimsy as Flimsy can be  INFORMATION   33  Years Ago  and the  MULTI TRILLIONS  in  Looting have  since been  EXPOSED.
      The  Vast  Crimes  and  Conspiracies  associated with  the  Largest Financial Crimes in  Human History  are  NO LONGER A  SECRET.    I have asked  UPI  to  write a  Follow  Up On  My Story.   My November 18th  1985  Arrest   and  Hearings  Before  Magistrate  Lingo  Platter …..  THERE WAS  A  FAR  FAR  FAR  Lager Background and Story …..  Much Like   Edwin  Wilson  and  that  C4  Plastics  that  He  had  been  provided  by   CIA  ??   The  Octopus    ALSO  involved  Charlie Wilson’s  War  and  Iran Contra  and  YES  Many  Texas based  S&Ls  and  Banks. 
      I am thinking  the  ENORMITY  of  the  Houston Based  Involvement  with  S&Ls  and  BANKS  in connection  with My Story is  certainly  RELEVANT  and  MITIGATING.    I would  Like  The  WHOLE  Story of  My  False  Arrest  to CLEAR UP  The  Matters  regarding    THE  FBI’s   FALSE  TALES  ABOUT  ME.
Thank You
Judson Witham
See   ALSO



The site that the email was copied from is here:
Jokes: What is the difference between Colombian Drug Cartels and the Justice Departments?
Answer: One deals drugs. and the other laws

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Broken Promises,  Broken Dreams, the Death of Liberty in America

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Brian, can you post the website address of this post?  My system couldn’t handle the 94K file and run it properly but I could likely access it with my browser.

[CTRL] FBI?Justice Dept. COVER UP of Bank Lootings in …

s in Texas [ Follow Ups ] [ Post Followup ] [ THE FORUM ] Posted by Judson Witham on April 14, 1999 at 19:26:13: On May 20, 1931 in an EMERGENCY session of the Texas Legislature Hous


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-Caveat Lector- If the other stories Judson Witham reported are as full of crap as his belief that the sl scandal of the 80’s was caused by development of colonias, he deserves to be in DEEP CRAP. That may have been part of it, but not the major part. Linda Minor from: http


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News, several Houston and Nationally based Television News organizations, the Conroe Courier and several Radio Stations based in Montgomery County, Texas. The source of these News Releases has been the ongoing Activism and Litigation being waged by Mr. Judson Witham in Federal District Court, St


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n Bolles and what he found is virtually mirrored in Texas. Search COLONIAS Brian, the reported COLONIAS (Illegal Subdivisions) are the tip of the Great Texas Bank Job. I have been having my site postings virtually immediately KNOCKED DOWN. Judson Witham –part1_0.66a0bb62.25378c96_boundary Conte