The TRIAD and Martin Harris’s Hat … SEER This Joe Smith … The Mormon MAFIA and the Deep State


They ALSO  Bombed  Qaddafi’s  Home using Aircraft


MAYBE Mafia Don’s BRAIN WASHING RALLIES should be CHARGED to Him Personally ….. YEAH How much do those NAZI RALLIES COST ?…/the…/
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The Adirondacks Conspiracy … a Royal Hustle … THE DUKES OF ALBANY / Pukes of YORK / …. A Royal MAFIA
The Adirondacks Conspiracy … a Royal Hustle … THE DUKES OF ALBANY /…




Lets discuss the TRIAD and the ESSO Oil Interests of the ANGLO PERSIAN OIL CORP and the ANGLO AMERICAN OIL CORPS …. Yes USA OIL INC. Exposed

Adventures in Flipping, Churning, Dirt Dealing and Daisy Chains …  Looting, Vanishing and Laundering TRILLIONS ….  Another  Friggens  Story

Judson B. Witham …. SON OF THE SWAMP FOX

The cumulative total of these Fed loans since September 17 is now in the trillions of dollars. As of this morning, the New York Fed was pumping out this money at a ridiculously low rate of interest of 1.55 percent. Without the Fed’s artificial loan market, these loans would cost 10 percent or more.

All that we are allowed to know from the Fed about where this money is going is that its 24 “primary dealers” are allowed to borrow under this program. (See list below.) For the most part, those are the same trading units of the same Wall Street banks that got obscene loans after 9/11 and during the epic crash of 2007 to 2010.

By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: January 2, 2020 ~ Consumers represent two-thirds of GDP in the United States. And yet, when consumers run into trouble,
By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: January 2, 2020 ~ Consumers represent two-thirds of GDP…











MotherAnd Dad2

It goes way way way way  BEYOND  Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America  WAY WAY WAY  Beyond






Lets Talk  DIRT DEALING  President Trump , Dan Scavino,  NELDA LUCE RADABAUGH BLAIR and US District Judge  LYNN HUGHES


Years before regulators learned about what may be one of the biggest money-laundering pipelines in history, low-level bank employees in Jacksonville, Florida, sounded repeated alarms.

It seems  that  DON  MAFIA’s  Financiers are as  DIRTY as  They Come

Deutsche Bank’s
Running Tab of Investigations



ATTENTION  US  Secret Service,  FBI, DOJ and All My Friends …  Harris and Montgomery County …  The HEART OF THE BEAST …  Clinton Bush and COMPANY

Former US  Secret Service  Agent  RICK WILLIAMS …..  Conoco Phillips Oil   WOODLANDS TEXAS

From Gulf Manor Airport and the CIA to the 26th Floor of the Houstonian Estates … 33,000 Destroyed Emails and more than 1.5 Million Lay Dead … This is the  ACTUAL STORY … The TRUTH

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Donald Trump claimed on Twitter today that he has no “financial interests in Saudi Arabia.” But his financial ties to the kingdom go back a very long way. In 1991, Donald J. Trump was a mid-tier real estate developer with $900 million in debt, a collapsing casino business, and a name…
A Saudi prince helped save Trump from bankruptcy twice

Donald Trump claimed on Twitter today that he has no “financial interests in Saudi Arabia.” But his financial ties to the kingdom go back a very long way.

In 1991, Donald J. Trump was a mid-tier real estate developer with $900 million in debt, a collapsing casino business, and a name perhaps best known for a headline-dominating split with his wife Ivana. With his empire at risk of falling apart, Trump was searching for cash everywhere; his father even illegally bought $3.35 million worth of casino chips and never gambled them, to help Trump make a massive bond payment a year earlier.

A helpful burst of cash from a Saudi prince eased some tension with his creditors. Alwaleed bin Talal bought Trump’s yacht for somewhere between $18 million and $20 million (reports vary). It wasn’t a great bit of business for Trump—he had bought it from the Sultan of Brunei three years earlier for a reported $29 million.

In 1995, Trump was still in deep trouble—and Alwaleed swooped in again. The prince, who calls himself the “Warren Buffett of Saudi Arabia,” took over Trump’s 51% stake in his beloved New York Plaza hotel. As a result, Trump’s creditors forgave $125 million of his debt.

Alwaleed, who was one of several royals to be detained by Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman in 2017, is deemed the world’s 74th richest man by Bloomberg, and owns stakes in companies like Apple, Snapchat, Twitter and Citigroup.

As late as 2015, Trump was still happy to boast about his connections with Saudi Arabia. Speaking at a rally in Alabama, he bragged: “Saudi Arabia, I get along with all of them. They buy apartments from me. They spend $40 million, $50 million. Am I supposed to dislike them? I like them very much.”

“In the U.S. investigators now say openly that the Justice Department has not only reined in its own probe of the bank but is also part of a concerted campaign to derail any full investigation. Says Robert Morgenthau, the Manhattan district attorney, who first launched his investigations into B.C.C.I. two years ago: ‘We have had no cooperation from the Justice Department since we first asked for records in March 1990. In fact they are impeding our investigation, and Justice Department representatives are asking witnesses not to cooperate with us.’” 

The Westheimer Triangle and the  TRIAD ….  Imagine  that  OLIVER  NORTH



The DEEPEST SWAMP Imaginable

OMG The Military Financial Complex BLACK OPS BANKSTERS Galore …. MEANWHILE Back at the Ranch ………

SUCCINCTLY  STATED   ”  They  BOUGHT The SYSTEM ”   Gretchen Morgenson  ,  Judson Witham


WOW   old  Ferdinand and Imelda, North Secord and Casey, Poindexter and the WHOLE  POPPY BUSH /  DUBBYA  and  CLINTON  MAFIA  ….   All  from   Harris and Montgomery County with the WHOLE  TRIAD MAFIA ….  Gives  NEW LIGHT to the  Galleria  HUH  Jeff Sessions  and  Christopher Wray  …..  33,000  DESTROYED  EMAILS and DOZENS of Bleached Devices and Servers ….  HUH  Hillary …..  Good  Ole  WILLIAM  WEBSTER


In 1989, Robert Silvers bought and formed 107 lots out of portions of an older subdivision, Lamar Terrace, from the Federal Savings & Loan Insurance Corporation.


Silver Bought Khashoggi’s  TOXIC  CRAP  Oh My Huh KAT WOOLFORD … Gee huh  Bushs and Clintons





930 F.2d 253,  59 USLW 2638, 19 Fed.R.Serv.3d 637

Financial Establishment; Triad America Corporation; Triad
International Marketing; Akorp, N.V.; Ekorp, N.V.; A.K.
Holdings, S.A.; A.K. Holdings Ltd.; Triad Foundation;
Triad Condas; Edgington Oil Company; Handlingair Ltd.;
Uni-Triad Enterprises; John Doe Khashoggi Entities 1-50, Defendants,
Adnan Khashoggi, Defendant-Appellant.

Imagine that  NELDA LUCE  Radabaugh Blair  1300 Main Street ….  Oh My



Adnan Khashoggi ….  The  IMMORAL  PIG  …..   King of  Salt Lake and Houston  FROM  Hawaii to London, Florida to  California, Canada and NEVADA …  CLINTON and BUSH’s  PALS

I was one of Saudi arms dealer’s ‘ELEVEN pleasure wives’:   How an American model joined a billionaire’s harem before she left to found Roxy clothing

  • Jill Dodd met notorious billionaire arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi at a Cannes party in the early 1980s
  • Dodd, then a young naive model, says she fell in love with Khashoggi, then a balding, overweight middle aged businessman who showered her with gifts
  • She became one of the Saudi Arabian arms dealer’s lovers after he told her he could have three legal wives and 11 pleasure wives
  • Khashoggi is famed for his role in the Iran-Contra affair where he acted as middleman in the arms-for-hostages exchange
  • He was later acquitted of charges he concealed funds alongside Philippines First Lady Imelda Marcos
  • But Dodd admits she had no interest in his work, and reveled in being Khashoggi’s favorite ‘pleasure wife’ in the harem 
  • She says the arms dealer – who she described as an extraordinary lover – bankrolled her tuition at Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising
  • Dodd ended their relationship in 1982, as she became increasingly worried about AIDs, and she went on to found Roxy clothing




CLINTON / BUSH  Enterprizes


AK and Da Company Boiz    Joanna King, the Bin Ladins and the  SECORD  BUSH McCONE  CASEY  POINDEXTER  and  BUFFALO AIRLINES MAFIA   



What a Tangled Web We Weave  WHEN WE FIRST  Begin to Deceive


Inside the  SECRET WORLD of the  Military Industrial  FINANCIAL  COMPLEX

Mark Lombardi’s Art Was Full of Conspiracies—Now His Death Has …

Oct 3, 2015 – He made drawings that linked the secret flow of capital; he may have paid … The conceptual artist Mark Lombardi arrived in the city’s newest, …

Mark Lombardi – Wikipedia

Mark Lombardi (March 23, 1951 – March 22, 2000) was an American neo-conceptual artist who specialized in drawings that document alleged financial and …

Mark Lombardi – Ben Fry

That said, this is not a comprehensive look at Mark Lombardi’s work, nor is it … In 1994, he began to create drawings such as this one to depict the complex …

Mark Lombardi | Pierogi Gallery

Related Posts. Mark Lombardi’s work in The Nation · Pierogi Press No. 11: Kristin Prevallet, “From The People Database: ‘After Mark Lombardi‘” · Mark …

33,000 Destroyed EMails  and Dozens of BLEACHED SERVERS 


emCharlie Wilsons Warem


Charlie Wilson’s War

Crile talked about his book, Charlie Wilson’s War: The Extraordinary Story of the Largest Covert Operation in History, published by Atlantic Monthly Press.. He described former Texas Congressman Charles Wilsonand his effort to drive the Soviet Union out of Afghanistan. Charles Wilson* also appeared during the program and took part in the discussion.

Blow Job Bill, Hillary, Obama and the  OBAMA NATION ….  Gee  Golly Whiz

From Stormy Daniels to BIMBO GATE to the  Destruction of the  CLINTON BUSH  Initiatives Records BLEACHED AS WHITE AS SNOW

The Houston Texas Mafia, Marcos, Noreiga, Bin Ladins, Saddam Insane and the COVERT ACTIVITIES of  George Bush, the Mafia and the  Houston POST & CHRONICLE 


This is a Massive / Very Very Very Large Crime Spree … it is NOT easy to write about 


MARK LOMBARDI KNEW…….0…1c..64.img..0.0.0….0.gHgIPe1Kx-o



Lt. Col. Oliver North is questioned further by committee members, including Representative Boland on the Boland amendment. The committee chairs then direct summary statements to Lt. Col. North.

Evergreen Airways and Buffalo Airlines




The Largest Crime Scene in Human History …  JBW

Take Plenty of Notes and Enjoy all the Links and References

Black Operations Banksters CLANDESTINE Bank S&L Looting

Dear President Trump … The SWAMP begins in UPTOWN Houston…


THE BLOW BACK and The Southwest Depot …. Buffalo Airlines  WACO


The Looted Trillions are a matter of  HISTORICAL RECORD

eeerr    UTAH

Well  Arizona California Hawaii Pennsylvania North and South Carolina, Alabama, Nevada, New York, New Jersey, Alaska, Oregon, Idaho, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont  OMG  it’s happened  EVERYWHERE   MAN




It should be noted  Looting  Trillions is what Government does …

See MELLON BANK and the Federal Resrve Bank of NY ( Timmy Geithner ) and AIG

For Rene Powers and the California 18

HUD’s  and  FHA’s , Freddie and Fannie’s   Filthy Games in Texas ….  TRUST ME



Rep. Alan Grayson questions the FED inspector General where $9 TRillion dollars went… and Inspector…



In the Mormon text Doctrines of Salvation (1:62), tenth President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), Joseph Fielding Smith, states: “We are not the only people that the Lord has created. We have brothers and sisters on other earths. They look like us because they, too, are the children of God and were created in His image, for they are also His offspring.” Smith began his LDS Presidency in 1970 – the year prior to the establishment of Sunn Classic Pictures.

The TRIAD of EVIL …. The KOLOB MAFIA The CIA and the Lamar Terrace Syndicate


The Lie Factory – The Bush Obama Clinton SWAMP





Fawn Hall with Her Attorney at the Iran Contra Hearings

The MAFIA  THE  CIA  and  The Southwest Depot /  MENA  ARKANSAS  


Buffalo Airways,  The  Southwest  Depot,  Mena,  Salt Lake Air Park and the FORT HOOD /  FORT SMITH ….  Weapons  Mules,   OMG  The  Money Laundering huh  BILL and HILLARY and  BUSH N Company

Now Lets Discuss  AK and the Quorum of 12 and the  MITTENS  EMPIRE of  BYU


Part 1: Religious Royalty – The history of Mitt’s family founding, writing and establishing the Mormon faith, literally in 1830.  Describes his claim to royalty within the organization, akin to assuming the position of a Pope.  He’s hardly just a volunteer and Latter Day Saints are not Christian as advertised by the Republican campaign team.  In fact, they harbor many odd beliefs that include their superiority over Christians and Jews.  Also explains their assertion that America is the real Garden of Eden and Zion – replacing both the Bible and Israel as God’s covenant people on earth.  Last but not least you’ll learn how Mitt is a modern day apostle, able to receive revelations from the heavens as God’s right hand man and a living man-god himself.  Mormon is a specifically political and corporate entity, crafted behind the veils of charity and this history is important to know since all his policies are built upon it.


Part 2: Warring for President – Describes the many wars Mitt’s family pursued to establish a theocratic (religious) government.  Also depicts their hand in creating the first banks that printed funny money and what it’s like to live under Mormon rule.


Part 3: Theo-democracy – Mitt Romney’s mandated and true goal is creating the “government of God” on earth.  This segment offers a good look at the first theocratic state legislature they were able to found in Utah and what murders were associated with keeping it that way.  ”There was no separation of church and state because the Latter Day Saints considered all the affairs of the kingdom of God to be one, whether spiritual, economic or political”.


Part 4: Blacks, Jews, Indians & Christians – The most racist entry of the series describes Mitt Romney’s beliefs about Blacks, Jews and Indians.  They’re considered “vile” and “dark skinned” as a mark of sin and a way for Mormons to identify and keep them from their midst.  It’s troublesome and daunting to read, but true of Mormons none the less.  Mentions Mark Twain’s real meeting with Mitt’s grandparents and his scathing review of their doctrine.  Also discusses Latter Day Saints’ belief they are “white and delightsome” while everyone else is lesser than their kind.  Further insults toward Jews and Christians say they must repent and become Mormon or else suffer the Church’s consequences.  Blacks are seen as their servants and Indian children were taken away only to be abused in Mormon foster homes.  Closes with a video from Mitt’s son Tagg Romney, addressing the importance of Mormon fundamentals taking higher priority than matters of business and government.  Offers a good picture of what an LDS theocratic presidency would look like today.

BYU Dick Cheney

BYU and the  BIGGEST  DOGS  



Part 5: Good Ole Dad – Shows the vicious and violent material Mitt teaches to his Sunday School students.  Focuses largely on George W. Romney (his father) and the family’s personal support of racism and anti-Semitism.  Then describes the Romney Institute of Public Management that offers religious degrees in political science to help them overtake the government.




Part 6: Church Business – Introduces the Mormon concept of “competitive cooperative capitalism” and how it clashes repeatedly with anti trust convictions (think socialism for CEOs and the battles that rage across today’s headlines).  Brings the faith’s relationship with prolific, illegal arms dealers into focus and every business the Church owns.  As Mormon executives they control current American banking.  They are the largest commercial food manufacturers, largest American land owners, largest private producer of dirty coal energy and yet they’re a charity so they don’t pay associated tax.  Mormons are so protective of their empire that they created a spy ring to keep whistle blowers equally controlled.




Part 7: Insider trading – Who does Mitt Romney owe?  Some of the most powerful men in America who also happen to be Mormons, made by their own network.  Also looks at religious degrees to head combat for the military and actual training to kill in the name of a Mormon God (as devised by Mitt and his family, in defiance of the plan to counter terrorism).  Truly bizarre, unsettling and current; not to mention Mitt sits on the board of directors to keep it so.  Segment investigates the way this Mormon network is set up to control most powerful businesses in America and what anti trust convictions resulted nearly every time.  They pursue “competitive cooperative capitalism” no matter the consequence and these actions contribute to market meltdowns repeatedly – including now.  Surprising revelations include the strategy to run Mormons against Mormons in the political arena, to ensure they operate the country no matter who wins.  This is precisely the way Mitt was selected as the Republican candidate for President.  They even have a major hand in illegally manipulating LIBOR and if you thought Mitt agreed to support gays in the Boy Scouts please think again.  Most don’t know the Church operates the Boy Scouts program and are responsible for the sexual offenders secret files involved in lawsuits.

Mormon cosmology holds that the Earth is not unique, but just one

of many inhabited planets, each one created by Jesus for the purpose

of bringing about immortality and eternal life.”

– Robbie Graham, Producer,




Maxwell wrote: “We do not know how many inhabited worlds there are, or where they are. But certainly we are not alone.” Between 1970 and 1974 – the formative years of Sunn Classic Pictures – Maxwell served as the LDS Commissioner of Church Education, which is responsible for providing religious and secular education for people of all ages, both LDS and non-LDS.

For the Record  seems  ole  Judson was  RIGHT ALL ALONG ….  ZION’s Bank  University Avenue   COUGAR   BYU   COUGAR  Country


In the Very Heart of  ZION’s  Banksters  Turf … MUSE ON THAT A SPELL

In the Mormon text Doctrines of Salvation (1:62), tenth President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), Joseph Fielding Smith, states: “We are not the only people that the Lord has created. We have brothers and sisters on other earths.  They look like us because they, too, are the children of God and were created in His image, for they are also His offspring.” Smith began his LDS Presidency in 1970 – the year prior to the establishment of Sunn Classic Pictures.


Part 8: Church Power – Located above on this page.  Deals with Mormons illegally helping Iran acquire nuclear weapons in defiance of US sanctions.  Looks at their direct hand in the Holocaust and sympathy for Hitler, exploding the space shuttle Challenger and the Mormon empire built on nuclear weapons.  Also explains the truth behind PBS and why Mitt is gunning to shut them down.  From Mormon control of private prisons to developing the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima (Manhattan Project), the Romneys are connect to the whole kit and caboodle.  They are after all, the creators of Mormon and have every base covered from CIA spies to Supreme Court Justices who alter the law to the network’s benefit.

WAKEY WAKEY CHILDREN …. 33,000 Destroyed Emails and Disappeared Servers and Devices…/secret-government-constitution-cr…/


The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis |

This fascinating and revealing documentary examines the Iran-Contra scandal as…


As an executive of the Mormon Church who was called to the Twelve and still royal heir to the throne, Mitt Romney presents conflict of interest issues that should force America to sit up straight and take notice.  If elected President of the United States, Mormon lobbyists will have an easier time doing business between matters of food and coal power to overtaking the banking world.  On one hand they’re a private charity and on the other they could bring the country to a halt.  The Church has been encouraging apostles to seek the highest public office since its inception, to pave the way according to the financial Book of Mormon sections that have often conflicted with legal issues of anti-trust.




Whereas some faiths might hold safer products like mutual funds for the benefit of community work, the Latter Day Saints are in a league of their own.  They’re worth more than Mitt and their extreme wealth has nothing to do with paying tithes.  In 2001, Time magazine attempted to assess their value and came up with the ballpark of $30 billion.  Earlier this year even Bloomberg tried their hand and all experts agree the true answer is impossible to know.  These values don’t begin to scratch the surface and perhaps it’s so hard to decipher because the LDS (Latter Day Saints) executive keeps their business private from everyone including non-prophetic Mormons.  Under the US Constitution they maintain that right as a matter of protected religion and I dare say with a little more digging that a single church company is worth more than the total projected.


It all began with Brigham Young and subsequently George W. Romney’s vision of competitive-cooperative capitalism.  Just as their religion is written to reflect a theocratic political movement, it is also founded on the dogma of economics.  The early settlers felt they were entitled to a real kingdom on earth and therefore profiteering was as much about faith as praying to Nephi, Adam or Moroni.  Mormonism is the religion of government and financial markets that predominantly relates to socialism for CEOs.  Moreover and since the early days in Utah, LDS has been training their prophets to become experts in constitutional law to keep it so.


I’m sorry Sir  but   Lamar Terrace and  the  TRIAD INTERNATIONAL   ( AK  Groups )  are NO LONGER   A  SECRET


We’ll begin with ZCMI (Zions Cooperative Mercantile Institution), the inaugural company created in Utah under Brigham Young, Grandpa Parley and Uncle Orson’s direction.  It was also the first American shopping mall that eventually transformed into Macy’s.  The original storefront remained ecclesiastic and although Macy’s is a major brand, their signage still honoured the Mormon roots that gave birth to any profitable tenants thereafter.


Upon assuming the prominent location from Saintly businesses that moved on, the department store inherited the grand chandelier, specially made for Mormons from Austrian crystal imported from Venice, Italy.  CEOs for Macy’s paid homage to the Saints once more, by donating 1,500 of the dangling pieces from that prestigious lighting fixture although they didn’t part with all of them.  Each little bauble was so exquisite that it warranted a black tie event for the charities who received them.  No value is offered for the chandelier in full, but it certainly crossed a few million dollars as one of the most expensive lampshades in the country the Church could afford to abandon.


Despite parting with the storefront it was only a short lived transition, in which they demolished the shopping mall to make way for a newer City Creek Centre.  LDS continues to own the property no matter which high end boutique decides to take up residence.  It cost more than $1 billion for Mormons to build and they vow the only money for construction came from corporate profits as opposed to tithes.



Just North of  the  Oliver North, Richard Secord  PARTY PALACE at Galleria in LAMAR TERRACE 

The  Bushs and the  Clintons   FAVORITE  PLACE  ……  Lamar Terrace ,  Houston Texas


Adnan Khashoggi, whose grand Salt Lake City plans disappeared in …

Jun 7, 2017 – Tribune file photo Adnan Khashoggi is shown at the Utah Capitol in … of dollars into the downtown Triad Center and the International Center …

Missing: bush ‎lds ‎mormon

I Wanted a Burning Bush – ensign –

At that time I really didn’t know much about the Mormons—I just had a vague notion … sinner Saul on the road to Damascus and speak through a burning bush to Moses, … As time went by, however, we found that Utah remained on our minds.

Missing: triad ‎international ‎khashoggi

Triad Center – WikiVividly

The LDS Business College tower at the Triad Center. … Ground was broken for construction of the center on June 1, 1982 by Essam Khashoggi, chairman of Triad America, … The Triad Center is owned by Utah Property Management Associates, …. The Mormon pioneers lived a secluded existence in the remote Salt Lake …

mormon | FreeThePressCanada

Part 1/8 – Mitt Romney & Corporate Mormonism – Religious Royalty … What’s at stake is a conflict of interest between corporate tables of a global nature, a caveat … came from editing the Book of Mormonand as a settler of the State of Utah. …… The Mormon president from this real estate council finds his office in the Triad …

Downtown Salt Lake City – WikiVisually

Mormons would mostly shop and congregate around the Salt Lake Temple, the … Forming a U.S. holdings company, “Triad Utah“, he planned to build two …. 1884, the United States hosted theInternational Meridian Conference, attended by …… to 2000 Republican US Presidential nominee George W. BushKhashoggi told …

Barrick Gold, Adnan Kashoggi and the Mormons >> Four Winds 10 ……irs…/news.php?q…

There are those that work pretty hard to convince their fellow Mormons to “not ask any … that Adnan Kashoggi used his Utah corporation, Triad Development, to steal … of Credit and CommerceInternational to launder money for Iran arms sales. … Khashoggi’s Saudi royal piggybanks also underwrote George Bush’s Central …

Spitfire List | FTR #493-494 Two Interviews with Daniel Hopsicker ……/comment-page-1/

Pasquale ‘Rocco’ Ricci’s company, International Voting Machines, was also really Sequoia Pacific. So, too …. “Kane, who chaired the 2000 Bush-Cheney campaign in Martin County, …. to buy a 10,000 acre cattle ranch on the island for the Mormon Church in Utah, … Khashoggi owned a number of companies named ‘Triad.

KSL-TV | Revolvy

KSL-TV The Triad Center, in downtown Salt Lake City, with the KSL Broadcast … It is the flagship television property of Bonneville International, the for-profit … Due to its ties to the LDS Church, KSL-TV also airs programs relevant to Mormonism, …. It would be the dominant news station in Utah for most of the next 45 years, …

Romney and the CIA Mormon Mafia – Posts | Facebook

57 likes. Exposing Mitt Romney’s connection to the CIA Mormon Mafia and their New World Order operations. … Adnan Khashoggi was a Saudi Arabian billionaire international … Mitt Romney’s Zions Bank Largest Recipient of Welfare in Utah History. …. This is the only explanation for the Bush dynasty in American politics.

BYU and The Company Boiz

Managing such a portfolio would prove to be too much for Mormons alone, so they partnered with Taubman Centers to run the day to day operations of the new mall.  This particular corporation was founded by Alfred Taubman, who had just finished ten months in prison for convictions related to price fixing and anti-trust.  It would seem Mr. Taubman was practicing the Mormon’s competitive-cooperative capitalism, which was repeated by George Romney through his NRA initiative of the same nature.  Both examples were held guilty of breaching federal law and yet the Mormons continue to marry themselves to this business philosophy.  Taubman’s company is further headquartered in Bloomfield, Michigan; in Mitt’s Romney’s old stomping grounds.


The LDS Church is one of the largest real estate proprietors in America.  Zion Securities changed its name to Utah Property Management, but is owned by Saints just the same.  They formed Suburban Land Reserve Inc. to handle their industrial buildings as well.  However, these are only two of many subsidiaries within the Corporation of the President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that holds everything from apartment buildings to banks and business towers.


On the list of very important buildings is Eagle Gate Plaza that remained Church owned when it was transformed into the World Trade Center of Utah.  It’s part of the New York family of WTC businesses that are home to government and international trade authorities.  Lew Cramer of Mormon hierarchy was then named CEO of the center to solidify their stronghold, far beyond the capacity of a landlord (see PDFor non PDF).


Mr. Cramer enjoys trade missions to China on behalf of church-family members while giving devotional speeches and legal decoding from the Book of Mormon at his alma mater, Brigham Young University (see Oct. 2, 2012).  Adding to his list of accomplishments with the Church, he began an LDS law society to unite Mormon attorneys in helping others see their light (additional interview transcript  PDF or non PDF).  He was in charge of recruiting Mormon volunteers for the Utah Olympics to help reduce costs and appoint Mitt Romney to the prestigious top job.  Lew also headed Republican finances for the current presidential election.

Channel 5 and the  Deseret Media Group with MITTENS and the  TRIAD



The LDS property group further heads a lobbying entity to ensure the interests of Mormons are protected, including many issues such as prohibiting restaurants from serving alcohol within their structures.  The Mormon president from this real estate council finds his office in the Triad Center, also owned by the Church.  Triad arrives with a phenomenal explanation and another curious partnership with the likes of Adnan Khashoggi.  The Saudi prince and arms dealer is better known by his scandalous actions at the heart of the Iran-Contra Affair, which facilitated the illegal sale of arms to Iran and other confirmed terrorists.  He was further implicated in the Lockheed bribery scandals that caused heads to roll from the US to West Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Japan.  That time it involved war planes instead of just the missiles.


When not transporting weapons of destruction to jihadists and contras, Khashoggi was kept busy pursuing business with the Mormons.  The Triad Center was a joint effort, where LDS provided the land and became the predominant tenant (see half way down).  It is here they set up another company Bonneville International, to house their radio and television stations.  These aren’t your run of the mill Christian programs and include the Washington Post Radio as well as Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.  Pertaining to television it’s hard to ascertain the full scope of LDS holdings, but they do include an NBC affiliate and the Church has been making moves to acquire a stake in Disney.  Also located within the Triad Center is a Brigham Young University campus.


LDS  Business College   TRIAD CENTER  Salt Lake



Bonneville International serves as a parent company to numerous subsidiaries.  They include the Bonneville Washington News Bureau, Bonneville Media Communications, the Bonneville Broadcasting System, Bonneville Satellite Corporation, Bonneville Entertainment Company and Bonneville Telecommunications (provided futures and commodity quotes).  Every one is a profit machine owned by the Mormon Church and the FCC has been called upon to regulate their control of media.


The way they manage their affairs is demonstrated through the Washington Post partner.  Amid transitioning from newspaper to radio, the Saints put an end to a popular rock music station.  They handed the 35 workers from Z-104 their walking papers and replaced them with 25 Mormon-friendly staff of their own (see both pages).


To confuse matters more, Bonneville International is a subsidiary of Deseret Management Corporation.  Under this banner they’ve managed to scoop up part of ESPN.  In regard to Bonneville Satellite most access to their web domains is prohibited, but they do offer services in the US, UK, Thailand, Pakistan, India, select areas of the Middle East and the home country of Khashoggi, in Turkey.




Under the wing of Deseret Management, we find other companies like Deseret NewsDeseret BookDeseret Digital MediaTemple Square Hospitality and Beneficial Life Insurance, which handles $20.3 billion in policies (stakeholders PDF or non PDF).  Mormons also concocted to apply ecclesiastic censoring to the internet for their faithful followers; in addition to their own LDSYellowPages and a doorway to Hollywood through Excel Entertainment.


From a finance perspective, Ensign Peak Advisors manages Mormon stocks and bonds including those of the Deseret Trust Company.  Next is Deseret Mutual, as a provider of financial products and employer health benefits.  These services are exclusive to Church owned businesses, but their workforce is considerable and lists many LDS participants.  The Church conglomerate continues to hold an extensive stock portfolio including $2 million in Burger King and $1 million in Dominos Pizza.  These assets were transferred to the Saints tax free by Mitt Romney.  General Authorities of the Church receive income from these investments, so in a roundabout way it benefited him personally and all his business associates (more on this in Part 7:Insider Trading).


They continue to hold considerable interest in banks, which goes hand in hand with various footholds they maintain in the economic sector.  We’ll start with Zion Bancorp, the early brainchild of the Twelve Apostles.  Zion began in Utah with the Church retaining full ownership, but in 1960 fellow Mormon Roy W. Simmons, purchased a controlling share.  The financial institution carried on in partnership with LDS and promoted five apostles to its board of directors.  They continue to facilitate all Mormon Church business and at least one congregation member felt he was cheated out of $700,000 through their advice that only benefited the institution.


Today Roy’s son Harris Simmons inherited the Chairman, President and CEO positions. (see officers and directors).  He’s a loyal Mormon at the heart of the financial empire who happens to hold more than a million shares since the company went public.  Moreover Harris is Chairman of the underlying Zions Bank (Utah and Idaho) and heads all the parent-acquired subsidiaries such as Amegy Bank of Texas,California Bank and Trust, National Bank of Arizona, Nevada State Bank, The Commerce Bank of Oregon, The Commerce Bank of WashingtonVectra Bank Colorado, Zions Management Services Company, Amegy Insurance Agency, Amegy Investments, Amegy Mortgage Company, Contango Capital Advisors, Net Deposit, Wellman Holdings, Wellman Services, Western National Trust, Zions Credit Corp, Zions Direct and Zions Insurance Agency.  Total assets of Zion Bancorp in 2010 were $51.6 billion.


Church president and primary apostle Thomas S. Monson was on hand to dedicate the newest Zion Financial Center in the name of Mormon.  Additionally the building is owned by the Church under real estate holdings and the job of running local matters was given to A. Scott Anderson – another royal descendant of an original apostle like Mitt.


The wisdom of prophets didn’t save the banking empire from brushes with the law though; common to most Mormon enterprises.  First they received two $8 million fines for trespasses against the Bank Secrecy Act and USA Patriot Act related to inter-country money laundering.  Then they were hit with two more for $50,000 and $225,000 for operating without a proper licence, misleading representation and making false statements.  During the recent financial market meltdown, Zion Bank received $1.4 billion in relief from government (a Fannie Mae repeat) and they’ve only repaid $700 million since this September.  Earlier in 1999 they also faced tough opposition to the goal of merging Zion with the other Mormon bank, First Security.  Due to anti-trust concerns and major publicity the marriage was called off, as the move would have resulted in a banking monopoly.




Switching gears, the Church is at the center of America’s food system.  These holdings begin withAgReserves Inc in the United States, described as running investment farms and ranches.  In the United Kingdom the name changes to AgReserves Ltd where apostles received $15.9 million worth of taxpayer subsidy to benefit their operations in a single year.  They’ve replicated in Mexico under AgroReservas and regrettably AgroReservas do Brazil was removed from the internet when the Landless Workers’ Movement targeted the Mormon sprawl in protest.  Now no information is available beyond the words of those affected and displaced.  AgReserves Australia Ltd is yet another LDS company with hundreds of thousands of acres.


Those are just the larger holdings.  In California they produce almonds.  In Utah it’s dairy and cattle.  In Oklahoma they raise more cattle and Florida produces cows along with citrus fruit.  Stretches of Wyoming and Washington were bought for the sole purpose of historical value, to own the pieces of America that Mormon pioneers may have traversed.  All the farms double as camps and getaways to profit from tourism as well.  This is not to mention the individual ranches spread across the US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Argentina because they’re indeed too many to list.


These operations are located under the Farm Management Company, which in turn is overseen by Deseret Land and Livestock.  The latter not only farms but also offers paid hunting expeditions and “high quality fly fishing experiences” for profit.  In a complex web to keep anyone from grasping their true worth, both corporations are controlled by another Mormon investment structure going by the name of Farmland Reserve Inc.


According to the church’s own newspaper the faithful are not meant to know LDS business, but they’re aware of millions of acres in the US and reverence as the largest private land owner in Florida along with others.  In an unguarded moment, a Mormon executive praised the Church for being “the largest cow-calf operator in the nation” whilst angling to overtake Ted Turner in the business.




These acquisitions have been patient at times and purchased piece by piece until LDS assumes an entire area.  In the Third World the vulnerable are begging for enough land to survive and the story is beginning to repeat in America.  Even contracted farmers in Idaho of the Mormon faith are condemning the Church’s practices.  They’re threatening to revoke the community’s paid participation by operating farms directly through their administration.  In this way they keep labour costs to a minimum by having worshippers volunteer in the fields – as a tenet of doing Mormon business since the beginning.  Furthermore the farmers are angry that LDS produces for the commercial market and this spawns an unfair business advantage that could put an end to their livelihoods altogether.


Although there is scant information available about the Mormons’ Property Reserve Inc., it too is a real estate venture of some sort.  It’s involved in a Supreme Court lawsuit that extends to Hawaii, so it can’t be conducting business confined to Utah as their registration suggests.  The public can only guess if these dealings are related to a shooting that took place at a Mormon temple on Christmas Day; sparked by an LDS real estate Ponzi ring that was investigated by the FBI in 2010.


Pertaining to Hawaii, the Church owns the most lucrative part of that state.  When Mitt’s ancestors went on mission in 1865 they purchased more than 7,000 acres in the name of Mormon – in an effort totransform Polynesian Indians from Lamanites into the descendants of Israel.  Hawaii Reserves Inc. was established to take control of Laie and one of their most renowned beaches.  They operate water, sewer treatment and roads with the intent of building more neighbourhoods.  It’s a sensitive area with sacred burial grounds, so Mormons employed a representative to lobby for their development interests (PDF).  These services were likely necessary to build the Brigham Young University Hawaii campus, along with the Polynesian Cultural Center to serve as one of the world’s most popular vacation destinations and gainful theme attractions.



We must now address the topic of sugar and how the Church positioned itself to become an oligarch of this industry.  Sugar is needed to cook nearly everything we eat and warrants our acute attention.  This enterprise began with Brigham Young and the Apostles, to help found their theocratic and competitive-cooperative capitalist dream for Zion-Utah.  Soon after they were investigated and convicted of anti-trust violations for the Sugar Trust, in keeping with their business theory and its successive outcomes.


In an effort to save their monopoly Saints then partnered with the Bankers Trust, who in turn found themselves the target of racketeering charges that led to the present market meltdown and the government’s intervention to regulate derivatives.  In the early days this Trust helped the Utah-Idaho Sugar Company merge and grow to take full market share, under the name of Amalgamated Sugar with Mormon prophet David Eccles as the technical founder and Utah’s first made millionaire.  From the riches of LDS sugar, he became Chairman of the Federal Reserve and the Washington, DC building was named in his honour.


During his years in power he is noted to provide the Mormon Church with interest free loans to assist in building their kingdom.  Coincidentally, David’s son George Eccles founded the smaller Mormon bank First Security, that attempted to merge with Zion before regulators took notice and trust circumstances intervened.  A fellowship was established in his name to promote Mormon studies and Lew Cramer from the World Trade Center Utah is one of the prominent LDS steering executives.  In the Saints’ family, every power player is connected for the purpose of furthering the Church’s vision.


Still on the issue of sugar, Amalgamated is said to have merged with the Snake River Sugar Company.  No information is publicly available about either company, but the latter currently shares the same business address as the original manufacturer.  The Amalgamated Sugar company website redirects to Snake River as well.  It appears the newer entity may have been established as a lobby for widespread adoption of genetically modified seeds to obtain the sugar (see technology at bottom).


Last in this installment is mention of the Mormon’s relationship with coal power and copper.  Ernest L. Wilkinson was president of Brigham Young University as well as a Washington lawyer and defeated Republican candidate for senate.  In his time he was the topic of scandal that related to the university. Wilkinson headed a spy ring within the institution, to ensnare professors who displayed anything less than a Tea Party attitude.  Upon conviction they’d be fired and removed from the Mormon hierarchy.  More importantly, he worked for the Department of the Interior and drafted the Indian Claims Commission legislation (see pgs. 34-35 PDF).


His partner in matters of energy was fellow LDS attorney and BishopJohn Sterling Boyden.  He was the legal representation for Peabody Energy Corporation while at the same time representing Hopi, Ute and Navajo Indians.  In addition to his practice, Boyden presided over these indigenous converts as their prophetic leader.  (His son inherited this church standing, see second entry.)


Peabody Energy is the largest private producer of coal in the world.  In 1968 it was purchased byKennecott Copper Corporation, although due to anti-trust issues the acquisition was struck down and sold eight years later for $1 billion.  For the record it is now owned by Rio Tinto, but during the time of Kennecott the Mormons were immediately involved.


H. David Burton was an executive with Kennecott, in addition to holding apostleship in the highest office of the Church.  During tenure of these three Mormon figures they usurped the Black Mesa area from Natives, to strip mine their land for coal energy development that benefitted their respective companies.


Acting as the Indians’ bishop, John Boyden convinced the bands to sign a contract with Peabody.  The Hopi’s didn’t have government of any sort to ratify a deal, so he ordained a tribal council from those he was able to convert to Mormonism.  The tribe continues to assert these individuals had no authority to make legal decisions on behalf of all their people.  In concert with Wilkinson at Church headquarters, they devised a plan to move forward regardless.  Both attorneys fetched millions in legal fees from the government and tribes, to perform their services while playing for both teams.


It was deemed the Black Mesa Peabody Coal Controversy and environmental protection organizationsare bitterly studying the effects of this case at present.  There were numerous repercussions from duping Indians into an agreement that would only pay them $0.30 per ton when market value was $1.50, to overusing water at a billion gallons per year to process the coal slurry.  The aquifers Natives depended on for survival have been bled dry and now they’re forced to walk many miles with buckets to find water.  A poignant article with photographs and their testimony about the Mormon relationship can be found here (or via PDF here).


More troubling is the Church’s explanation.  They believe that since these Indians didn’t appreciate money in their culture, their reward was receiving the Mormon gospel.  LDS called them “backwards people” and convinced themselves it was their duty to build the indigenous up from Lamanites into their version of civility.  It was their calling to obtain this coal power for the sake of constructing the kingdom in places like Las Vegas, Los Angeles and so forth.



In the meantime Sylvan Wittwer was the Mormon bishop and president of Lansing Michigan Stake and he took up lobbying on behalf of coal energy to protect the Church’s interests.  He hails from the neighbouring region to Mitt Romney and wrote many books suggesting carbon dioxide is good for the earth.  As an executive member of the Greening Earth Society with direct relation to Peabody Energy, he argued against the science and perils of global warming.  He replicated those efforts with the Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change, with further ties to Exxon Mobil.


This advice was obviously taken to heart by the Mormon Church, as they completed a land swap with Kennecott in 2011 to assume ownership of an old mining area.  The company faced orders from the EPA to clean up a sensitive tailings pond, but it is now becoming an LDS neighbourhood complete with a scenic lake that no one is allowed to use.


Should Mitt Romney become the President of America all these friends will be knocking at his door.  In Part 7: Insider Trading, we’ll see how closely they’re connected and who exactly owes whom.


In the last edition we observed the Mormon Church unite in matters of competitive-cooperative capitalism.  Now we’ll look at LDS (Latter Day Saints) cronyism, to further the mission of material gain and secular governance.  The first item on the agenda is strategy because without enough money, hands and unquestioning minds there isn’t much an apostle can accomplish.  Even Joseph Smith knew thissince the days of Kirtland Bank in Ohio.


Enter Brigham Young University (BYU), a Church covenant to educate a Mormon battalion of financiers, legal giants and defense personnel.  Classes commenced in 1875 with the nod of Romney prophets in support of the theocratic governor.  They say less than two percent of Americans subscribe to the Mormon faith and yet they account for a formidable concentration of power in the country.


A BYU education is not to be mixed with pernicious atheistic influences or alternate religious doctrines.  The Book of Mormon laid the foundation for the Romney Institute of Public Management to teachsecular degrees in politics.  A secular judge, secular legislator, secular police and secular president pose a mountain of challenges in separating church from state.


These scriptures also shape the BYU Military Science program.  But what can God Nephi or King Nebuchadnezzar teach to those in the Chemical Corps and Air Defense Artillery?  Isn’t that more killing in the name of _____ and what anti-terrorism is trying to stop?  They acknowledge taking human life with the righteousness of their Lord as a means of recruitment to the program.


Ninety-eight percent of BYU students subscribe to the Mormon way and the remainder have beensurveilled by administration to rid the unfaithful from their university troops.  Tuition is heavily subsidized by the amounts collected from tithes, so it’s the cheapest place to earn a degree if you’re willing to accept it’s based on the vision of a 23-year-old, his business partners and the unrecognized languages of Reformed Egyptian or Deseret.


Since the days of Grandpa Parley every Romney has graduated from BYU.  The University of Utah is part of the establishment and focuses on Mormon Studies, with Church apostles occupying their various boards of directors too.  Currently they’re looking at the Word of Wisdom and foodways, in keeping with Church industry pursuits.  This is the reason Mitt can’t drink coffee because he practices the fundamentalist tenets of his religion by the book.


Another item in the recent fellowship newsletter fetes a professor of History for editing text about their supernatural roots.  Planet Kolob was by no means a joke, nor is the belief there are three layers of Heaven that a prophet or lesser people could inherit through their works on earth (see additional information).  More challenging to absorb is a project about Samuel the Lamanite and cases involving the “literal whitening of dark skin”.  We’ve been over the theology enough to let it go, but it lays relevant foundation for the kinship shared between higher ranking Mormons like Mitt Romney and his alumni from the Church or BYU.


Meet Robert C. Gay, a Mormon General Authority and managing director of Bain Capital for sixteen years.  He co-founded the Brigham Young University’s Center for Economic Self Reliance.  Recently he formed Huntsman Gay Global Capital but was called to the first Quorum, in which case he resigns his newly created company to dedicate himself to the Church.  Mr. Gay has become an apostle, revelator, seer and spokesperson of God.  Instead of earning income from his own ventures, he will now receive a percentage of all LDS corporate ventures as an executive Saint.  In this way the Mormon faith operates similar to a pyramid.  All General Authorities profit from Church holdings and the higher your rank, the better you earn.  It’s a de facto stockholder’s bonus of sorts.


Next is Gary Crittenden who is set to take Robert’s place.  He’s been an LDS bishop, stake president and sits on the Quorum of the Seventy (which grew from the original fifty explained earlier in the series).  Gary has also been the CFO of Monsanto and CFO for Citigroup.  At the latter he was fined $100,000 for making false statements in SEC filings that related to subprime mortgages.  It’s water under the bridge now that he’s been given a new lease on life and rewarded with promotion to CEO of Huntsman Gay Global Capital.



Jon Huntsman Sr. is the other namesake and co-founder.  His wife is the daughter of David B. Haight, who was the oldest living apostle in the Quorum.  He assumed this position after Mitt’s founding family passed away and vacancies opened in the highest level of the Church executive.  Haight also worked in the president’s office of BYU and moved to become the mayor of Palo Alto, California.


Jon Sr. was in the Mormon Seventy and president of packaging at Dow Chemical.  He departed from Dow to found Huntsman Chemical with diverse applications including aspirin and pharmaceutical bases.  They manufactured food containers for Burger King, McDonalds, Sara Lee and egg companies, in addition to casings for General Electric products like telephones and televisions.  Factories were purchased in a cooperative effort with Monsanto, in a move that added ownership of Texaco to expand the fuel additive market with increased output of benzene.  The Huntsman headquarters are located in the World Trade Center Utah (Church owned and operated) and his family was amongst the Mormon pioneers who followed behind the Romneys.  The COO for Huntsman Chemical is also a General Authority within the Church.  Ronald Rasband doubles as a friendly partner and President of the Seventy with seniority over Huntsman.


A prominent Mormon lawyer recommended Jon Sr. to the Nixon White House, where he worked under Haldeman who spent 18 months in prison for Watergate.  His job was to monitor documents passing through the Oval Office while George Romney served as Secretary of Housing, whose office was also rocked by scandal resulting in criminal charges.  Both men departed before investigations could include them.  Jon Huntsman Sr. then ran in the primaries as a Republican candidate for governor, but conceded to a higher ranking Mormon and accepted a token place as Ambassador of Economic Development for stepping down.


In contrast, Jon Huntsman Jr was successful in his bid for Governor of Utah in addition to serving four presidential administrations.  He is the grandson of a high ranking apostle.  He is also a descendant of Grandpa Parley (founding apostle) and technically Mitt Romney’s cousin through polygamous relations.  Although the practice eventually ceased it still makes for awkward family reunions.


The two have shared an everlasting rivalry and Mitt always comes out on top as the official heir and orthodox example of Mormon.  Jon Jr. tried to distance himself from the religion and is considered moreliberal than his counterpart by the clan.  It was his downfall in losing the Olympic bid to Mitt and a source of controversy when he switched teams to support McCain in 2008.


There is so much bad blood between the boys that it nearly damaged the Republican brand.  It did however succeed in giving the party no choice about selecting a Latter Day Saint to represent their interests.  In frustration and fallout, Jon Jr. went on record suggesting there should be a third party and by the looks of things Mitt’s ecclesiastic powers have trumped his ambitions completely.  Jon wasdisinvited from a Republican event where he was scheduled to be the guest speaker.  This who-is-more-Mormon battle had consequences for his father’s new finance company as well.  The Church intervened and elevated Robert Gay, causing him to abdicate his working partnership in Huntsman Gay Global Capital.  In LDS you either support the plan or move out of the way.




In lieu the younger Huntsman was appointed to the board of directors of Ford Motor Company and Caterpillar Inc.  He also accepted the Chairman position from Jon Sr., to oversee operations at the Huntsman Cancer Institute.


A similar situation played out with the Udall family.  David King Udall was ordained a bishop and stake president by Brigham Young, to settle Arizona as a Mormon state akin to Utah.  These were polygamous times and he had children with two wives as well, all of whom became career politicians.  On one side of the family the Udalls ran as Republicans and on the other they were Democrats.  Altogether the family accounted for 3 senators, 2 congressmen, 2 mayors of Phoenix (father and son), 3 Supreme Court Justices, 2 Chief Justices and 1 Secretary of the Interior.  Sometimes they ran against each other for the same position.


David himself did a few months in prison for committing perjury on behalf of Grandpa Miles Romney, over his disputed land claim.  Fellow patriarch Levi attended the School of Prophets under the guidance of Grandpa Parley and through marriage the Udalls are related to an original apostle.  Much of the family became LDS bishops and stake presidents and all are registered Mormons.


In an effort to protect the next prophetic heir, Mitt’s son Tagg Romney benefitted from the old boys’ club true to form.  He’s a BYU graduate, served his Mormon mission in France and sponsors the National Advisory Council for the university to earn his rewards.  The up and coming son used his family’s Mormon connections to establish Solamere Capital, named after the location of their Utah winter home.






While campaigning with his father Tagg partnered with Spencer Zwick, himself a fellow Mormon of the hierarchy and Romney-for-President coordinator.  Zwick’s father Craig sits in the Quorum of Seventy and acts as a General Authority for the Church, as the underling of a current ruling prophet.  I’m compelled to reiterate an apostle is little different than a disciple of Jesus from back in the day.  It’s expected they may receive visions that form new religious canon because the Mormon faith sees the Bible as continually being written as demonstrated by the Book of Mormon (see third entry).  They’re the chosen ones and middle management from Heaven, who receive updates whenever God has something important to append.


The third partner and founder of Solamere Capital is John R. Miller.  He was mentored by Mormon guruStephen Covey at the Jon Huntsman School of Business within the University of Utah.  His family was a major part of the LDS beef empire since the beginning, setting the stage for Miller to form the National Beef company and become a top supplier to Walmart.  He registered the Black Angus brand and this corporation is celebrated as the number one supplier to Japan.


In a final boost for Tagg Romney, they invited Karl Rove to flirt with campaign legislation by hosting a fundraiser for Solamere that went largely unreported.  In one moment he was organizing for Mitt and in the next he was prying funds from party supporters to help the next in line get a foothold.  Now the CEO from Ebay plays a major role with investments.


The National Advisory Council (NAC) is a staple for Brigham Young University.  It’s a rolodex of the who’s who in the Mormon business kingdom and is designed to keep the family helping one another.  You must pay to be involved and vetted by the Mormon committee to participate.  Every name on the list has either graduated from BYU, is employed by the Church or shares an LDS connection.  Curiously, most have only earned a bachelor degree to obtain these positions in the ever growing network.


A good example is the COO for Deutsche Bank UK.  Mitch Mason possesses a Bachelor of Computer Science and departed on spiritual mission for the Church to Tokyo, where he assumed a position in the LDS stake presidency (see pg. 3).  While visiting Japan he became an executive with the bank, so missionary destinations are not solely for the purpose of winning church converts.  Coincidentally the institution was convicted of irresponsible mortgage lending and was hit with a substantial fine.  It was then implicated in the LIBOR scandal in the UK and Japan.


The next gentleman is president of Dell Computers, Kevin Rollins.  A fellow graduate of BYU, he got his start as partner and vice president of Bain and Company.  This is not the same organization as Bain Capital, although Mitt Romney served as CEO and founded his investment firm with partners from the former.  Rollins has a Mormon business school named in his honour and he sits on the United States Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiation.


There are numerous Mormon family partners with titles ranging from Chairman to CEO, CFO, COO, President, VP and Director; but the company list is even more impressive.  The Church is keenly represented in Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Zions Bank, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Deloitte and Touche, Ernst and Young, KPMG, PricewaterhouseCoopers, American Express, Walmart, Safeway, Sam’s Club, Kimberley-Clarke, General Mills, Procter and Gamble, Fisher Price, Eastman Kodak, Caterpillar, Alcoa, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, American Airlines, Black and Decker, Honeywell, Huntsman, Solamere, Bain and Company, Bain Capital, IBM, AOL Time Warner and Nortel.  There are many more in gas, oil, chemicals, real estate, minerals, food, banks, investment and hospitals; as well as judges, legislators, governors and city controllers.  Even Mitt Romney sits on the board of directors when he’s not busy with political pursuits.


The NAC spring and fall reunions are invaluable to Latter Day Saints.  To keep their end of the bargain, Mormon executives at Goldman Sachs hired 31 BYU students in relation to the agreement but this only represents a single partner on the list.  Greater still is the roster of well placed members who may be called upon for a helping hand despite the lack of binding contract.  Their service rotates through these councils and they’re obligated by the Church through the Doctrine and Covenants to stand side by side, everywhere including the business world.  Currently 15 hold government positions but the goal continues with every passing election.  In the meantime they’re dominating markets integral to everyone’s daily life.


Don’t expect to get the whole story from the Church though.  In a directive to BYU instructors the apostles make it crystal clear there will be no disloyalty to General Authorities and no such thing as academic freedom.  Orthodox material is the only truth they need to tell and intellectual prowess is the enemy.  In fact it was Grandpa Parley who played a great role in deciding when truth was appropriate, as he taught the ranks to believe you do not bring questions upon the Church (see fourth entry) and fibbing, even under oath, is necessary to protect the mission (see additional fourth section).  This famous Romney progenitor then declared there would be no Democratic president promoting truth so long as the Saints shall live.


Mormons built on this doctrine by deciding no ill would be spoken, no matter how true, if any living Saint could be negatively affected.  Dallin Oaks became a ruling apostle in 1984 and relinquished his position as a Utah Supreme Court Justice to accept the honour of exaltation.  Before giving speeches about the subjectivity of truth, downplaying its importance to the Church and Brigham Young University (PDF actual document or non PDF transcript), he penned important opinions about constitutional rights and attempted to change parameters for the exclusionary rule pertaining to search and seizure.  Now Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendment rights may not hold up if the ends justifies the means.


No one would know the repercussions of Mormon truth better than an LDS teacher of 27 years.  Hewrote of this great epiphany upon severing himself from the organization.  So too did a faithful Mormon blogger who faced excommunication for studying the historical basis of his religion.


Perhaps this is what led to the Boy Scouts scandal, when the public learned of sexual abuse allegations and their private, extensive catalogue of unsavoury suspects.  Still they kept the data hidden, because the subjects of complaint may well be members of the Church.  Many are familiar with this heartbreaking revelation, but most do not realize that Latter Day Saints are the predominant sponsor of the program, equally responsible and named foremost in associated litigation (including multiple suits).  The national president is from the Mormon Church, the LDS president is the longest serving executive and Mitt Romney has served on the board of directors with them.


In so far as Boy Scouts and gay rights are concerned, Mitt professed his support for equality to GLAADand other associations along the campaign trail.  The groups were excited to hear they could count on Republicans in addition to Democrats, but Mitt had the power to vote and the organization reaffirmed their prejudice to the contrary.  Instead Scout executives have gone all the way to the Supreme Court to uphold the tenets of Mormon.  No gays, no atheists and the Church continues to control the vast majority of satellites.  The organization offered,


“Contrary to media reports, the Boy Scouts of America has no plans to change its membership policy.  The introduction of a resolution does not indicate the organization is ‘reviewing’ a policy or signal a change in direction…. The BSA is a voluntary, private organization that sets policies that are best for the organization.  The BSA welcomes all who share its beliefs but does not criticize or condemn those who wish to follow a different path.”


It just goes to show the importance of actions and the subjectivity of truth when matters could damage the Church.  Furthermore LDS considers the program a stepping stone for their lay, Aaronic Priesthood and a pathway into the Church for children they strive to convert.  In no uncertain terms, Mormons operate the program as a religious recruitment center.  The current Church president offered his official sentiments and sent them out via newsletter as recently as this month, October 2012 (PDF or non PDF).


Joining the concept of truth with corporate matters, the Latter Day Saints have legal teams studying constitutional arguments to keep their books sealed.  A number of lawsuits have been settled to avoid discovering the Church’s assets but they’re preparing for additional injured parties to come forward.  This necessitated thorough study by Rutgers in an effort to help them maintain privacy on the issue of profits and payability (see conclusion PDF or non PDF).


In the final installment Church Power, we’ll look at the bigger picture from their highest office and absorb what it means if Mitt Romney becomes the president.  The military industrial complex will set a reoccurring theme.


In the final chapter we’re exploring the Church’s real power.  It’s the same power Mitt Romney serves and equally wields on their behalf.  It’s the power behind the man that will not cease whether he’s elected the president or not.  The real question is, do you want this particular finger pressing the country’s buttons and calling all the shots?

SEE   Hillary only had  ONE  DEVICE



Before we address the larger issues let us see if LDS (Latter Day Saints) can really influence a prophet’s policies.  Take for example PBS.  Sesame Street planned a protest in response to Mitt’s threat to cut their budget in an effort to save tax dollars.  How odd when we consider Dallin Oaks (the Supreme Court apostle mentioned in Part 7) was also the Chairman of precisely this cornerstone.

SEE   Really Folks  SERIOUSLY   Hillary  only had  ONE  DEVICE


Not only do puppets parade around the broadcaster.  PBS is a wonderful source of documentaries and serves as a conduit of education.  One of the things they tried to teach was the history and controversy of Mormonism!  Always fair in their coverage they invited Dallin Oaks to participate, but the transcript begins with descriptions of yore that chasten the Saints for their history.  They further address the issue of government and how far the religion has come to be nominating Mitt for president.


Numerous authorities provided their side of the story and it makes for animated reading.  Some of the most interesting comments arrive from Tal Bachman (musician and son of rock star Randy Bachman of Bachman-Turner Overdrive).  He was a faithful Mormon but fell away from the Church in conflict with their teachings.  Tal affirms the strength of his earlier faith while on a mission for LDS and then laments about the insight it provided throughout the years of retrospect,


“I hit Argentina with the force of a hurricane, being 19 and absolutely convinced that you’re on the Lord’s errand fueled with these fantasies and aspirations.  I ended up with my companions baptizing entire congregations of aboriginal people in the mud.  Living conditions were frequently harsh.  You don’t have fresh water to bathe in, so you’re bathing in this rancid, algae-ridden, green, slimy water.  You drink it.  You’re dying of thirst.


It’s like 110-112 degrees.  Poison spitting toads getting into the apartment, crocodiles running all over the place.  I mean, I was completely into it…. I was so completely wound up that if my mission president had asked me to blow myself up like a suicide bomber, I would have said sure, where should I go.


I left the Church because…. I was forced to conclude that for whatever else it might be – it wasn’t what it claimed to be…. We risked our lives for the Church in Argentina.  I don’t think I can delude myself into thinking, or to making it okay for my children to put their lives on the line for this thing – if it’s not what it claims to be.  It might be the best thing ever invented, but if it’s invented it’s not worth dying for.”


It’s a particularly naked look from each commentator’s perspective.  The segment covers riveting issues from their indifference to Christianity to the importance of a missionary program.  Students contribute their frustrations while describing two years without an iota of privacy.  When a young person goes on mission they are led by an LDS official, who monitors personal progress by sticking with them 24-7.  As other 20-something young adults are getting comfortable with dorm life, these worshippers are regimented and only know individualism upon a scheduled trip to the bathroom.  They’re being molded and must remember the payoff comes when they return to Brigham Young University to access its wealth of connections.  One must first build the ranks before sitting atop a castle.


Another matter of controversy is LDS posthumous baptisms.  They especially seek to cleanse Jews after death in a special ceremony to make them Mormon.  A Holocaust survivor contributes her offense and pain toward the Church during interview.  She’s aghast that any group would attempt to erase her faith after all the Jewish people have been through.  This is the reason for the Mormons’ elaborate genealogical study, so they can “save” those who didn’t have a chance to accept the gospel while still living.


PBS set their sights on Latter Day Saints earlier in 2011.  On this occasion they questioned the Church’s influence and how it pressured Mormon senators to pass immigration laws impacting the State of Utah.  The episode reveals apostles’ free roaming access to the back corridors of power and how adamantly they seek to control politicians, including their successes and self-serving reasons for these regularly scheduled lobbying initiatives.  In the Mormons’ own words they continue to explain that 91 of 104 senators are from the LDS Church and serve as members of the Republican Party.





It may be pertinent to ask what instructions they offered Mitt in regard to PBS or how admitted lobbyists still qualify as a charity.  Only now that a prophet is running for president has the institution paused meeting with legislators before each and every session.  Normally apostles sit with Republicans followed by Democrats separately, to voice their concerns in a private venue where they benefit from special access to express their wishes directly.  Not only is this lobbying but the Church holds fiduciary power over the senators with whom they speak.  At any time the prophets can excommunicate their members and this puts elected Mormons at a distinct disadvantage to be able to act independently.


Senator Curt Bramble speaks openly about these pressures, as if it’s a normal occurrence and something to be expected.  He’s also a Mormon and chairs the BYU-Marriot School of Management finance department.  In another interesting turn he sits on the board of directors for ALEC.  The American Legislative Exchange Council is best described as a shadow government, comprised of all Republican senators and their industry tycoon partners.  Together they negotiate Bills and vote equal to one another.  The legislators in turn take their messages to the state and they boast of a 20 percent success rate influencing regulations to their benefit.


Currently ALEC is a registered charity, but the Center for Media and Democracy teamed up with Common Cause to call for government inquiry.  As a result of investigation they claim the group manipulates charitable status, to funnel more than $4 million in corporate gifts to senators as incentive to do their bidding.  Luxury trips and accommodations are said to be covered by a tax free “scholarship fund” and some states may have figured a way to make taxpayers foot the bill for additional contributions.  To elaborate, these scholarships have nothing to do with learning beyond what a company wants from government and a few items they take credit for include voter restrictions, anti-union measures and the agricultural gag laws.  (See full report in PDF.)


We’ve covered almost every industry and the time has come to address the last one.  The Military-Industrial Complex is a topic for which we have a duty to remain vigilant.  Dwight Eisenhower spoke cautiously in his Farewell Address and in the same spirit we’ll attempt to examine just the facts.


The economy of Utah depends on the defense industry more than any other.  Without it they can’t survive and according to their past financial authority Randy Rogers, the state is so reliant on armament manufacturing that it was nicknamed “an unhallowed gathering” (see pgs. 218-225).  Other sources of profit are derived from oil, gas, coal and agriculture.  The entire state has a population of 2.8 million, 80 percent is Caucasian (down from 91 percent in previous years) and more than half adhere to the Mormon Church.  The land is vastly uninhabited beyond LDS settlements, established by Brigham Young, Romney ancestors and the apostles.  Most businesses are the result of Mormon and/or military endeavors.  In that regard, the LDS network is so efficient in helping members prosper that Newsweek described Utah as “the new economic Zion”.  Due to religious domination, the state prohibits gambling of any sort and strictly controls the use of liquor.  It is against the Mormon health code to consume alcoholic beverages so any accessibility to spirits has more to do with tourism.  It is also home to the IRS.


Jonathan Browning of Browning rifle fame is another settler who followed behind the Romneys.  He was a judge, legislator, arms developer and manufacturer, LDS bishop and president of the High Priests’ council.  (These titles mirror the approximate and current stature of Mitt within the Church.)   Upon his death, son John Moses Browning stepped in to become the prolific gunsmith.  It is he who registered hundreds of patents and invented the automatic rifle, along with higher powered gas versions.  The Browning family remained true to Mormonism and their legacies still support the economy of Utah today.  Val Browning also split his time between weapons and the Church’s Amalgamated Sugar Co.


The next mention goes to Thiokol Chemical Company (now Morton-Thiokol); also known as a prominent Utah employer, headquarters to countless Mormons in the hierarchy and recipient of continuous contracts from the United States Armed Forces.  They also conduct rocket research on behalf of the Department of Defense, with Saints leading in the development of Tomahawk technologies.


Henry Eyring led the chemistry and physics world to major advances that included solid fuels used to launch weapons of mass destruction.  Much of this testing occurred in the countryside of Utah, on lands mass purchased by the government.  Henry was born in Mexico when his family fled with the Romneys to avoid persecution for polygamy and he is Mitt’s cousin, however many times removed.  He grew up with George Romney and upon gaining industry experience; Mr. Eyring became president of the American Chemical Society.  This is a position his son Henry B. Erying inherited, as well as assumingapostleship and second-in-command of all Latter Day Saints.


In 1958 Henry Senior’s research led to Thiokol winning the contract to build the motor for Minuteman nuclear missiles.  The Air Force now possesses 450 of these warheads made by Mormons.


George Alford was another Mormon in charge of top secret operations at Thiokol, as indicated by declassified records linked above.  Not only did he help to produce armaments, but the company was also responsible for the engines used to launch space shuttles through NASA.  A tight group of Latter Day Saints worked together designing and manufacturing the ill fated O-ring that caused the shuttleChallenger to crash, killing everyone on board including school teacher Christa McAuliffe.  This is the same incident Mitt Romney refers to when speaking of the Boy Scouts flag that survived the wreckage.


Following government inquiry a book was released alleging Mormon apostles pressured officials into awarding this lucrative contract (see entry #39).  It may have complicated matters that immediate Church employees were working for this company in unison.  LDS Bishop Frank Lund was a prime example, additionally conducting business with Saudis in the Middle East for a quarter century.  Sterling John Bennett Junior shares a similar story, but in his case it involves the development of chemical advances for the Korean War.


In the aftermath of the Challenger catastrophe Thiokol executives were then demoted.  Sadly no one heeded devout Mormon Roger Boisjoly’s warnings.  He was an underling and time and money were deemed more important in high profile projects.  Three years later the Church’s Jon Hunstman was elected to Thiokol’s board of directors in Utah.  A short time later the company purchased the Air Force Plant 78, to expand their operations in the manufacturing of ballistic missiles.  Now that NASA is winding down the space shuttle program, there is much ground the company is looking to recover and if history repeats, the Mormon Church would be looking to Mitt for a helping hand.




In true LDS fashion they did not let the crash keep their entrepreneurial spirits down.  The Saints were intent to diversify and through Thiokol they formed the Management and Training Corporation.  We know MTC better by its private prison functions, but it is also the largest recipient of government contracts to provide training through Job Corps centers across the country.


Mormon bishop and president of the Los Angeles stake Rodney Brady, sat on the MTC board of directorsto help the company get its start.  An ardent Republican, he also headed the Church’s Deseret Management Corporation while serving the Department of Health.  In the company of fellow Saints, Brady also transitioned from Thiokol and served a term in the Air Force.


Bishop Craig Sudbury assumed the position of vice president at MTC (see bottom), but he owed his good fortunes to the likes of Bernie Diamond who was himself a Mormon and a man of many talents.  He put up the money to purchase Management and Training Corp after working on rockets and was rewarded with a government appointment to become the national director of poverty initiatives.  Even that wasn’t enough to keep Mr. Diamond busy, for he began an acting career through LDS once the company was established.  You’ll best remember him from his starring role on Touched By An Angel, along with many other television shows and moves filmed by the Mormon Church.  As he said upon passing, “I did it my way”.


Unfortunately those he left behind ran into trouble with the private prison enterprise.  MTC was awarded a $430 million contract to operate correctional facilities in Mississippi.  They now controlled 22 different locations and new legislation cracking down on illegal immigrants made the venture widely profitable, but there was still a matter of inadequate security.  In Arizona 3 inmates managed to escapeand they murdered a couple from Oklahoma while on their rampage.  The state conducted an inquiry and threatened to cancel business with MTC unless they brought the operation up to par by meeting a number of stipulations.


With Bernie already embarking on a different career path, he didn’t return to MTC and instead teamed up with LDS filmmaker Daryn Tufts.  The latter was also spokesperson for the Questar Corporation, which amalgamated several gas and coal companies around Utah and surrounding states (PDF).  It is here the fellows would connect with R.D. Cash who acted as Chairman, and Mr. Cash in turn sits amongst higher ranking Mormons on the board of Zion Bancorporation.  Before we venture into the world of finance it’s only proper to mention Clarence Sargent, as the other Mormon apostle who looked after all the pipelines and attained the rank of army Captain just like most of his brothers before him.


Now the military doesn’t seem to be a prerequisite for advancing in the Church.  Money managers hold the newest keys to accessing global markets and Eric Varvel is still a welcome part of the prospering Mormon family.  He graduated from Brigham Young University with a BS in Finance to become the CEO of Credit Suisse Investment Bank, Securities, Group, International, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.  This is the same Credit Suisse that was fined $536 million for breaking US sanctions against Iran.  The bank is alleged to funnel money for Iranian Atomic Energy and Aerospace organizations, to facilitate their acquisition of nuclear and missile related weapons.  Some of those material purchases were made from companies in the United States.  Mr. Varvel’s name came up in a Romney fundraising controversythat originated at Credit Suisse as well.  Finally, he sponsors employment through his position on the BYU National Advisory Council.


Nolan Archibald was the Executive Chairman of Black and Decker before assuming the position ofDirector at Huntsman Corp.  Here he presides with Jon Senior and Jon Junior, as well as commanding the post of Director at Lockheed Martin.  Within the Church he’s been a bishop, stake president of Washington, DC and now sits on the Quorum of Seventy.


Albert E. Haines has been a bishop, stake president and mission president to Germany.  He grew up an army brat and became the first CAO of Salt Lake City.  Albert graduated from BYU and continues to siton the school’s National Advisory Council in the company of Mitt and Tagg Romney.  He’s also employed as a government contractor, setting up the infrastructure for major cities in Iraq.

Fawn Hall with Her Attorney at the Iran Contra Hearings



Mr. Boyd K. Packer is currently the highest ranking apostle in the Quorum of Twelve.  Only the Church president and two councillors hold superior positions.  He’s headed the Mormon education system and graduated from BYU.  Boyd also joined the Air Force in WWII and flew bombing missions against Japan.


Speaking of bombs, the name of apostle Dallin Oaks is brought to our attention once more.  In the mid 1980s the Church enjoyed a business partnership with what would turn out to be a master forger and convicted murderer, Mark Hoffman.  LDS spent copious amounts of the Mormon faithful’s dollars in purchase of many documents from Hoffman.  They were important to the Church because they were intended to settle points of dispute regarding their history and the language of Reformed Egyptian.  One work was the famous Salamander Letter that resulted in two bombings to prevent dissenters from speaking out.  Hoffman confessed to these crimes when a third bomb exploded by accident in his car on the way to do another job.  Dallin Oaks explained the Church was duped in these business dealings, but suggested some of the purchased artifacts are not necessarily forgeries like the Salamander Letter.  These events were so serious they garnered global attention and forced the Mormon Church into a PR campaign to repair their reputation.  He compared the trickery against LDS with the Hitler Diary forgeries and distanced Latter Day Saints as far as possible from their former supplier.  The matter persists as an urban legend, so great that Law and Order based an episode on this material.


Richard G. Scott is another member of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles.  He’s a nuclear engineer and the man who designed the nuclear reactor used by the Nautilus – the first US Navy nuclear powered submarine.  He continued with classified work for the Armed Forces and then contributed to the development of the first land based nuclear power plant.


Dieter F. Uchtdorf is an apostle in the highest office of the Church.  He’s second in line to become president of the religion entirely.  Dieter was Senior Vice President of Lufthansa German Airlines and prior to that he flew for the German air force, as well as the American military.




His story is noteworthy and begins with father Karl serving in Hitler’s army throughout WWII.  Althoughsome explanations may have been shortened, the family was part of the Sudeten Germans who voted overwhelmingly to support the dictator.  They were attempting to claim land located within the bounds of Czechoslovakia and when the war struck, most of these men became members of the infamous Gestapo.  As atrocities finally concluded the Czechs evicted Germans bitterly, causing Dieter’s family to take refuge and relocate to communist East Germany.  He’s noted by the annals of history as one of these exceptional individuals and others in his company include the developer of Volkswagen and Porche.


Upon reaching adulthood Dieter ambitiously joined the German’s air forces and after transitioning to Lufthansa a terrifying situation befell the company.  A jet was hijacked by terrorists in 1973 and it was his job to follow the plane and negotiate for it and the hostages’ release.  There is no mention of his duties with US forces, but this apostle resettled and took up life in America.  Uchtdorf is further credited with negotiating in Germany, to have the Mormon Church accepted and built in a communist regime.  Upon giving his name and bearing testimony to officials, the Latter Day Saints were no longer questioned andenjoyed free reign as those around them were being persecuted.


This raises the issue of Saints during WWII and a surprising collection that was put together by Church history staff at Brigham Young University.  According to missionary letters most of LDS was in favour of Hitler.  They even took part in helping the regime trace genealogy used to weed out Jewish families.  This suited their own purpose as the Church was attempting to do the same.  The government was horrendously gassing them to death and the Mormons were graciously performing posthumous baptisms.  Moreover they admired Hitler’s command, causing everyone to behave according to their shared principles.


The Mormons had direct contact with Hitler and missionaries reported belief he had adopted their religion.  They shared their admiration that the Reich was mimicking different processes established by Latter Day Saints (begin at #3 and continue),


“In fact, during the Hitler regime the Church received some favourable press…. We didn’t see anything wrong with what they were doing.  We liked Hitler.  We would just eat up articles…. Other LDS Americans were impressed by Hitler and his ability to speak and motivate the people…. I’m afraid if I stayed here a few more years I would become completely Natzified myself…. You may hate Hitler but you have to acknowledge he is doing things.  She praised his work with the youth and his attempts to make them a superior race….. whatever the Germans did to Jews they did not lynch them like America does the Negro…. Americans should not be too hard on the Germans…. Some missionaries talked about the positive things that Hitler did for Germany…. one government, one people, one leader.


Usually the positive comments about Hitler involved what many missionaries saw as similarities between Hitler’s plans and Church programs….  The missionaries had the impression that we were the favoured church in Germany, because the missionaries had conversed with Hitler and his buddy in the First World War was LDS…. The missionaries believed that elements of Church practices started appearing in the Nazi government…. Others said that top German officials had received copies of the Book of Mormon…. and believed Hitler had read (it)…. The new Germany (is) creating more of a feeling of unity and brotherhood through voluntary mutual help.


With Hitler’s attempts to create a superior race, Church members for the first time were encouraged in their genealogy work in Germany…. Mr. Hitler…. Is helping…. to prove that (they are) a pure blood German for at least four generations…. is the desire of each resident…. With this new emphasis records were opened up for the first time and members were encouraged…. to use them.  Some even received letters…. complementing the Saints for their patriotism.  (He) recalled his pleasant surprise when Church members were asked to do a radio broadcast on genealogy…. We were shocked with…. such an opportunity…. since the government regulates the radio…. We are in happy anticipation.”


What negative views are offered took little issue with Jews being carted away.  Most were complaints about restrictions to minister amongst the youth who were occupied by the government.  Finally they worried the German people may worship Hitler more than their God.

LAMAR TERRACE /  AK  Nevada,  AK  Florida, AK  California, AK Canada,   TRIAD INTERNATIONAL



These views did not cease with the end of WWII and a professor of German Studies at BYU delivered a troublesome seminar assessing humans as a warlike people.  At one point he sympathizes that Mormons were misled by mass hysteria, but continues to defend all the good things Hitler accomplished and describes these instances as Nazi romanticism.  University staff under guidance of the Church, maintain LDS suspicions that he may have been baptized into Mormon.  Before drawing parallels to George W. Bush and September 9/11 the professor concedes,


“I think everyone now experiences deep embarrassment and sadness at such statements.  But the passage of time has the power to make fools of all of us if we too end up on the wrong side of history.”


Ultimately he provides reason for Mormons to reconsider their political actions as they pertain to the current war on terror.  There are professional LDS apologetics whose job may be more sympathetic, but we haven’t come across a condemnation of any sort without including their mystifying support toward the purifying goals of this hideous war criminal.


Finally we meet the highest ranking Mormon patriarch.  He too is an apostle and emeritus above the Quorum.  Eldred G. Smith is a direct descendant of Joseph, who divined this new religion on a hilltop in New York.  During WWII and from 1944-46, Eldred lived in Oak Ridge, Tennessee and presided over the area for the Church.  He also worked on the top secret Manhattan Project and built the first atomic bomb that would be dropped on Hiroshima.


Although the Latter Day Saints vow they are not a political body, it seems Craig Zwick used the Church email account to solicit funds for Romney’s presidential campaign.  They also excommunicated a Mormon for posting an article addressing questions about Mitt’s religion in comparison to Christianity.  In a rare Salt Lake article dated from 2005, the paper describes integral political relationships between the Church and Washington, DC.


They address a special bond Mormons share with the CIA, as well as the network of political power players that Saints have at their disposal.  In congress they continue to occupy key positions in the Treasury Department and they’re advisors on matters of international affairs, land and torture intelligence.  It was a Mormon who provided President Bush with the false weapons of mass destruction memo and another who monitored Libya’s weapons plus the Chinese embargo.


In an excited moment Karl Rove is celebrated for selling the Church to the Bush White House, “as a strong ally if treated well”.  Omar Kader is well known as the Palestinian Mormon who also founded theUnited Palestinian Appeal, served as administrator of BYU and acts as a government contractor in the Middle East.  He is credited with using his connections to get the Church accepted into Jordan.


When Republicans control the Oval Office there are countless opportunities for Saints, including Secretary of State offices in departments like African Affairs, Domestic Affairs, National Security, Health, Education and with the Attorney General.  Mormon politicians proudly admit to funding Utah infrastructure projects because of obligations to their faith and doing government business within the Church.  They say “everybody does it” and this is completely normal.  If connections within the CIA appeared to be one track minded, then worry not for Mormon icon David Eccles was used as a bridge tothe FBI as well.


In a world of subjective truth we can see the reason for Mitt’s “no comments” when it comes to inquiries about his relationship with the Church and in what capacity he serves their agenda.  In the meantime the Mormon Legion reports to be forming a lobby to push their family values on the network at Capitol Hill.  It’s unclear how Romney can profess to be separate when his cohorts are already celebrating, but perhaps America will ask deeper questions before heading to the ballot box.  Placing a theocratic-military-industrial complex in charge of the country has been cautioned against by a great many men, women and youths.  It’s little wonder why Mitt speaks the way he does about the 47 percent and don’t forget about Big Bird if you were counting on free speech after the election and a Mormon-Republican win.



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Enter the Crew From  KOLOB

We know that the studio itself was entirely Mormon-run and also appears to have been linked directly to Patrick J. Frawley – a man with close ties to the CIA and the US defense establishment.

An LDS Educational Agenda?

In the Mormon text Doctrines of Salvation (1:62), tenth President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), Joseph Fielding Smith, states: “We are not the only people that the Lord has created. We have brothers and sisters on other earths. They look like us because they, too, are the children of God and were created in His image, for they are also His offspring.” Smith began his LDS Presidency in 1970 – the year prior to the establishment of Sunn Classic Pictures.







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May 9, 1991 – Some Presidents have preferred to give the post to intelligence … a strong intelligence organization and Bill Webster has directed our efforts … aides said today that unless there were new revelations about Irancontra, Mr.

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Jan 20, 1986 – Intelligence, letter to Judge William Webster, April 1, 1987 ………………… 3. Detroit Free Press ….. IranContra matter, and we appreciate your responding to some …. of Iran and the need for the United States to have an ability to deal with a post-Khomeini …… Houston, FBI, was requested to check the name Jim.

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Some say the S&L scandals were covered by the IranContra scandal. …. On February 4 Pete Brewton of the Houston Post broke an astounding story which had been percolating in …. Webster has refused to testify before Annunzio’s subcommittee and the … was a close associate of the late William Casey, Reagan’s CIA

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