SUBPRIME Zombie Land Frauds and Bank Lootings FHA HUD FDIC FBI DOJ WTFU

American Real Estate Speculation ….The  Giant Bubble  Machine

The Dallas  Federal Reserve,  HUD,  FHA, DOJ and FBI  owe a full explanation to America about ALL  The  NON BORDER  and  BORDER …..   Zombie Colonias –  Toxic Illegal, Wildcat, Ghost, Phantom, Red Flag   ZOMBIE SUBPRIME LAND SWINDLES


The Largest Heist in the History of the Universe

Sep 23, 2014 – Judson Witham shared Americans for Prosperity’s photo. ….. Potholes and Promises Montgomery County’s Crumbling Subdivisions Judson .

frauds and quackery affecting the older citizen hearing – Casewatch


“Beware the Ranchero Racketeer,” by Paul Friggins, in the Reader’s. Digest … “I Dreamed I Retired on My 5-Acre Rancho,” by Norma Lee Brown- ing, in the …

I remember reading Paul Friggin’s… – We love The Alternative Media …

Wave of Bank Failures is Coming Judson Witham Yeah Flippin Subdivision … POTHOLES & PROMISES/ Montgomery County’s … Montgomery County’s …

Land Speculation Paper Land Swindles on STEROIDS | Trillions …


… are an emerging issue. A colonia, in Texas terms, is a subdivision, either legally or … … What Should Be Done with America’s ‘Zombie Subdivisions …



 Colonias and Informal Subdivisions in Texas – Latin American …


document the growth of “zombie” residential subdivisions throughout the US … illegal sales), together with the insecurity of land claims and lack of title, makes …

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(PDF) Lot vacancy and property abandonment: colonias and informal …

Sep 3, 2016 – This paper documents changes in lot vacancy in these subdivisions from baseline … abandonment in informal subdivisions and “colonia” settlements in peri-urban …. document the growth of “zombie” residential subdivisions …

Lot vacancy and property abandonment: colonias and informal …

Oct 29, 2015 – This paper documents changes in lot vacancy in these subdivisions … Keywords: lot vacancy, property abandonment, colonias, land ….. [Google Scholar]) document the growth of ‘zombie‘ residential subdivisions throughout …

Combating Zombie Subdivisions | Lincoln Institute of Land Policy


Figure 1 demonstrates that excess entitlements are easiest to address when they’re purely paper subdivisions—with one owner, no improvements, no lots sold, …


DURST-DISSERTATION-2017.pdf – The University of Texas at Austin


by NJ Durst – ‎2017 – ‎Cited by 1 – ‎Related articles

… public policy and planning serve to knock down barriers to fair housing in colonias across Texas. …… Premature Subdivisions (Colonias): Reproduced from Durst. (2014b) . …… unwanted land uses (industry, waste disposal sites, highways, illegal dumping of waste), …… Zombie Subdivisions and Other Excess Entitlements.


Zombie Failed Toxic Subprime Land Swindles and Bank Frauds …


Apr 27, 2015 – Oh Gee The Federal Reserve Bank in Dallas and NON BORDER Illegal SubdivisionsIMAGINE THAT ……. NON BORDER COLONIAS Oh …

The Great Texas Bank Job …… The Paper Con Job …


Jul 2, 2015 – Subdivisions in Texas Maritza Isaura Kelley, … nature of colonias and other … Zombie subdivisions and housing developments are scattered …

America Looted Stupid – The Great Global Bank Job | The …


Jan 2, 2017 – PAPER SCRIP BILLS OF CREDIT BILLS OF EXCHANGE FIAT …. What Should Be Done with America’s ‘Zombie Subdivisions … … 5. …

Colonias, premature subdivisions and other … – SAGE Journals

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by NJ Durst – ‎Related articles

May 8, 2018 – Along the US border with Mexico there are thousands of communities designated by the federal government as colonias, a name that highlights …

Publications: Colonias, Informal Homestead Subdivisions and



Model subdivisions (MSs) proliferated after 1995 and this paper examines … “Lot vacancy and property abandonment: colonias and informal subdivisions in …

Missing: zombie ‎| ‎Must include: ‎zombie

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The Swamp that Laid The Golden Egg a Series | The Adirondacks …


File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – View as HTML “Beware the Ranchero Racketeer,” by Paul Friggins, in the Reader’s. DigestJanuary 1963 ————————– …

The Mercury from Pottstown, Pennsylvania on January 7, 1963 · Page 4


Monday, January 7, 1963 Tli« mm« and tomplft« artdrm of (ha luthm mu if ircoapu) ryrty contribution but on rrqatil will not published. Lattari not exreeding ISO …

RICO REALTY The Looted Trillions…/the-corruption-is-massive-and-beyond.html

Jan 1, 2016 – Beware the Ranchero Racketeer,” by Paul Friggins, in the Reader’sDigest . …… January 2 at 12:17pm. “Biggest …… Digest, January 1963 202.


zombie toxic subdivisions …. Land Swindles America …… Trillions …


Sep 5, 2015 – Beware the Ranchero Racketeer,” by Paul Friggins, in the Reader’s. …. Bu t sinceJanuary, it has often seemed that the independent counsel, …. Linda Lingle, Jann Wenner {Rolling Stone Magazine Publisher} and Sim Wenner ….. 974a (Vernon 1963) is to cause plats of subdivisions near or adjacent to …

The Great Texas Bank Job … The Down Fall of the Nation | Trillions …


AND Back in the 1960s Paul Friggins and the 1963 88th Congress were having House Hearings regarding BEWARE OF THE RANCHERO RACKETEERS … … and Images were SAVED and CAPTURED 71 Times beginning in January 2000. …… I would be glad to create a list showing some of these things if the readers of …

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RICO REALTY Looting of America – Google Sites

Beware the Ranchero Racketeer,” by Paul Friggins, in the Reader’s. DigestJanuary 1963 ————————–. 202. “I Dreamed I Retired on My 5-Acre Rancho,” …

The HISTORY of DIRT DEALING Lootings Revealed | Trillions Stolen …


Beware the Ranchero Racketeer,” by Paul Friggins, in the Reader’s. … that it has been libeled by an article in the May 1973 issue of Reader’s Digest entitled “Land Swindles, A Con Game to Beware Of“. … FROM 1963 and the US Senate …. January 12, 2013 · Lessig · Reblogged from Tumblr · Bob Young & Aaron Swartz.




The HISTORY of DIRT DEALING Lootings Revealed | Trillions Stolen …


QXr5iFhCVgw The CHURNING and FLIPPING of the Eviction Rackets /… … Whistleblower’s WebsiteM for Maine – Judson Witham et. alsPart 2.

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Judson Witham – [CTRL] [1] The Great Texas Bank Job Kris …

Judson Witham compartilhou um link no grupo The Swamp Fox News. …. Potholes and Promises all about Montgomery County’s Crumbling Subdivisions.).


Dec 5, 2007 – Kneeling beside a large pothole, Pinewood Village resident Judson Witham … As for the allegation that he threatened Bush, Witham said he was nervous and … POTHOLES &PROMISES/Montgomery County’s crumbling …
The term “colonia” is used to describe rural, unincorporated subdivisions along the Texas-Mexico border. Colonias are characterized by sub-standard housing, inadequate plumbing and sewage disposal systems, and inadequate access to clean water.

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Attorney General Paxton Charges Cameron County Land Developer …



Apr 10, 2015 – … to subdivide and lease lots in violation of Texas colonia-prevention … the defendantsunlawfully subdivided a block within the community …

Colonia (United States) – Wikipedia


In the United States, colonias are low-income, unincorporated, slum-areas, located along the Mexico–United States border region that began to emerge with the advent of informal housing. Coloniasconsist of peri-urban subdivisions of substandard housing lacking ….. Rather than being illegal,colonias are considered “extra-legal”, in that they …

Missing: unlawful ‎| ‎Must include: ‎unlawful

A call to confront segregation in colonias: Addressing development …



Jun 23, 2016 – I want to suggest to you that the problems of colonias are not unique… … Describing asubdivision, the committee wrote, ‘There is another class …. use colonias to exclude from cities classes of persons in an unlawful manner.


“American Dream” becomes nightmare in Texas colonia – Latina Lista .. › Life Issues › Environment


Nov 7, 2009 – Colonias are subdivisions in certain regions in the state of Texas, … can file complaints with the OAG against unlawful developers or sell- ers at …
The term “colonia” is used to describe rural, unincorporated subdivisions along the Texas-Mexico border. Colonias are characterized by sub-standard housing, inadequate plumbing and sewage disposal systems, and inadequate access to clean water.

texas colonias: injustice by definition – Digital Commons @ Barry Law


by C Lewis – ‎2015 – ‎Cited by 1 – ‎Related articles

Aug 27, 2007 – to charge up to twenty-five percent interest on these illegal mortgages.24 … Problems and Progress of Colonia Subdivisions Near Mexico …

Texas’ Colonias: Squatter Settlements Become Affordable Housing …



Colonias are unincorporated, “informal” rural subdivisions that usually lack water, … Some colonias are established legally, but many are the product of illegal …

Families living without water and sewer lines: ““It’s just terrible,” says



Jun 8, 2018 – Colonias are substandard housing developments which lack basic services … If you suspect an illegal subdivision is being built, file a complaint …

State orders El Jardin subdivision developers to comply – Brownsville …


Feb 15, 2011 – Magic Valley subdivision developers agreed to refund $155860 to … regarding theunlawfully developed colonia, Texas Attorney General Greg …


Cleaning Up the Colonias: Municipal Annexation and the Texas …


by AC Salinas – ‎2015 – ‎Cited by 2 – ‎Related articles

Jan 21, 2015 – Mexico border.3 Residents in the Colonias often face extreme …. Colonia, a Spanish word for neighborhood, is an identifiable unincorpo- …… wrongful municipal intent to impose taxes in annexation suits for clear lack of.


Stealing Trillions”THE LOW DOWN DIRT” | Trillions Stolen …

JBW Subject: Political persecution of Judson Witham linked to George H. & W. Bush … 09/24/1989POTHOLES & PROMISES/Montgomery County’s crumbling …

See more videos of trillions stolen bank looting judson witham ….. by high- pressure salespeople who “made promises but never followed up on them.” ….. based on public hearings and the experience of road failure with resulting potholes.

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RICO REALTY The Looted Trillions…/the-corruption-is-massive-and-beyond.html|By WithamJudson. The DIRT Dealing ….. Chapter Five:Treaties And Broken Promises:1851 To 1877 …… Posted 1st January 2016 by Jud Witham …… pictures of potholes in Pinewood Village, their widths and lengths duly noted.

Unrecorded Red Flag Phantom Ghost Paper Wildcat Colonias Unlawful Subprime Zombie Subdivisions

From Harris and Montgomery County Texas to the World ….



Subprime Real Estate Crimes

HUD,  FHA, DOJ, FBI,  State Attorney Generals  CAN NO LONGER   

Cover Up These CRIMES

The Great Texas Bank Job …… The Paper Con Job …



Jul 2, 2015 – Reserve Notes SCHEMES. …. The FDIC Dallas and the 334th State District Court Houston Texas … Looted Trillions THE NEVER ENDING STORY OF UNRECORDED … …. Subdivisions in Texas Maritza Isaura Kelley, … nature of colonias …. I am guessing that the Federal Government and Google’s and …




Here is the Real JUDSON WITHAM STORY on the Global Shams and Scams associated with SUBPRIME FINANCING of  SUBPRIME Real Estate Crimes.   I Can’t Believe They are NOT   Colonias …..

Hoisting the Flags ….. The Looted TRILLIONS …… The Corruption is MASSIVE and beyond belief 10/19/86…

MUD AND MONEY ….  Beware of the  Zombie Colonias Toxic Subprime Ranchero Racketeers


‘Smart Decline’: A Lifeline For Zombie Subdivisions? | 90.3 KAZU


Dec 27, 2011 – This is the land of zombie subdivisions. Some experts believe up to 1 million dirt lots in central Arizona were in some stage of approval for new …

The  Worldwide Scam in SUBPRIME  Zombie Colonias

Residents lament neighborhood conditions in … – Houston Chronicle


Jul 2, 2016 – The Dallas Fed defines “new colonias” as subdivisions with substandard housing but with proper plats and access to drinking water, sewers …

Colonias in Texas: Third-world conditions, slowly … – Houston Chronicle


Jul 17, 2015 – In border colonias, Texans live without access to electricity or clean water. … more than 2,200 communities known as “colonias” where the poverty rate is almost … When you have anunrecorded contract for a deed, the level of …

Combating Zombie Subdivisions | Lincoln Institute of Land Policy


These arrested developments—known colloquially as “zombie” subdivisions—are the living dead of the real estate market. Beset by financial or legal challenges …

What Should Be Done with America’s ‘Zombie Subdivisions’? – Curbed


Nov 14, 2014 – Many of these some zombie subdivisions have a few residents living in houses that were actually finished, meaning local governments have to …
Nov 14, 2014 – There are hundreds of zombie subdivisions like this one scattered across the country. They’re one of the most visible reminders of the housing …

Oh Gee Sprawling Zombie Subdivisions ….. Zombie Colonias In Texas what a Suprize NOT. Recreational Dirt Road Subdivisions MORMON STYLE


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<p>The promised land for newcomers has become ‘paradise lost’ to many longtime residents in Liberty County community Deck: antenna light. 13 on 15 always 4 lines for 1 column While snarling saws sliced into tall pines, Penton-Walker grabbed a folding chair, a pitcher of Bloody Marys and a 12-pack of…

Abandoned: The Real Estate Bubble And America’s Zombie …


Dec 5, 2016 – Zombie subdivisions are more commonly encountered in the Western United States — think California, Arizona, Montana, Idaho, Colorado, and …


Zombie Subdivisions
YouTube – Oct 18, 2010
Abandoned Zombie Subdivision New Jersey
NJ Outdoors
YouTube – Oct 26, 2016
Zombie Subdivisions
YouTube – Oct 4, 2012
Beyond Sprawl: The Southwest Zombie Problem
YouTube – Nov 28, 2011
SCOTie Partner Webinars: Addressing Zombie Subdivisions
Sonoran Institute
Vimeo – May 20, 2014
Texas Zombie Town – ABANDONED Housing Development
YouTube – Feb 8, 2014
[PDF] Arrested Developments: Combating Zombie Subdivisions and …
Dailymotion – Aug 3, 2018

Beware of the Zombie Toxic Subprime Mortgage Racketeers

Oh gee Looky another Texas Land Swindle …. Imagine That …. Zombie Mortgage Fraud and Zombie Mail Fraud Collections and Gee Lets See Zombie Red Flag Colonias


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Families living in a new development in northwest Travis County live with no water or sewer lines connected to their homes.


Zombie Subdivisions in the United States and Ghost Developments in …

by JG Laitos – ‎2015 – ‎Cited by 1 – ‎Related articles

commercial or residential developments, sometimes referred to as “zombie subdivisions” in America, and “ghost developments” in Europe. Both arose as a.

A Builder’s Guide to Reviving Zombie Developments –


Lying half-completed and unused, many market experts began to describe these neighborhoods as zombie developments or zombie subdivisions. Such zombie …

Some ‘zombie’ subdivisions rising from dead | UNC Charlotte Urban …


Aug 17, 2012 – Most of these developments, sometimes called zombie subdivisions, ground to a halt when the economic downturn sucked the life from a once …

In Phoenix, ‘Zombie’ Subdivisions Rise From The Dead : NPR

Jun 28, 2013 – During the Great Recession, whole neighborhoods in Phoenix were left half-built or mostly vacant. But now developers are buying these lots to …

Zombie Subdivisions – YouTube


Oct 18, 2010 – Uploaded by AssignmentEarth

Fall-out from the housing market bubble isn’t just affecting the suburbs of major metropolitan areas. Rural …

Some ‘zombie’ subdivisions rising from dead | UNC Charlotte Urban …


Aug 17, 2012 – Most of these developments, sometimes called zombie subdivisions, ground to a halt when the economic downturn sucked the life from a once …

Welcome to Zombieland: The aftermath of Chatham’s pro-growth era …


Jan 13, 2010 – At other subdivisions perched near Jordan Lake or the Haw River, ….. Burdened by these zombie subdivisions, Chatham County faces the …

Lincoln Institute of Land Policy: New research examines how to …

Oct 29, 2016 – ZOMBIE SUBDIVISION. In Teton County, Idaho, three out of every four lots entitled for development were vacant. Photo by Anna Trentadue, …


Dear Friends and Family ….. Here’s One for the HISTORY BOOKS


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Zombie Bastard Banksters DIRT DEALING for Trillions

Dear FBI DOJ US SECRET SERVICE …. Texas State Attorney General and the BASTARDS from Conroe and Houston KISS MY ASS YOU BASTARDS Maybe the CorpORAT American News Media …. The Senat…

‘Zombie Subdivisions’ Eating America’s Suburbs – News | Planetizen


Sep 29, 2009 – Thousands of subdivisions across the country have been abandoned … This video takes a tour inside one of these “zombie subdivisions“.


To Kill Zombie Subdivisions, Cities and Suburbs Need to Plan …

Jan 24, 2014 – New research shows how an overheated market and eager developers spawned zombie subdivisions across the Intermountain West. Proper …

‘Smart Decline’: A Lifeline For Zombie Subdivisions? : NPR

Dec 28, 2011 – On the western edge of Phoenix, it’s easy to find vast tracts of empty land once prepped for two-by-fours and work crews. Utility stanchions …

Arrested Developments: Combating Zombie Subdivisions and Other …

Arrested Developments: Combating Zombie Subdivisions and Other Excess Entitlements (Policy Focus Reports) [Jim Holway, Don Elliott, Anna Trentadue] on …

Addressing Zombie Subdivisions Webinar


Zombie subdivisions are distressed subdivisions that were begun but left unfinished and known to some as the “living dead of the real estate market”. At the turn …

Solomon Heights: A zombie subdivision? – RMIT Research Repository


by E Taylor – ‎2015 – ‎Related articles

Jul 14, 2016 – Taylor, E, Nichols, D and Kolankiewicz, V 2015, ‘Solomon Heights: A zombie subdivision?’, in Professor Paul Burton and Dr Heather Shearer …

Beyond Sprawl: Zombie Subdivisions | KUNM


Home builders have long made a living expanding the edges of Southwestern cities. But look around these days, and youll find construction projects that.
The volume of subdivision vacant lots is overwhelming banks. Some fire-sale prices on wholesubdivisions have dipped to 20 to 30 cents on the dollar.

Solomon Heights: A Zombie Subdivision? | Elizabeth J Taylor …


State of Australian Cities Conference 2015 Zombie subdivisions? The terms ‘zombie subdivisions‘ and ‘ghost developments’ refer to recent (2008 onwards) …

How do you appraise a zombie subdivision? – Valley Advocates For …


No doubt, there are different degrees of completeness in each zombie subdivision. Some developments like Shoshoni Plains are actually connected to city …

(PDF) Arrested Development: Combating Zombie Subdivisions and …

May 28, 2018 – PDF | On Jan 1, 2014, Jim Holway and others published Arrested Development: Combating Zombie Subdivisions and Other Excess …


Zombie Subdivisions, Revisited – St Louis Patina


Jul 23, 2015 – Zombie Subdivisions, Revisited. Posted on July 23, … Beyond the manicured lawns off of Crescent Road, the zombies appear out of nowhere.


Zombie Subdivisions – New Partners for Smart Growth


Feb 14, 2014 – Zombie Subdivisions. Restore – Reincarnate – Kill – Prevent. An Interactive Implementation Workshop. Western Lands and Communities.

In a hole, stop digging: Zombie subdivisions need to die! – Envision …

Sep 30, 2015 – EDITOR’S NOTE: Bradley wrote this column about what is happening in Prince George’s County, but the circumstances and choices apply to …

‘Smart Decline’: A Lifeline For Zombie Subdivisions? | 90.3 KAZU


Dec 27, 2011 – This is the land of zombie subdivisions. Some experts believe up to 1 million dirt lots in central Arizona were in some stage of approval for new …

Confronting “Zombie Subdivisions,” Blight of the Intermountain West …

Jan 22, 2014 – Zombie subdivisions” – the living dead of the real estate market – can be reconfigured for more open space or turned over to other uses, but … … THE NEVER ENDING STORY OF UNRECORDED UNAPPROVED ….. +Bank+Looting+Subprime+Land+Fraud+Colonias++Judson+Witham&gs_l= …

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Beware of the “SUBPRIME” Gangster Bankster “TOXIC ZOMBIE …


Sep 28, 2016 – Unrecorded Ghost Illegal Subdivisions … Homestead Subdivisions (aka coloniasbeyond the border) … to Informal Housing Subdivisions …

America Looted Stupid – The Great Global Bank Job | The …


Jan 2, 2017 – 3. … q=toxic+zombie+illegal+subdivisions+land+fraud&FORM=AWRE) THE … about the unrecorded east county subdivision’s drainage and roads.

The Sewer The Everything is Rigged Swamp | The Adirondacks … …. or even all foreclosures occurring in the US are illegal seizures of property — home thefts. ….. Griffin Abstract and all thoseColonias and Unrecorded Land Developments.


Lot vacancy and property abandonment: colonias and informal …

Oct 29, 2015 – Keywords: lot vacancy, property abandonment, colonias, land ….. (squatting or illegalsales), together with the insecurity of land claims and ….. had done), often through an informal (unrecorded) contract for deed, ….. Combating zombie subdivisions: How three communities redressed excess entitlements.

The Great Texas Bank Job | RICO REALTY The Looted Trillions…/…
Jan 1, 2016 – Illegal Land Swindles DIRT DEALING GALORE the RICO REALTY of It …. PHANTOM GHOST PAPER UNRECORDED COLONIAS BANK LOOTING …. Felonious Colonias Paper Land Con ToxicZombie Speculation · Illegal …

(PDF) Lot vacancy and property abandonment: colonias and informal …

Sep 3, 2016 – Lot Vacancy and Property Abandonment: Colonias and Informal … abandonment in informal subdivisions and “colonia” settlements in …. document the growth of “zombie” residential subdivisions throughout the US Intermountain … illegal sales), together with the insecurity of land claims and lack of title, …

Land Speculation Paper Land Swindles on STEROIDS | Trillions …


The present day saga on one Texas non–border colonia … Sep 27, 2016 · Unrecorded Ghost Illegal Subdivisions. TOXIC ZOMBIE Subdivision … … Pyramids Ponzis & Printed Money TOXIC ZOMBIE REALTY on Vimeo.
Jan 13, 2015 – 10/22/2014 Request provide a list and map Closed with addresses of all the.COLONIASUnrecordedIllegal,. ZOMBIE , Ghost, Phantom,.

(PDF) Lot vacancy and property abandonment: colonias and informal …

Sep 3, 2016 – Lot Vacancy and Property Abandonment: Colonias and Informal … abandonment in informal subdivisions and “colonia” settlements in peri-urban …… (unrecorded) contract for deed, which is now against state law, and which …


Las Colonias in the 21st Century – Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

by I Housing – ‎2015

Apr 2, 2015 – colonias and informal homestead subdivisions (IFHSs), which resemble … Both recorded CFDs and unrecorded CFDs (UFCDs)— deeds not …


Model Subdivisions – Latin American Housing Network – The …


Colonias and model subdivisions – the latter referencing the post 1990 settlements …. went unnoticed and unrecorded (Ward, Way and Wood 2012, 2015) which.

SAGE Reference – Colonias – SAGE Knowledge – SAGE Publications
Items 1 – 11 of 11 – Most buyers within the colonias acquire property via a contract sale. Typically, a landholder makes an irregular, unrecorded subdivision, with …

Lot vacancy and property abandonment: colonias and informal …

Jump to Policies to mitigate vacant lots, and to reduce home abandonment in … – … often through an informal (unrecorded) contract for deed, … High rates of vacancy in colonias have led to … install new infrastructure in model subdivisions,12.


Andrew T. Carswell – 2012 – ‎Political Science

Given these physical difficulties and the economic status of colonias‘ … Typically, a landholder makes an irregular, unrecorded subdivision, with the intent to sell …

The Contract for Deed Prevalence Project in Texas Colonias and Low …


In Phase Two we arrived at numbers of unrecorded CFDs (UCFDs) by … UCFDs are still in active use in Texas in colonias and informal homestead subdivisions.
Feb 26, 2011 – It depends where the colonia is and when it was developed (if it’s an unrecorded subdivision that hasn’t been plotted, as is often the case, …


The Contract for Deed Prevalence Project – TDHCA

by PM Ward – ‎2012

of recorded and unrecorded Contracts for Deed (CFDs) in Texas colonias in six … similar informalsubdivisions in Central Texas, near our base at U.T.-Austin, …

The Informal American City: Beyond Taco Trucks and Day Labor

Vinit Mukhija, ‎Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris – 2014 – ‎Architecture

to be important, especially in colonias and low-income subdivisions (Ward, Way, and Wood 2012). In addition, unrecorded CfDs remain commonplace.


Crooked Developers & Banking Collapse

Date: MON 06/22/1987
Section: 1
Page: 10
Edition: 2 STAR

Resident’s crusading `fans fire’/Subdivision’s critic outlines difficulties


Kneeling beside a large pothole, Pinewood Village resident Judson Witham recites statutes from the state property code as if they were treasured passages from a favorite poem.

“I about know them by heart,” Witham proclaims, measuring the pothole’s depth with a fallen twig. “I’ve made it my duty. I want to warn people about the Pinewood Villages of the world.”

Around the Montgomery County courthouse, Witham’s name is synonymous with the problem-plagued subdivision he lives in.

It started six years ago with his myriad of complaints to developers and county officials about the unrecorded east county subdivision’s drainage and roads.

Five years later, the 30-year-old disabled construction worker who refers to Pinewood Village as “The Tiger Mosquito Ranch” was sitting in a jail cell, accused of threatening to kill Vice President George Bush and an assistant Montgomery County attorney over his subdivision woes.

“It was character assassination,” bellowed Witham, who claims he never threatened to kill Bush or the assistant Montgomery County attorney, Marc Winberry.

“I got angry at Mr. Winberry. Very, very angry. But I don’t think I threatened to kill him. I said something like `This just got personal and I’d like to rip your head off your shoulders.”‘ Witham said Winberry laughed at him during the telephone conversation, a claim the attorney denies.

“The last thing I wanted to do was do anything to contribute to his highly agitated state,” Winberry said.

Prosecutors said they dropped the third-degree felony charge of retaliation on condition that Witham “go forth and sin no more.”

As for the allegation that he threatened Bush, Witham said he was nervous and angry when he called Houston’s FBI office at 3 a.m. one night in November 1985 after his family was harassed by unknown motorists in a jeep.

“I started telling the FBI person about the problems out here and said if the vice president was being unfairly subjected to what my family and others in this county have been subjected to in Pinewood Village, they’d be all over it. They misunderstood me. I asked `What would you do if I threatened to kill the vice president of the United States?’ Next thing I know, they’re coming to get me.”

The federal charge against Witham was also dropped on condition that he undergo mental analysis.

Witham says he underwent a mental evaluation at Houston’s St. Joseph’s Hospital. “They wanted to see what made me tick. The psychiatric evaluation showed that all areas of my life were in normal parameters, except for the situation with Pinewood Village.”
Witham said he invested $50,000 building a two-story home on land that cost him $27,000. “It’s appraised at zero,” he said. “I couldn’t sell this subtropical swamp if I wanted to.”
He has lawsuits against the subdivision’s former financier, Western Bank on Westheimer; one against the county, its commissioners and county attorney; and another against American Title Insurance Co. whose licensed agent, the now defunct Eagle Title Co., issued title opinions on the land.

Witham accuses the county of turning its head from developers who skirted county subdivision regulations, a claim that has put him at odds with several Montgomery County office holders.

“Montgomery County has had years to enforce those regulations, but the good old boys sat back in their boots and straw hats and said `OK, let’s be easy on this one. He’s a good old boy like the rest of us,”‘ Witham claimed. “I’ve done what I’ve had to to get my point across.”

During a 1986 session of Commissioners Court, Witham plopped a jar of water in front of commissioners, challenging them to a “not so refreshing drink fresh from a Pinewood Village tap.”

He exhibits pictures of potholes in Pinewood Village, their widths and lengths duly noted.
“He definitely fans the fire. He keeps it going day and night,” said the subdivision’s developer Donald Clesson. He added that he doesn’t always appreciate the manner in which Witham draws attention to the subdivision.

County officials agree.

“I feel sorry for his situation, but he goes about things the wrong way. He wants to blame everything on the county and that’s not where the fault lies,” said a county official, who requested anonymity.

Counters Witham: “I’ve had a hell of an education and made my mistakes. But my only motivation is putting a stop to Pinewood Villages. I don’t think it’s right for anyone to be defrauded, especially in the purchase of a family home. That’s the sanctity of the family. It’s like people stealing candy from babies.”

Date: SUN 06/21/1987
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POTHOLES & PROMISES/Montgomery County’s crumbling subdivisions/ Homeowners handle property woes


Polish immigrant Steve Szladewski’s ruddy complexion grows redder as he rattles off the sales pitch that led him to buy property in the Shepard’s Landing subdivision in Montgomery County.

Former astronaut Alan Shepard, the subdivision’s developer with former Houston Mayor Louie Welch, was to be his next-door neighbor, a salesman bragged. Szladewski’s land, though bordering the San Jacinto River, was unlikely to flood. And the horseshoe-shaped road winding through the subdivision would be paved.

“Alan Shepard didn’t move next door. A guy from New Jersey bought that lot,” said Szladewski, a small, gray-bearded man who struggles with his English.

The road also failed to materialize, and on one occasion, Szladewski anchored his tiny clapboard house to two large oak trees to save it from being swept away by the rain-swollen river.

“In Poland, I learn people in America help each other. But in America, I learn sometimes they say things so you buy.”

Szladewski is not alone. Shepard’s Landing, developed in Montgomery County’s real estate boom of the late 1960s through early 1980s, is one of hundreds of problem-plagued subdivisions that have come back to haunt the county and its residents during the bust.
They are speckled throughout the county’s dense pine forests, the legacy of a ripe economy gone sour. In many instances, they are the handiwork of unscrupulous developers who skirted the county’s rules to make a fast buck.

Some developers, however, say the county is to blame for encouraging development without spelling out or enforcing any restrictions.

Some of the subdivisions have plats recorded with the county as required by state law. Others – about 600 – are unrecorded or “red flag” subdivisions that do not meet county road and drainage standards and have no plats, or plans, filed.

All of them hold disgruntled, heartbroken homeowners with similar stories:

When Mike and Pam Jordan purchased five acres of land in The Wilderness subdivision off FM 1488 for $21,000, they were told there would be no problem in getting basic services such as electricity to their wooded lot.

“But we found out it really was the wilderness,” said Jordan. The only access to their trailer home is a narrow, muddy gas pipeline easement. No electrical easement to his property exists. The couple lived by a gas lantern for several months and had to pay $2,000 to run a wire through the woods and hook up with an electrical line. Their utility bills run double as a result.

In the recorded Park Place mobile home subdivision near Magnolia, the streets are named after those in the popular board game, Monopoly. But the similarity stops there, says resident Pat Wuensche, whose back yard on West Boardwalk is mushy with sewage.
Thirty families have joined the Texas attorney general in suing the developer, claiming he falsely represented that septic tanks would work in the subdivision’s soil. Wuensche said she is still waiting for the 24-hour security, recreational facilities and county-standard roads she was promised.

In the Indian Hills subdivision off 2978, Richard and Mary Blunk were shown a developer’s plat of the subdivision, reflecting a nice chunk of property on which they later built a home. They later discovered that the subdivision’s road cut through an area reflected on the map as their property.

Residents in some problem subdivisions are denied basic services such as mail delivery because of roads that turn into slick obstacle courses at the first rain. School bus drivers refuse to travel them. Fire and ambulance personnel live in fear of the day someone dies because an emergency vehicle cannot clear the mud and potholes. Realtors won’t waste their time listing such properties.

Hardly a Commissioners Court session goes by where residents don’t plead for help from the county.

The county has decided to go to the courts.

“In the past, I think developers thought `what’s the county going to do? They don’t have the stuff to come after me,”‘ said County Engineer Don Blanton. “I think they realize the county means business now.”

Last year, the county hired attorney Nelda Radabaugh to address the problem and force developers to comply with the subdivision requirements. She has sent numerous warning letters to developers asking them to upgrade their roads and drainage systems and has filed a lawsuit against one developer, S. E. Rutledge, of the Southern Pines subdivision off FM 1314.

In the past, county officials bowed to public pressure, maintaining the substandard roads to please constituents and gain votes.

But a downturned economy, tighter road and bridge budgets and a need to properly address what’s become a monumental problem has all but precluded that practice, say county officials.

Radabaugh said most developers the county has contacted are cooperative. “But some of them are bankrupt, gone to Timbuktu, Kansas, hiding.

“We don’t base our investigation on which residents are screaming the loudest. It has to be on which subdivisions are the worst. It’s not easy explaining to someone `Yes, your subdivision is bad. But you’re number 400 on the list.”‘

Jack and Ernestine Daniel, residents of the Southern Pines development, hope the county’s efforts will pay off.

They joke that they own lakefront property. The subdivision has no drainage ditches. When it rains, the water puddles up in chug holes, some nearly as wide as the road itself. Water moccasins sunbathe on the road after the water recedes.

Mrs. Daniel has named the subdivision’s narrow, dirt roads herself: Rub Board Road, Slip ‘N Slide Drive and Dip ‘N Dive Drive.

“It about says it all.”

To hammer her point home, she sent notices to the developers, inviting them to “The super slide and roller coaster ride in Southern Pines.” The letter continues “bring your bulldozer, dump truck, backhoe or grade as the pot holes and mud holes are at least three to four feet deep. Use of an ordinary car will destroy your tires, shocks and springs and put bruises on your skull.” A postscript reads, “The next invitation will not be as cordial.”

“Our children have been embarrassed to bring friends home,” Mrs. Daniel said. “The head coach at Sam Houston State came out here once to talk to our son. He said he never had to come down such deplorable roads in his life to recruit a boy.”

Polish immigrant Szladewski hopes the county’s efforts will benefit him as well.
His property in the unrecorded Shepard’s Landing subdivision off FM 2854 is not only in the flood plain, it’s in the river bed. County officials have told him his home would have to be built 21 feet off the ground to be above the 100-year flood plain.

Shepard, Welch and businessman Jack Coogan initiated the project. A now-defunct Conroe real estate brokerage company sold the lots.

The county filed misdemeanor charges against the three investors in 1980, claiming the subdivision was falsely represented as county approved. The investor’s attorney, Dan McCrary, said the charges were without merit and were dropped on condition that certain things be upgraded at the development. None were.

McCrary said purchasers in Shepard’s Landing signed letters acknowledging the land was in the flood plain.

“This is nothing my clients have escaped from unscathed,” he said. “They’re still paying for this flood plain property.”

Szladewski, with the help of a neighbor, keeps the lone road in the development graded. But land that he paid $4,000 an acre for has been appraised at $500.

He said he relied on the word of a salesman “and got taken. They told me it was recorded subdivision. They promise to fix the roads. They say they build a nice entrance to subdivision, something beautiful. We have nothing.”

Szladewski said he figured the subdivision would be well maintained when he was told Shepard would be his neighbor. “And Louie Welch, they say he build on lot 11 or 12.
“In Poland, I learn nobody cheats in America because everybody helps each other. If one person’s house burns, neighbors build another. That was America in my mind.”

In the Park Place subdivision off Dobbin Huffsmith Road, residents are hoping Attorney General Jim Mattox’s lawsuit against the developer will stop an odor the development on hot, humid days.

Mattox visited the recorded subdivision in 1984, declaring it unlivable. He then sued developer C.L. Conner, alleging he misrepresented that septic systems would work in the subdivision’s soil.

Residents want the developer to install a central sewage system or buy them out.
“When the wind blows just right, the smell can knock you over. It’s like living in a cesspool,” said resident Ralph Schafer, who chose the mobile home subdivision as his retirement home four years ago. He paid $10,000 for his lot.

“I wouldn’t have paid that much if it weren’t for all the amenities promised. They advertised this place like your favorite vacation resort. My wife and I used to like Las Vegas, but boy, this is no where close. My wife is even ashamed to have friends over to dinner because of the smell.”

Schafer and other residents say they were promised 24-hour security and recreational facilities that never materialized.

Conner claims the soil is suitable for septic tanks but several residents had systems improperly installed. He denies misrepresenting the development, and said he sued his contractor for not completing road shoulders.

Park Place civic association president Wuensche said residents suing over the septic systems have proof they were inspected by the county.

She is convinced a lingering kidney infection was caused by the problem with septic overflow.

“Our drinking water is well water and if the sewage is seeping into the ground, it would be in our water,” she said. “I had a $3,000 water-filter system put in and have had no problem since.

“The sad thing about situations like this is you’ve got so much money invested and you’re just stuck.”

Joe and Judy Patterson, residents of The Wilderness subdivision southwest of Conroe, can sympathize.

They purchased 18 acres last year and were not told by salesmen that the development could be under water in a few years, the potential site for the Lake Creek reservoir.
“It’s not so much the things they did tell us, it’s the things they didn’t,” said Mrs. Patterson. “We were misled on a lot of things.”

The couple was told that the dirt roads would be graded by nearby oil company workers.
“And that’s not true,” said Patterson who has repaired the suspension on his new truck twice within a year because of the rugged roads.

“We’d like to sell,” he said. “But where are you going to find another fool like us?”

Date: MON 09/21/1987
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Report: Developers owned almost all troubled S&Ls

United Press International

DALLAS – Real estate developers who bought their way into the troubled savings and loan industry in the early 1980s owned virtually all of the most deeply insolvent thrifts in Texas, it was reported Sunday.
An investigation showed real estate development entrepreneurs either own or owned 20 of the 24 most financially troubled savings and loans in Texas and that most of the remaining four went broke by copying the aggressive strategies of the developers-turned-thrift owners, the Dallas Times Herald said in a copyright story.
Most of the 24 institutions, which lost money at the rate of $8.94 million a day in the first quarter of 1987, are now in ruin.
They have lost all the money invested by their owners and $3.8 billion of depositors’ money that had to be replaced in part with emergency loans from the Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas.
Reports from the Federal Home Loan Bank, which has advanced at least $2.4 billion to the ailing thrifts, indicate the Texas 24 have been forced to repossess $2.7 billion worth of property from delinquent borrowers.
Seven of the institutions have been declared insolvent. All are under the strict supervision – if not outright control – of federal and state regulators.
Thrift experts place the two dozen institutions at the heart of an epidemic of risky lending and outright fraud that virtually bankrupted the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corp.
The Texas thrift crisis required Congress to pump $10.8 billion into the agency that insures S&L deposits up to $100,000. More than half of the FSLIC bailout funds will be used in Texas, where the agency expects to pay $6 billion and spend five years cleaning up failed S&Ls.
During the height of the Texas economic boom, one developer-thrift planned to open a branch office on the moon, another loaned $3 million to buy the Rolls-Royce fleet of the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, and a third funded a real estate project that called for a private overpass spanning the 10-lane LBJ Freeway in Dallas. A fourth thrift operated a chain of barbecue stands, the newspaper said.
“Developers got us where we are in the savings and loan business through greed and a failure of ethics,” said Paul Hardy, a principal with Commercial Banc Group, based in Dallas, which specializes in resolving troubled real estate projects.
“They bought S&Ls with the idea of becoming real estate giants by using depositors’ money and taking advantage of inflation,” Hardy said.
Don R. Dixon, accused of looting Vernon Savings and Loan Association, said thrifts were taking advantage of powers granted by the Garn-St. Germain Depository Institutions Act of 1982 to get an ownership stake in their borrowers’ projects.
Dixon told the Times Herald that builders turned around and acquired thrifts to assure themselves of financing and to tap into the profits of lenders.
Dixon, Vernon’s former owner, is named in a $350 million lawsuit filed by the FSLIC that accuses him and six other Vernon officers of plundering the S&L. Vernon Savings was declared insolvent in March, when it was $616 million in the red.
Dixon blamed federal regulators for Vernon’s failure.
The Federal Home Loan Bank began examining Vernon in summer 1985. In April 1986 it barred the S&L from renewing customer loans, almost all of which Dixon said were about to be renewed.
“I’m not a guy who flew into town to rape the savings and loan business,” Dixon said. “The regulators in Washington decided that entrepreneurs are bad and said: `We’ll sink the ships to kill the captains.”‘ wrote: | News, search and shopping from the Houston Chronicle




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