NOTICE TO THE UNITED STATES Inc. … A Tale of Frauds, Deception and Lootings … Money Laundering on Steroids





FBI and DOJ with Secret Service are 100% CORRUPT AS ALL HELL…

      The Speier/Waters/Driehaus amendment requires the Department of Housing and Urban Development to approve all parties participating in the FHA single family mortgage origination process and prohibits applicants who have been found to engage in unscrupulous or predatory lending practices.

      “It would be a real tragedy if the same crooks and incompetents who drove our economy into the ditch were allowed to get back behind the wheel and write more loans,” Congresswoman Speier said. “This legislation helps prevent that from happening.”


Treasury would be  US  Secret Service AKA   FBI and  DOJ   …..   PS   This  Corruption began LONG Before the 1970s  take a listen to The Foreclosure Hour 

CC:   FFITF   and  the  FBI  /  DOJ    Etc Etc,

This  FOIA  Demand is based upon   the   HUD’s   and  FHA’s   OBLIGATIONS to release records files and information on the  Premier, Paramount and Pioneer   Mortgage Scams of  the  CUGNO  MAFIA in Florida.

The Cugno Gang’s  SUBPRIME PREDATORY   Lending Practices and the Investigations in the States where this Cugno MOB was terminated and suspended from Brokering  HUD  and  FHA  Loans  Etc Etc is the focus of this FOIA  DEMAND.
The  CUGNO MAFIA suckered tons of  Americans into  NO VERIFICATION, STATED INCOME And Other  Predatory Mortgage Subprime Loans.   This  FOIA  Demand is made for the records  HUD  and  FHA has on these  OPERATORS that PREYED on the  Consuming Public.   The Demand is made in the Public’s Interests and a  FEE WAIVER is Sought so that the Information Records and Data can BENEFIT THE GENERAL PUBLIC’s   Understanding as to how   The  PMFs  of the  World can best be  STOPPED  and to educate the Public Better on what  Predatory, Improper, Unallowed and Deceptive, Fraudulent and other  Unscrupulous  Methods  the  PMF Inc.  Mobsters used to LURE AND BAIT, SUCKER  Consumers into  Improper and Unallowed, Unlawful Loans.
The Investigation Files,  Consumer Complaints,  Court Records,  Recordings, Charts,  Maps,  Data and Files, Records associated with this  CUGNO GANG is  herein demanded per  FOIL.
Judson Wiitham
Legacy Trust Media
Lake George Adirondacks Free Press


12 U.S. Code § 5101 – Purposes and methods for establishing a mortgage licensing system and registry


Provides consumers with easily accessible information, offered at no charge, utilizing electronic media, including the Internet, regarding the employment history of, and publicly adjudicated disciplinary and enforcement actions against, loan originators.



      Congresswoman Jackie Speier partnered with fellow Californian, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, and Ohio Congressman Steve Driehaus to author the Honest FHA Originator Act of 2009 to prohibit unscrupulous lenders from participating in Federal Housing Administration (FHA) programs.





CHRISTMAS  2018 … 

The VAST Looting of America Exposed

     As Gerald Scott Cugno, a former business partner, told the local paper: “It’s a game. He wants to see if he can pull it off.” Cugno, who had his identity stolen by Cox, believes he’s influenced by Frank Abagnale Jr., the con man played by Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie “Catch Me If You Can.” In the 1960s, Abagnale impersonated a professor, doctor, lawyer and airline pilot while passing $2.5 million in bad checks until the FBI nailed him.


The Bonnie and Clyde of mortgage fraud – Fortune…/index.htm
Nov 4, 2006 – The papers in Florida like to call Hauck and Cox the Bonnie and Clyde … Her next move with young Bryce was to Tampa, where she got a ….. As Gerald Scott Cugno, a former business partner, told the local paper: “It’s a game.


PARAMOUNT MORTGAGE FUNDING INC. has been set up 10/2/2007 in state FL. The current status of the business is Inactive. The PARAMOUNT MORTGAGE FUNDING INC. principal adress is 2575 ULMERTON RD., 250, CLEAWATER, FL, 33762. Meanwhile you can send your letters to 2575 ULMERTON RD., 250, CLEAWATER, FL, 33762.

Scott Cugno | Paramount Mortgage Funding, Inc. |

Scott Cugno Scott Cugno Scott is the President/Owner of Pioneer Mortgage Funding Inc. and an avid cyclist. His passion and dedication from competitive cycling shows in everything he does. He doesn’t stop until his clients are satisfied with the results.

Scott Cugno (Gerald), 51 – Tampa, FL | Background Report at MyLife … › People Search › FL › Tampa › Scott Cugno
Rating: 3.8 – ‎1 review

Scott Cugno is 51 years old and was born on 9/22/1967. Currently, he lives in TampaFL. SometimesScott goes by various nicknames including scott g cugno.


Gerald Scott Cugno :: Florida Middle Bankruptcy Court :: Bankruptcy …


Gerald Scott Cugno, Case No. 8:08-bk-13724 in the Florida Middle Bankruptcy Court.




The PMF, INC. principal adress is 142 W. PLATT ST STE 118, TAMPA, FL, 33606. Meanwhile you can send your letters to 142 W. PLATT ST STE 118, TAMPA, FL, 33606. The company`s registered agent is CUGNO SCOTT 142 W. PLATT ST STE 118, TAMPA, FL, 33606. The company`s management are President – Cugno Scott.


At a January meeting of the House Financial Services Committee, Rep. Speier raised the issue of Jerry Cugno, owner of Florida-based Premier Mortgage Funding, one of the nation’s largest subprime lenders. By the time Premier filed for bankruptcy in 2007, its license had been revoked by five states – Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio and Wisconsin – for multiple violations. After the bankruptcy, Premier continued to issue taxpayer-insured mortgages, more than 2,000 worth a total of $250 million, according to a November 19, 2008 BusinessWeek article.



      “Now, members of the Cugno family have started a brand new company called Paramount Mortgage Funding,” the BusinessWeek piece continued. It operates a floor below Premier’s headquarters in a three-story black-glass office building Jerry Cugno owns in Clearwater. In August, 2007, only weeks after Premier sought bankruptcy protection, the FHA granted Paramount a license to issue government-backed mortgages.”



Speier asked an FHA administrator what his agency was doing to make sure this wasn’t still happening and was told that they were reviewing their process. That’s when Speier and fellow committee members Waters and Driehaus decided to act. In addition to HUD approval of all licenses, the amendment requires that all FHA-approved mortgagees use their licensed names and retain a copy of all advertising materials.



       “Fraud and abuse are problems even during the best of times,” Speier said, “but when economic markets are reeling and ordinary Americans are desperate for solutions, the scam artists seem to multiply faster than cockroaches. This bill puts teeth into the regulators’ bite so they can rid the FHA market of those who would seek to take advantage of our situation.”


 SEE  The  Honest Mortgage Originator Act of 2009


12 U.S. Code § 5101 – Purposes and methods for establishing a mortgage licensing system and registry


Congresswoman Jackie Speier partnered with fellow Californian, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, and Ohio Congressman Steve Driehaus to author the Honest FHA Originator Act of 2009 to prohibit unscrupulous lenders from participating in Federal Housing Administration (FHA) programs.


     The bill was included as an amendment to the Helping Families Save Their Homes Act” (HR 1106), which was passed by the House of Representatives on Thursday.


NMLS Ombudsman

The NMLS Ombudsman provides the industry users of NMLS and other interested parties a neutral venue to discuss issues or concerns regarding NMLS use and policies governing the System. The objective of the NMLS Ombudsman is to foster constructive dialogue between industry users of NMLS and state regulators to mutually work toward the goal of modern and efficient financial services regulation.

The NMLS Ombudsman is a resource for System users with the goal of assisting in the resolution of NMLS policy and operational issues. The NMLS Ombudsman is available to discuss matters in a confidential manner and to help assist with the resolution of these matters by identifying options for resolving the issue and/or by directing the issue to the appropriate party or office.

The Ombudsman hosts open meetings twice a year with industry representatives. In addition to these regularly scheduled meetings, the NMLS Ombudsman is available to meet on an ad hoc basis throughout the year as needed.  The NMLS Ombudsman sits on the NMLS Policy Committee and reports directly to the Board of Managers of the State Regulatory Registry LLC.

The current Ombudsman is Scott Corscadden, Supervisor, Bureau of Loans for the Alabama State Banking Department. Click here to view Mr. Corscadden’s full bio.

Comments concerning NMLS, state agencies use of NMLS, or other relevant matters can be sent to the Ombudsman at:

NMLS Ombudsman Process:

  1. Issues are submitted to the Ombudsman email address or routed though SRR from industry participants.
  2. The Ombudsman will address the concerns as directly as possible and provide additional resources or state contacts when necessary.
  3. Some issues are referred to SRR for resolution. These typically are NMLS navigation issues.
  4. The Ombudsman will communicate with a state regulator when the issue submitted involves a specific regulator in order to reach a resolution.

Upcoming Meetings:

The next Ombudsman Meeting will be held at the 2019 NMLS Annual Conference & Training will be held February 18-21, 2019 in Orlando, Florida. For more information and to register, visit:

Past Ombudsman:









Trump Models His War on Bank Regulators on Bill Clinton and W’s Disastrous Wars


William K. Black
December 13, 2018     Bloomington, MN

The Wall Street Journal published an article on December 12, 2018 that should warn us of coming disaster:  “Banks Get Kinder, Gentler Treatment Under Trump.”  The last time a regulatory head lamented that regulators were not “kinder and gentler” promptly ushered in the Enron-era fraud epidemic.  President Bush made Harvey Pitt his Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chair in August 2001 and, in one of his early major addresses, he spoke on October 22, 2001 to a group of accounting leaders.




America  You’ve been  Pooch Screwed

Obama’s Foreclosure Fraud Settlement – Business Insider

The psychopathy within the United States had now reached unprecedented proportions. The front cover of TIME on 13 February 2012 featured the Obama/Holder U … Schneiderman co-led with Obama’s …

Speculative RICO Realty the  Epicenter and Heart of DIRT DEALING and BANK LOOTING



     Obama merely finishes off the job that George W. Bush and the Republicans began   ….  So, that’s the front-story, and the back-story, behind Obama’s settlement with the mega-banks, for their having heisted millions of homes, via robo-signing and other illegalities and outright frauds, which robbed not only homeowners but outside investors and crashed the U.S. economy in 2008 – and for which, the vast majority of Americans blame the victims, and not the actual planners and perpetrators of this massive multi-trillion-dollar elite heist of America’s mortgagees and mortgage-investors, and ultimately taxpayers. If one wants to know who walked off with those trillions of dollars, for which the U.S. Government is now in debt, it’s those plutocrats.


America Looted ….  The VANISHED TRILLIONS


     On November 19th, 2012  the core of the Obama “Justice” Department’s “49 State Settlement,” of the millions of fraud claims by the suing mortgagees against the mega-banks who were trying to foreclose on robo-signed and other dubious mortgages, was finally announced, and it basically gave the mega-banks what they wanted: all of the money they could possibly get out of those mortgagees, and with future U.S. taxpayers furthermore absorbing the resulting losses, in the form of taxpayers needing to pay off the federal debt for the massive bailouts of Wall Street and its “counter-parties,” losses which were being absorbed by Timothy Geithner’s U.S. Treasury, and by Ben Bernanke’s U.S. Federal Reserve.


     There would be no prosecutions of mega-bank executives for any of the frauds those mega-bank executives had planned and overseen, which had led to these enormous crimes, and thus to the 2008 crash. Those mega-bank executives were permitted to keep their millions of dollars in pay and bonuses, which they had earned from these frauds.

YouTube ….  The Campaign HOs


YouTube ….  The Campaign HOs

Lying for the Cause | National Review

Lying for the Cause … It is not the 1930s Depression-era world of Steinbeck. … The same goes for members of the Obama administration. Eric Holder apparently surmises that if he goes after a …

The ‘second Great Depression’ saviour myth | Dean Baker …

Feb 16, 2012 · We’re told that Fed officials and the Obama administration saved us from another 1930s-style slump. Nonsense Thu 16 Feb 2012 16.15 EST First published on Thu 16 Feb 2012 16.15 EST

Why won’t the democrats prosecute the banksters? | Thom Hartmann

OK, rigel, if you want agreement that the Holder approach is insider and that Obama represents the gentlest of change, we can agree that way too little has been done.

Patience Grows Thin for Banks’ Foreclosure Excuses – The New …

Nov 15, 2011 · Then there is Eric T. Schneiderman, New York’s attorney general, caught in Month 5 of a face-off with the White House. President Obama dearly wants to seal a deal in which the nation’s largest …

U.S. sues Deutsche Bank, alleging mortgage fraud – The


Dec 20, 2018 · The bank was also singled out in a report released last month by a U.S. Senate panel that investigated the causes of the financial crisis. That inquiry charged Deutsche Bank and …


Deutsche Bank Accused Of Massive Mortgage Fraud, Sued for …


May 03, 2011 · The Justice Department sued Deutsche Bank AG, one of the world’s 10 biggest banks by assets, on Tuesday for at least $1 billion for defrauding taxpayers by “repeatedly” lying to …


OBAMA SCHNEIDERMAN HOLDER and The Bankster Gangster Mafias of Speculative Real Estate   RANCHERO RACKETEERS …..  Financially Rape America and the World




The Financial Rape of America an Inside Job

In the United States Bankruptcy Court
Eastern Division
Greeneville Tennessee
XXXXXXXXXX    Case 2:18-bk- XXXX
Demand for Production


Deutsche Bank National Trust Company as
Trustee for J.P. Morgan Chase  Mortgage

Rule 2004
Acquisition Trust , Chase Bank USA NA Et Al

Predatory Subprime Loan
Decertification of  Premiere
Mortgage Funding
170 Police Raid Deutsche Bank
Deutsche Fines 12.5 BILLION

Debtor’s NOTICE to Trustee and the Court of Dishonor and Repudiation of Deceptive, Improper and Unlawful Predatory, Subprime Mortgage

     Comes Now Debtor XXXX   XXXXfield and makes this DEMAND for the Production of Records, Proof and Evidence as follows. The matter of the Genuineness, Authenticity Veracity and LAWFULNESS of the Standing of these Debt Collectors and the Debt Instruments which are herein REPUDIATED. Debtor demands STRICT PROOF of the Legitimacy of the Collections being instituted by the Alleged Holders and the Claimed Servicers of said DISPUTED DEBT. The Original Loan and the Origination Practices of Premiere Mortgage Brokers and JP Morgan Chase are herein DISHONORED and REPUDIATED.

SEE Deutsche Bank Raided by 170 Police October , November , December 2018

Attention ….
Select Portfolio Services
Chase Bank, Chase Mortgage
J.P. Morgan Trust Acquisition Trust
Deutsche Bank Et Al.

Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell, Berkowitz P.C.
ROBERT R. CARL #017911265 Brookview Centre Way Suite 600 KNOXVILLE, TN 37919 EMAIL:

Rubin Lublin TN, PLLC Substitute Trustee
119 S. Main St., suite 500, Memphis, TN 38103

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company as Trustee for J.P. Morgan Mortgage, Acquisition Trust , Chase Bank USA NA Et Al …. Rubin Lublin TN, PLLC Substitute Trustee 119 S. Main St., Suite 500 Memphis, TN 38103
Notice of Error / Requests for Information / Qualified Written Request
Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc.
P.O. Box 65277
Salt Lake City, UT 84165

1.      It appears that Premiere Mortgage Funding, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company as Trustee for J.P. Morgan Mortgage Acquisition Trust , Chase Bank USA NA Et Al Chase Bank, Fairbanks Capital, Select Portfolio Services have MANY TIMES been fined BILLIONS for Deceptive, Unlawful and Fraudulent Practices associated with Mortgage Lending and the Collections, Servicing and Acceleration of large numbers of Consumer Mortgages. The United States Justice Department, Federal Trade Commission, SEC, and Other Government and Private Entities and Law Firms have established LARGE AMOUNTS OF UNLAWFUL Servicing and Collecting activities have been engaged in by those being NOTICED HEREIN.
2.      Needless to say, we are most concerned that fraudulent and deceptive practice by the unscrupulous Premier Mortgage Funding Mortgage Brokers; sales and transfers of mortgage servicing rights; deceptive and fraudulent servicing practices to enhance balance sheets; deceptive, abusive and fraudulent accounting tricks and practices may have also negatively affected any credit rating, mortgage account and /or the debt or payments that we are currently, or may be perceived as being legally obligated to repay.
3.      We Request the Information on All Fines, Penalties and Settlements for Similar and or Subsequent Conduct For Your Corporations, Agents and Representatives that have been been levied by the , SEC, US DOJ, Financial Fraud Investigation Task Force, US State AG’s and the Consumer Finance Protection Board. This would include Premiere Mortgage Funding, JP Mortgage Chase as well as Deutsche Bank and any others claiming Rights to Collect the Mortgage Debt associated with this Bankruptcy.
4.      The US DOJ, SEC, FBI, IRS, FHA, HUD have all received vast PENALTIES and SETTLEMENTS from JP Morgan Chase and Duestche Bank for immense Mortgage Servicing and Improper and Unlawful Subprime Mortgage Loan activities. The Above Federal Agencies MUST Open All Their Records to the Public regarding these Fraudulent, Improper, Unlawful Financing and Collections Schemes. FHA and HUD are currently resisting This Petitioner’s Demands for information on Premiere Mortgage Funding and Deutsche Banksters.
5.      Petitioner hereby dishonorss and repudiate the certificated / security documents regarding OUR ACCOUNT NUMBER: #0023829443. PREMIERE MORTGAGE FUNDING and DEUTSCHE BANK have been revealed as INTERNATIONAL CON ARTISTS, RACKETEERS and FRAUD PERPETRATORS.
Deutsche Bank Says DoJ Wants $14 Billion to Settle …
The U.S. Department of Justice is asking Deutsche Bank to pay $14 billion to settle an investigation into its selling of mortgage-backed securities, Germany’s flagship lender said on Friday.

SEE ALSO…1.0..……0….1j2..gws-wiz…..6..35i39.Q3TzrizljFo

6.      We also hereby demand that a chain of transfer/s and a full accounting from you as to wherever and however You became LAWFULLY in possession to any the security interest and SERVICING RIGHTS associated with this Sale, Collections and Servicing which appertains to the above matters. The Premiere Mortgage Funding Origination Methods and Practices have resulted in ALL 918 Premiere Mortgage Funding Offices NATIONALLY and more than 7,500 Mortgage Brokers that were Premiere’s Agents being DECERTIFIED and SUSPENDED by FHA / HUD

7.      The Mortgage herein referenced began as an Improper, Unlawful PREDATORY Subprime Mortgage. Said Unlawful Lending is VOID for Fraud


Violation Tracker Parent Company Summary
Parent Company Name: Deutsche Bank
Ownership Structure: publicly traded (ticker symbol DB)
Headquartered in: Germany
Major Industry: financial services
Specific Industry: banking & securities
Penalty total since 2000: $12,489,545,403
Number of records: 28
Top 10 Primary Offense Types Penalty Total Number of Records
toxic securities abuses $9,472,300,000 4
interest rate benchmark manipulation $1,951,600,000 5
tax violations $679,659,153 3
investor protection violation $174,950,000 5
securities issuance or trading violation $103,200,000 2
banking violation $58,000,000 1
anti-money-laundering deficiencies $41,000,000 1
data submission deficiencies $4,150,000 2
accounting fraud or deficiencies $3,000,000 1
energy market manipulation $1,670,000 1


Deutsche Bank’s Immense Criminal and Fraudulent Empire

Deutshe Bank Fined Many Many Billions by US Regulators and Law Enforcement Authorities

Deutsche Bank’s Unscrupulous Record of Deceptive and Fraudulent Activities…0.0..937723…0.0..0.0.0…….0……gws-wiz.yDyKRmlCjdw

Deutsche Bank Offices Raided in Money-Laundering Probe – WSJ…/german-prosecutors-search-deutsche-bank-premises-over-mone…

Nov 29, 2018 – German authorities raided Deutsche Bank offices as part of an investigation into whether the firm helped clients launder money through tax …
Missing: fraud ‎subprime ‎mortgages


Deutsche Bank Frankfurt Headquarters Raided by 170 Police. Here’s … › Finance › Deutsche Bank
Nov 29, 2018 – German authorities pounced on the Deutsche Bank HQ, including its downtown Frankfurt headquarters, in a coordinated raid related to a …
Missing: fraud ‎subprime ‎mortgages

German police raid Deutsche Bank offices in money-laundering probe…/deutsche-bank-shares-sink-police-raid-offices-money-launde…
Nov 29, 2018 – German police raided Deutsche Bank’s offices in Frankfurt on Thursday in a probe of money laundering against the country’s flagship lender.

Deutsche Bank raided over money laundering : worldnews – Reddit…/a1g6ft/deutsche_bank_raided_over_money_laundering/
Nov 29, 2018 – He’s recieved billions in loans from the bank, even after he became so …… but Deutschehas been involved in practically every scam over the …
German investigators raid LBBW bank in fraud probe | Business … – DW…/a-4974247
German investigators raid LBBW bank in fraud probe … bankers continued to back high-risk investments in the US subprime mortgage market in 2006, even after …
Financial crisis bank fines hit record 10 years after market collapse – DW…/a-40044540

Aug 10, 2017 – Deutsche Bank’s $7.2 billion settlement to resolve its dealings in mortgage-backed securities is roughly a third of the entire amount it had to pay …

Deutsche Bank executive accused of misleading investors | Financial …
Sep 11, 2017 – Paul Mangione, 46, the bank’s then-head of subprime mortgage … who joined Deutsche Bank in 2000 from Credit Suisse, of wire fraud and …
Subprime mortgage crisis – Wikipedia

Jump to Mortgage fraud and predatory lending – “The FBI defines mortgage fraud as ‘the … predatory lenders by invoking a banking law from 1863 …

Deutsche Bank | Anti Corruption Digest
Deutsche Bank Raided for Money Laundering After Claiming Bitcoin a …. DE) former head of subprime mortgage trading with civil fraud in connection with …

U.S. sues Barclays, ex-executives for mortgage securities fraud | Reuters
Dec 22, 2016 – U.S. sues Barclays, ex-executives for mortgage securities fraud … Carroll, Barclays’ headsubprime trader in the run-up to the housing crisis, and Menefee, the banker in … Deutsche Bank raided in money laundering probe.

7.      We ask that these files and records now be promptly sent to us to include the ENTIRE CONTENTS of Such Files and Records. Included ESPECIALLY any Electronically Recorded Records such as Lien Holder Indemnity Title Insurance or MERS AKA Mortgage Electronic Registration Records.
8.      Absent the actual evidence of the security we have no choice but to dispute the validity of your lawful ownership, funding, entitlement right, and the current debt you allege we owe. By debt we are referring to the principal balance you claim we owe; the calculated monthly payment, calculated escrow payment and any fees claimed to be owed by you or any trust or entity you may service or sub-service for, legal fees or any such other charges or debts stemming from these matters.

Improper Unlawful Mortgage Loan Procedures
Unlawful Deceptive Predatory Subprime Mortgage Practices

1.     A complete and itemized statement of the loan history from the date of the loan to the date of this letter including, but not limited to, all receipts by way of payment or otherwise and all charges to the loan in whatever form. This history should include the date of each and every debit and credit to any account related to this loan, the nature and purpose of each such debit and credit, and the name and address of the payee of any type of disbursement related to this account.
2.      FHA and HUD that have decertified ALL the Premere Mortgage Funding Agents for violating HUD FHA Loan Requirements.
A complete and itemized statement of all advances or charges against this loan for any purpose that are not reflected on the loan history transaction RESPA statement provided.
FHA and HUD has decertified ALL the Premiere Mortgage Funding Agents for violating HUD FHA Loan Requirements. ALL US Government Agencies and Regulatory Bodies need to IN FULL TRANSPARENCY produce ALL Their Records germane to Premiere Mortgage Funding, JP Morgan Chase and Deutsche Bank relevant to MONEY LAUNDERING using Predatory Mortgages such as the PREDATORY FINANCING involved in THE INSTANT CASE

3.      Copies of All Mortgage Insurance, Lender Indemnity Title Insurance or other TARP or Bail Out Funds, Bond or other Amount Received which has been applied to Satisfy the alleged debt in this matter.

Attention US Bankruptcy Trustee
Premiere Mortgage Funding DECERTIFIED and COLLAPSES


FHA-Backed Loans: The New Subprime – Bloomberg…/fha-backed-loans-the-new-subprime
Nov 18, 2008 · The resilient entrepreneurs who populate this dubious field are often obscure, but not puny. Jerry Cugno started Premier Mortgage Funding in Clearwater, on the Gulf Coast of Florida, in 2002.
Co-Owner Of Company That Originated Millions In Fraudulent … › U.S. Attorneys › District of New Jersey › News
Co-Owner Of Company That Originated Millions In Fraudulent Mortgages Sentenced To 21 Months In Prison NEWARK, N.J. – The co-owner of a mortgage company that was responsible for a long-running, large-scale mortgage fraud scheme that caused millions in losses was sentenced today to 21 months in prison, U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman announced.
FHA-Backed Loans: The Next Subprime Crisis Looms – SPIEGEL … › English Site › Business
The resilient entrepreneurs who populate this dubious field are often obscure, but not puny. Jerry Cugno started Premier Mortgage Funding in Clearwater, on the Gulf Coast of Florida, in 2002.

Repudiation and Dispute Re: XXXXfield Mortgage Debt Deutsche Bank Et Al.

Are greedy wolves making government-insured mortgages ……
Cugno’s family has founded another company, Paramount Mortgage Funding, which is doing FHA. Cugno’s daughter explains… “My dad’s company got too big,” says Nicole Cugno.


Speier Bill To Crack Down On Predatory Lenders Passes ……
The Speier/Waters/Driehaus amendment requires the Department of Housing and Urban Development to approve all parties participating in the FHA single family mortgage origination process and prohibits applicants who have been found to engage in unscrupulous or predatory lending practices.

Premere Mortgage Funding Brokers ALL Decertified and Shut Down Nationally


1. It should be noted …. 918 Premier Mortgage Funding Offices with as many as 7,500 Agents and Brokers were SHUT DOWN for Improper and Unlawful Activities. THE RECORDS AND FILES associated with these FACTS as well as the Involvement of Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan Chase, Credit Suisse and others such as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the FHA, HUD and other US Government and Quasi US Government Funding Agencies and Banks/ Lenders is what are being DEMANDED from FHA / HUD and FBI DOJ.
2, NINE STATES Suspended Premier Mortgage Funding and SHUT THEM DOWN for Improper, Deceptive and Unlawful Mortgage Practices. ILLEGAL CONTRACTS WERE VASTLY OBTAINED.
3.      The PREDATORY LOANS, APPRAISALS, CREDIT INVESTIGATIONS and the CONTRACTS THEMSELVES are highly highly SUSPECT and obviously involved in ONE HUGE UNLAWFUL MESS ….. These are the Files, Records and Information being DEMANDED from HUD / FHA , DOJ and FBI.
      Jerry Cugno started Premier Mortgage Funding in Clearwater, on the Gulf Coast of Florida, in 2002. Over the next four years, it became one of the country’s largest subprime lenders, with 750 branches and 5,000 brokers across the U.S. ( NOTE 918 Offices were CLOSED )
4. Cugno, now 59, took home millions of dollars and rewarded top salesmen with Caribbean cruises and shiny Hummers, according to court records and interviews with former employees. But along the way, Premier accumulated a dismal regulatory record. Five states—Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, and Wisconsin—revoked its license for various abuses; four others disciplined the company for using unlicensed brokers or similar violations. The crash of the subprime market and a barrage of lawsuits prompted Premier to file for U.S. bankruptcy court protection in Tampa in July 2007. Then, in March, a Premier unit in Cleveland and its manager pleaded guilty to felony charges related to fraudulent mortgage schemes.
5. But Premier didn’t just close down. Since it declared bankruptcy, federal records show, it has issued more than 2,000 taxpayer-insured mortgages—worth a total of $250 million. According to the FHA, Premier failed to notify the agency of its Chapter 11 filing, as required by law. In late October, an FHA spokesman admitted it was unaware of Premier’s situation and welcomed any information Business Week could provide.


The Rackets Exposed / Collapse
67 Mortgage Lenders Failed To Meet Criteria For FHA Recertification … › MoneyWatch › Money
Jan 22, 2010 – Last year, HUD’s Mortgagee Review Board cut off Taylor Bean and Whitaker’s ability to do FHA loans. But nearly 200 other mortgage …

It may feel as though every mortgage lender in America is offering FHA loans.The Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Mortgagee Review Board from July 10, 2008 to August 4, 2009, reveals nearly 200 mortgage companies settled actions, paid civil money penalties, had their FHA approvals revoked or not renewed, were suspended, or put on probation.
The last action by the Mortgagee Review Board occurred on August 4, when Taylor, Bean and Whitaker Mortgage Corporation, of Ocala, FL, had its FHA approval to originate and underwrite loans suspended pending completion of an investigation by HUD’s inspector general   (Shutting down Taylor, Bean and Whitaker Mortgage Corporation has resulted in hundreds of thousands of homeowners being dumped into a mortgage hell that still hasn’t been completely unraveled, including bounced checks from Taylor, Bean and Whitaker, unpaid real estate property taxes and insurance premiums from now missing or unaccounted for escrow accounts, confusing or wrong information from lenders who took over these Taylor, Bean and Whitaker loans and a general screw up that has caused borrowers to have a massive headache.)
Read a little further down and you’ll see that 67 mortgage lenders failed to meet criteria for FHA recertification and had their FHA approval status yanked for one year. HUD’s Mortgagee Review Board “took this action based upon allegation that the lenders were not in compliance with the Department’s annual recertification requirements.”


If you’re thinking about getting an FHA loan, it won’t be with the following lenders:
1st Point Lending LLC, Milwaukee, WI
Aadus Banc Corp., Palatine, IL
AccessAmerica Mortgage LLC, Duluth, GA
Advantage Home Finance, Pacifica, CA
Advent Mortgage LLC, Cranford, NJ
Affordable Mortgage Company, Waterford, CT
Aggressive Mortgage Corp., Richmond, VA
Alaska State Mortgage Inc., Anchorage, AK
American Home Mortgage Corp., Melville, NY
American Mortgage Lending Services, Inc., Chicago, IL
American Residential Mortgage LP, Saint Paul, MN
Arrow Service Corp., Inc., Morrison, CO
Aurora Financial Services, Inc., New Orleans, LA
Bayside Financial Group, Inc., Annapolis, MD
BBCP Holdings, Ltd., North Palm Beach, FL
BH Mortgage Partners LLC, Suwanee, GA
Citizens Trust Financial Group, Inc., Cockeysville, MD
Continental Financial Group, Inc., Houma, LA
Cosmopolitan Mortgage, Inc., Orange, NJ
Cresland Mortgage Company LLC, Plymouth, MN
Dove Capital Corporation, Corona, CA
Eclipse Mortgage, LLC, Lombard, IL
Equity Financial, Inc., East Brunswick, NJ
Executive World Corp., d/b/a Executive Mortgage, Montebello, CA
Evolution Funding Inc., Wellington, FL
Fallon County Federal Credit Union, Baker, MT
Financial Capital, Inc., Redding, CA
First Capital Group, LP, Irvine, CA
First Fidelity Mortgage, Inc., Cranford, NJ
First Independent Mortgage LLC, Burlington, MA
First Magnus Financial Corp., Tucson, AZ
First National Bank and Trust, Beatrice, NE
Genesis Mortgage Services, Inc., Lutz, FL
Godwin Mortgage Group, Inc., Louisville, KY
Great American Mortgage Services Corp., Hamilton Square, NJ
Greenbrier Mortgage LLC, Charlotte, NC
Home Source Lending Group LLC, Alpharetta, GA
Hunter Partners, Inc., Bakersfield, CA
Investors Mortgage Lending, Orlando, FL
Lebanon Valley Farmers Bank, Lebanon, PA
Lendia LLC, Marlborough, MA
Main Street Bank and Trust, Champaign, IL
Mid America Bank FSB, Downers Grove, IL
Midtowne Mortgage, Inc., Midvale, UT
Midwest Residential Lending LLC, Tipp City, OH
Millennium Capital Mortgage Co., Longwood, FL
Moneyfirst Financial, Inc., Dallas, TX
NCW Community Bank, Wenatchee, WA
Nuestra Casa Mortgage, Inc., Santa Ana, CA
Phelan Financial Services, Inc., Phelan, CA
Premier Mortgage Funding, Inc., Clearwater, FL
Premier Mortgage Group, Inc., Lexington, KY
Prestige Capital Funding, Inc., Littleton, CO
Prime Financial Corporation, Berwyn, IL
Professional Mtg Serv of Central Florida, Inc., Orlando, FL
TCSB Mortgage Company, Traverse City, MI
The First National Bank & Trust, Beatrice, NE
The Mortgage House, Inc., Hialeah, FL
Traders National Bank-Tullahoma, Tullahoma, TN
Trinity Wealth Mortgage Corp., Lincoln, CA
Truepointe Mortgage, Layton, UT
UMS LLC, Paramus, NJ
Velocity Lending LLC, Clark, NJ
Wes Holding Corporation, Charlotte, NC
West Michigan Finance, Inc., Portage, MI
Wow Financial LLC, Conshohocken, PA


You should also be advised that I will seek the recovery of damages, costs, and reasonable legal fees for each failure to comply with the questions and requests herein. I also reserve the right to seek statutory damages for each violation of any part of Section 2605 of Title 12 of the United States Code, and the Deceptive and Fraudulent Practices associated with the Predatory Mortgage set forth herein.

*Also note that mortgage servicers are required to fully answer all these questions within 60 days from the date they receive this letter in addition to acknowledging receipt of your request in the first 20 days. During that time they are forbidden to report late-pays to the bureaus as well.

Sincerely JaXXXXXX    X     XXXXXXXXX
Date: December 21,   2018


I, , a notary public residing in

County, State

Do say that on the date of , 2018

that a person known to me as

did appear before me in their true character and did attach their autograph to the above document.
NOTARY ___________________________________________________________________________________ date

In closing Premises Considered Debtor respectfully Moves this Court, It’s Trustees and Clerks to Order and Require the Production of the Original Records and Files , NOT COPIES but Originals of the Records and Files listed above.
1. This demand per Rule 2004 of the Federal Bankruptcy Rules is made because the Debt Collectors listed herein have NEVER PROVEN Their Alleged Genuine Ownership of the Alleged Debt, Their Standing to Sue or Foreclose on the Residence Involved ….
2. Select Portfolio Servicing, Chase, JP Morgan, Chase, Premere Mortgage Funding, FHA HUD and the CFPB and Their Lawyers have refused to disclose the ACTUAL Records and Genuine Files that supports Their Bald Claims They have legal Standing to assert any claim or right Of Sale or to Foreclose on the Loan or Mortgage on the Residential Property associated with this Bankruptcy Matter. Debtor has no other recourse or alternative to Force the Production of the Demanded Records but by Moving This Court and It’s Trustees and Clerks to REQUIRE the Debt Collectors and Their Agents to PRODUCE THE ORIGINAL FILES AND RECORDS DEMANDED HEREIN.
3. Debtor requests expenses, costs and all other relief in association with this Rule 2004 Demand for Records, Documents and Files.


Respectfully Submitted,
XXXXXXXX   Bluff City, TN 37618


Debtor’s Certificate of Service

This is to certify by Certified Mail and By Email on this the Day of November 2018, Debtor’s Rule 2004 Demand for Production of ORIGINAL DOCUMENTATION has been served upon

Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell, Berkowitz P.C.
ROBERT R. CARL #017911265 Brookview Centre Way Suite 600 KNOXVILLE, TN 37919 EMAIL:
Rubin Lublin TN, PLLC Substitute Trustee
119 S. Main St., suite 500, Memphis, TN 38103
Deutsche Bank National Trust Company as Trustee for J.P. Morgan Mortgage, Acquisition Trust , Chase Bank USA NA Et Al …. Rubin Lublin TN, PLLC Substitute Trustee 119 S. Main St., Suite 500 Memphis, TN 38103

Select Portfolio Services
Notice of Error / Requests for Information / Qualified Written Request
Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc.
P.O. Box 65277
Salt Lake City, UT 84165


UPDATE …. Paramount  and Pioneer  Mortgage Funding Corporations   ALL  THREE  Of the  Cugno’s  Mortgage Operations and as many as  1500 Offices and more than 10,000 Mortgage Brokers   TERMINATED by  HUD  and  FHA 

   TITLE II DBA Summary:
 Institution ID:  Institution Name:  Address
 2524400083  PMF INC  SOUTH BEND, IN
 2524400117  PMF INC  SAN ANTONIO, TX
 2524400175  PMF INC  LOUISVILLE, KY
 2524400181  PMF INC  DANVILLE, KY
 2524400198  PMF INC  LOUISVILLE, KY
 2524400202  PMF INC  FORT THOMAS, KY
 2524400225  PMF INC  MYRTLE BEACH, SC
 2524400356  PMF INC  CLEARWATER, FL
 2524400406  PMF INC  ADDISON, TX
 2524400412  PMF INC  WHITE MARSH, MD
 2524400429  PMF INC  COLUMBIA, MD
 2524400441  PMF INC  MOBILE, AL
 2524400458  PMF INC  MEMPHIS, TN
 2524400464  PMF INC  LAUREL, MD
 2524400470  PMF INC  BIRMINGHAM, AL
 2524400487  PMF INC  SAN ANTONIO, TX
 2524400537  PMF INC  APOLLO BEACH, FL
 2524400543  PMF INC  DITTMER, MO
 2524400557  PMF INC  BALTIMORE, MD
 2524400566  PMF INC  MCALLEN, TX
 2524400589  PMF INC  LARGO, FL
 2524400605  PMF INC  CLEARWATER, FL
 2524400616  PMF INC  COLUMBIA, MO
 2524400622  PMF INC  SARASOTA, FL
 2524400645  PMF INC  TOWSON, MD
 2524400651  PMF INC  BOWIE, MD
 2524400668  PMF INC  ANNAPOLIS, MD
 2524400680  PMF INC  COLUMBIA, MD
 2524400697  PMF INC  COON RAPIDS, MN
 2524400724  PMF INC  EL PASO, TX
 2524400730  PMF INC  SAN ANTONIO, TX
 2524400747  PMF INC  MAPLE GROVE, MN
 2524400760  PMF INC  LA VERGNE, TN
 2524400776  PMF INC  MADISON, AL
 2524400782  PMF INC  TAMPA, FL
 2524400803  PMF INC  TAMPA, FL
 2524400818  PMF INC  E PETERSBURG, PA
 2524400826  PMF INC  MODESTO, CA
 2524400832  PMF INC  MIAMI, FL
 2524400855  PMF INC  BROWNSBURG, IN
 2524400884  PMF INC  BIRMINGHAM, AL
 2524400890  PMF INC  BURLESON, TX
 2524400905  PMF INC  HUMBLE, TX
 2524400911  PMF INC  NASHVILLE, TN
 2524400928  PMF INC  VICKSBURG, MS
 2524400934  PMF INC  MOBILE, AL
 2524400940  PMF INC  BOCA RATON, FL
 2524400957  PMF INC  COVINGTON, LA
 2524400963  PMF INC  BIRMINGHAM, AL
 2524400973  PMF INC  PITTSBURGH, PA
 2524400992  PMF INC  COLUMBIA, SC
 2524401004  PMF INC  LEXINGTON, KY
 2524401010  PMF INC  NIXA, MO
 2524401027  PMF INC  HAMMOND, IN
 2524401042  PMF INC  DALLAS, TX
 2524401056  PMF INC  VESTAVIA, AL
 2524401062  PMF INC  SAN PABLO, CA
 2524401079  PMF INC  SAN ANTONIO, TX
 2524401085  PMF INC  HIALEAH, FL
 2524401091  PMF INC  SAN JOSE, CA
 2524401112  PMF INC  HAMMOND, LA
 2524401135  PMF INC  HUNTSVILLE, AL
 2524401141  PMF INC  PLYMOUTH, MN
 2524401164  PMF INC  BURNSVILLE, MN
 2524401187  PMF INC  WEST MONROE, LA
 2524401193  PMF INC  HIALEAH, FL
 2524401208  PMF INC  SEYMOUR, TN
 2524401214  PMF INC  DECATUR, AL
 2524401243  PMF INC  HOUSTON, TX
 2524401266  PMF INC  DELRAY BEACH, FL
 2524401272  PMF INC  ELK RIVER, MN
 2524401295  PMF INC  NASHVILLE, TN
 2524401303  PMF INC  SAN ANTONIO, TX

BusinessWeek Exposes the New Subprime – Columbia Journalism …



Nov 25, 2008 – I’ve got to applaud BusinessWeek for its aggressive investigation of dirty subprime …Jerry Cugno started Premier Mortgage Funding in Clearwater, on the … FHA “faces a tsunami” in the form of ex-subprime lenders who favor …

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According to the FHAPremier failed to notify the agency of its Chapter 11 filing, … of Premier’ssituation and welcomed any information Business Week could provide. … have started a brand new company called Paramount Mortgage Funding. … headquarters in a three-story black-glass office building Jerry Cugno owns in …

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Jan 15, 2009 – BusinessWeek focused on Jerry Cugno, founder of Premier Mortgage … another company, Paramount Mortgage Funding, which is doing FHA.
Nov 18, 2008 – Thousands of subprime mortgage lenders and brokers—many of them the very sorts of firms that helped create the current financial crisis—are …
      Rolling Stone wasn’t considered a major news medium, but merely an entertainment magazine, so aristocrats had little interest in controlling it. The 3 March 2011 issue headlined, “Why Isn’t Wall Street In Jail? … The Feds Are Doing More to Protect Them than to Prosecute Them.” Matt Taibbi presented there a succession of stories about obstruction of justice by the Obama Administration, at least as bad as during the Bush Administration. “In the past few years, the administration has allocated massive amounts of federal resources to catching wrongdoers – of a certain type. Last year, the government deported 393,000 people, at a cost of $5 billion. … Illegal immigrants: 393,000. … Bankers: zero. … You want to win elections, you bang on the jailable class. You build prisons and fill them with people for selling dime bags and stealing CD players. But for stealing a billion dollars. For fraud that puts a million people into foreclosure? Pass.” Taibbi told stories of federal prosecutors who had been fired for wanting to investigate top executives of Morgan Stanley, etc., and of other federal prosecutors who had quit the federal service to work for Morgan Stanley, etc. (at far higher pay, and, now, higher prestige as well).

Speier Bill To Crack Down On Predatory Lenders Passes House …



In February, the Center for Responsible Lending issued a report estimating that the … the issue ofJerry Cugno, owner of Florida-based Premier Mortgage Funding, one … of $250 million, according to a November 19, 2008 BusinessWeek article. … Speier asked an FHA administrator what his agency was doing to make sure …

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Jul 23, 2007 – Jerry CugnoPremier’s CEO, said the lawsuits are “frivolous. … Cugno in 2002, originates mortgages for sale to banks and other financial … and Wachovia, handling loans ranging from conventional to FHA and VA to subprime. … Cugno called Premier “the Wal-Mart of themortgage banking business” in an …

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Dec 31, 2008 – No, this man represented a different type of lender: The FHA approved lender. … inBusiness Week titled: “FHA-Backed Loans: The New Subprime” written by … “Jerry Cugno startedPremier Mortgage Funding in Clearwater, …

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The real reason the Mozilo investigation was dropped is that Obama didn’t want his Wall Street friends to be prosecuted, and there would be no way of preventing their prosecutions if Mozilo’s case went to court. Obama didn’t necessarily care about Mozilo. (Though on 4 March 2011, Matt Stoller had headlined “Angelo Mozilo, Tea Partier?” and revealed a 1 September 2004 e-mail from Mozilo to other executives at Countrywide, in which Mozilo had said, “The upcoming election has exacerbated my concerns in that a Kerry win could cause a serious disruption in the economy if he is successful in rolling back a substantial portion of the tax breaks initiated by Bush. It is the wage earners $200,000 and over that are the drivers of the economy and that is the group that Kerry has stated he will attack.” Obama was thus not doing a favor for a friend here, but rather a favor for a very conservative Republican, whose business-model was to exploit the non-rich, and whose basic economic belief was that the richest 1.8% of Americans “are the drivers of the economy.” Obama was a closeted conservative.)