Gugno the Racket ….. Premier, Paramount, Pioneer JP Morgan Chase, Select Portfolio Servicing, Credit Suisse, Deutche Bank

PMF Inc. Gugno the Racket ….. Premier, Paramount, Pioneer JP Morgan Chase, Select Portfolio Servicing, Credit Suisse, Deutche Bank


The  Flippin Dirt Dealing Daisy Chains of Subprime Predatory Mortgage Illegal Foreclosure and Money Laundering   CRIME SPREE  is unprecedented in World History

Dirt Dealing Daisy Chains and Dirt Bags





2:19-CV-005 Eastern District Tennessee …. US District Judge Clifton L. Corker …. THE ALLEGATIONS ARE EXTREMELY FACTUAL  /S/

America Sold Down the River




7:11 PM (2 hours ago)

Dear  Sheila Peden,

Cugno and the others all acted together.  The information is for the ENTIRE  Group of  SCAMMERS.    The  Baiting of Consumers done with  ZERO DOWN 125%   Subprime   Predatory   EASY CREDIT   Racketeering.   The REALITY of  BILLIONS in Fines against Deutsche  Bank and JP  Morgan is very simple ….  From A to Z  the  WHOLE GANG premeditated all the  Deception and Lies.   YES I insist the information be released on the  WHOLE  GANG /  MAFIA involving these  PERPETRATORS.

These  SAME  DOGS fixed the LIBOR and GOLD MARKETS and have been fined many BILLIONS  for  Lies, Fraud and Scheming against the US  Government.    Laundering Hundreds of Billions of Dollars is done through  SUBPRIME LENDING ….   I am demanding all the  Records, Investigations and Information on the WHOLE GANG.    There were many BILLIONS in Fines levied and VAST AMOUNTS of Money Laundering ….  The Real Estate Racket and the Money Laundering are directly connected.
J. Witham
Whist;e Blower

America Looted an INSIDE JOB

So many many People tried to INSINUATE I was simply CRAZY ….  Well Folks that was ALWAYS  a  huge load of MANURE …..   JBW

PHUCK FBI and DOJ as well as FHA / HUD and the CFPB. All of these A$$WIPES are covering up and concealing, whitewashing and hiding Files and Records on America’s Massive Financial FIASCO …. See

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The goal of your business is not to sell to people who can afford them but instead to sell to people who cannot afford them and therefore reap the additional benefits of forfeiture and default, that “high risk” is sort of the point and something very much to be desired.

FBI and DOJ with Secret Service are 100% CORRUPT AS ALL HELL …..…

Predatory Lending: Laws & Unfair Credit Practices

Loan churning usually works like this: The lender makes a loan the borrower can’t afford. The borrower fails to pay the loan back on time, so the lender offers a new loan that includes another set of …

Lending Money to Bet on Default – Bloomberg


Oct 24, 2018 · Lending Money to Bet on Default. Also commodities insider trading, Tesla and lottery tickets. By . … Russian MoneyLaundering Scandal. Deutsche Bank Seeks to Break Vicious Circle as .

Money Laundering Schemes in Real Estate – Corporate Compliance …

Feb 17, 2016 – real estate still a key avenue for money laundering … Meaning: to apply for a mortgageto buy the property, then settling the mortgage in full …

Money Laundering and Mortgage Fraud – Wolters Kluwer

Predatory lending is a pejorative term used to describe unfair, deceptive, or fraudulent practices of some lenders during … such as a car or house, so that if the borrower defaults on the loan, the lender can repossess or foreclose and profit by

Money Laundering and Your Bank Accounts – Part VI – Loans

Laundering Money Through Lending Activity. Money launderers course massive sums through loans and investments. Bank authorities must perform significant due diligence to detect money laundering in these cases. To top that off, some governments try to discourage detection of such money laundering activities through legislation and regulation.

Deutsche Bank shares slip on reports of investigation over Danske Bank

14 hours ago – Shares of Deutsche Bank slid more than 1 percent in early trading on reports that the U.S. Federal Reserve is investigating the German lender’s …

Fed said to probe Deutsche Bank over suspicious … – American Banker

7 hours ago – The Federal Reserve is examining how Deutsche Bank handled billions of dollars in suspicious transactions from Denmark’s leading lender, …

Danske Bank scandal: Federal Reserve probes Deutsche Bank ……

The Fed is probing Deutsche Bank over billions in suspicious transactions in another twist in the Danske Bank money laundering scandal. … The US Federal Reserve is investigating how Deutsche Bank handled billions suspicious payments from Danske Bank, as regulators try to unravel who …

Deutsche faces questions from authorities investigating Danske …

15 hours ago – Deutsche Bank said on Wednesday it had received requests for … said the U.S. FederalReserve was investigating Deutsche Bank’s role in the Danske scandal. … The Fed’s probe is at an early stage, Bloomberg said, citing …

Fed Said to Probe Deutsche Bank Over Suspicious … – Bloomberg

18 hours ago – The Federal Reserve is examining how Deutsche Bank AG handled billions of dollars in suspicious transactions from Denmark’s leading lender …

Fed to Probe Deutsche Bank Over Suspicious Danske Billions

The Federal Reserve is investigating Deutsche Bank’s involvement in billions of dollars of suspicious transactions from Denmark’s leading lender, Bloomberg …

Fed to probe Deutsche Bank over Danske: report – MarketWatch › Industries › Banking
15 hours ago – –The U.S. Federal Reserve has launched an investigation into how Deutsche Bankhandled billions of dollars in suspicious transactions from …



4155.1 1.B.1.g
Contents of the
Mortgage Loan

     The mortgage loan application package must contain all documentation that supports the lender’s decision to approve the mortgage loan.

     When standard documentation does not provide enough information to
support the approval decision, the lender must provide additional, explanatory
statements that are consistent with information in the application. The
explanatory statements must clarify or supplement the documentation
submitted by the borrower.

by  AJAX International News  “WE GET THE STAINS OUT”







Select Portfolio Services, JP Morgan Chase, Deutsche Bank and the  PMF Inc. MAFIA

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Turn Your Sound Level  Down ….  Adjust Your Sound For BEST  Enjoyment

BEWARE The SUBPRIME Mortgage Racketeers



 Audit of the Department of Justice’s Efforts to Address …

an important role in combating mortgage fraud through civil litigation and criminal investigation and prosecution. The objective of this audit was to assess DOJ’s approach and enforcement efforts in addressing mortgage fraud generally between fiscal years (FY) 2009 and 2011.

Gerald Cugno – Previous Chairman for Premier Mortgage Funding …

Gerald Cugno Overview Gerald Cugno has been associated with seven companies, according to public records. The companies were formed over a ten year period with the most recent being incorporated six years ago in June

Deutsche Bank  Donald Trump’s  Sugar  Daddy

Towers of Secrecy: Piercing the Shell Companies – The New …


Articles in this series examine shell companies masking real estate deals. … in Manhattan and Miami-Dade County as part of a broader federal effort to focus on money laundering in real estate.







The PMFINC. principal adress is 142 W. PLATT ST STE 118, TAMPA, FL, 33606. Meanwhile you can send your letters to 142 W. PLATT ST STE 118, TAMPA, FL, 33606. The company`s registered agent is CUGNO SCOTT 142 W. PLATT ST STE 118, TAMPA, FL, 33606. The company`s management are President – Cugno Scott.


PMF SETTLEMENT SERVICES, INC. has been set up 11/23/2005 in state FL. The current status of the business is Inactive. The PMF SETTLEMENT SERVICES, INC. principal adress is 3001 EXECUTIVE DRIVE, CLEARWATER, FL, 33762. Meanwhile you can send your letters to 3001 EXECUTIVE DRIVE, CLEARWATER, FL, 33762.

     Income Verification

It is easiest to verify the income of traditional workers who receive W-2 forms at the end of the year. Independent contractors and self-employed individuals make the task more difficult for lenders and auditors. For these borrowers, the auditor will need to look at bank statements, tax returns, dividends and interest and retirement plan distributions to determine their total income. He will compare the income from your documentation to the income used during the approval process.


A portion of the mortgage audit should also be dedicated to analyzing the appraisal, mortgage insurance and title search on the property that’s used as collateral for the loan. The appraised value must be sufficient to cover the entire balance of the loan unless additional property is pledged as collateral. The mortgage file should include copies of comparable sales and a description of the valuation method the appraiser used to prepare his report, along with a confirmation of the size of the property and any buildings located on the site. The auditor will also request a copy of the title report and mortgage insurance policy for the property in question. The title report should not show any outstanding claims, liens or other defects.


All relevant documentation must be kept in the mortgage file, such as the sales contract, trust deed, escrow instructions, loan documents and closing statement. The closing statement should include a breakdown of the closing costs and seller’s contribution to these costs. Look for unusual items in the contract, such as personal property added as collateral. Make sure the contract still fits within the approval guidelines.

     Audit Report

When the auditor is finished, he will prepare a report detailing the results of the review. The report will identify areas of weakness in the company’s approval and lending procedures. The auditor will recommend possible corrections for any issues he discovers during the audit. A follow-up audit may be scheduled to make sure the company has implemented all of the recommended solutions.

     Credit Reports

The audit must also include a review of the credit reports used to approve mortgages. You should have credit reports from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Verify that the correct names and Social Security numbers are listed and that no other aliases or suffixes are causing confusion with another person’s credit report. All forms of credit should have been included in the debt-to-income ratio calculations. The auditor will also compare the borrower’s credit score with your company’s minimum requirements for approval.

October 18, 2010
4155.1 1.B.2.a
Credit Analysis

Required Documents for Mortgage Credit Analysis,

4155.1 1.B.2.a General Mortgage Credit Analysis Documents 
Document Requirements

Lenders must obtain the most recent documents required to perform the
mortgage credit analysis. “Most recent” refers to the most recent document
available at the time the loan application is made. See HUD 4155.1 1.B.1.h
for the maximum allowable age of documents.
The documents listed in the table below are the general documents required
for mortgage credit analysis.
Loan Application  Fannie Mae Form 1003, Uniform Residential Loan Application
(URLA) signed and dated by all borrowers and the lender, and
 Form HUD-92900-A, HUD/VA Addendum to Uniform
Residential Loan Application.
Loan Underwriting and
Transmittal Summary
HUD-92900-LT, FHA Loan Underwriting and Transmittal
Summary, for both purchase and refinance transactions
Social Security Number
For information on obtaining Social Security Number (SSN)
evidence, see HUD 4155.1 1.B.2.b.
Credit Report The lender must obtain a credit report on all borrowers who will
be obligated on the mortgage note, except in cases involving
certain streamline refinance transactions.
Reference: For more information on
 credit reports, see HUD 4155.1 1.4 , and
 credit report review guidelines, see HUD 4155.1 4.C.2.
Verification of Deposit
For information on verification of deposit, see HUD 4155.1
Verification of
Employment (VOE)
For information on verification of employment, see
 HUD 4155.1 1.B.2.d
 HUD 4155.1 1.B.2.e, and
 HUD 4155.1 1.B.2.f.
Federal Income Tax
For information on obtaining federal income tax returns, see
HUD 4155.1 1.B.2.g.
Sales Contract The lender must obtain the sales contract and any amendments
or other agreements and certifications.
Real Estate Certification If not contained within the purchase agreement, the lender must
provide the real estate certification, signed by the
 buyer
 seller, and
 selling real estate agent or broker.
References: For more information on the real estate
certification, see
 HUD 4155.2 6.A.5.f, and
 HUD 4155.2 6.A.5.g.
Amendatory Clause The lender must provide the amendatory clause, signed by the
borrower and seller, if it is not contained in the purchase
References: For more information on the amendatory clause,
 HUD 4155.2 6.A.5.d, and
 HUD 4155.2 6.A.5.e.
Verification of Rent or
Payment History on
Past/Previous Mortgages
This document must be in the form of
 direct written verification from the landlord or mortgage
 information shown on the credit report, or
 the most recent 12 months of cancelled checks or receipts for
payment of the rent/mortgage.
TOTAL Scorecard Accept/Approve recommendation: A
separate rental reference is not required.
Reference: For information on the TOTAL Scorecard, see the
TOTAL Mortgage Scorecard User Guide.
For information on obtaining the URAR, see HUD 4155.1
Explanatory Statement The lender must include, in the case binder, any explanatory
statements or additional documentation necessary to make a
sound underwriting decision.
PMF Inc. Gugno the Racket ….. Premier, Paramount, Pioneer JP Morgan Chase, Select Portfolio Servicing, Credit Suisse, Deutche Bank.

SwampFox <> Sun, Dec 30, 2018 at 8:18 AM
To:,,, “McDonald, Ryan (CFPB)” <>, CFPB_FOIA <>
Cc: “Jacqueline R. Birchfield Dennison” <>, Kim Hogan <>, “Ann Pellegrino, Esq.” <>, April Scarlott <>, Federal Bureau of Investigation <>, Sarah Barton <>, Travis Whitehead <>
Bcc: Sarah Hoffman <>
DEAR HUD, FHA, FBI, DOJ, FDIC, OCC,  SEC, US Treasury, Congress and Senate  US Government  Etc Etc Et Al,
This is a demand for all Records, Data, Files and Information on the  CUGNO FAMILY  Mortgage  Operations and the following  Mortgage Scammers …..   Premier, Paramount, Pioneer  JP Morgan Chase, Select Portfolio Servicing, Credit Suisse, Deutche Bank.
BILLIONS in Fines,  Trillions in Losses and  COUNTLESS  Audits, Investigations, Enforcement Actions and Penalties involving  CUGNO’s Companies,  JP Morgan Chase and  Deutsche Bank with  SELECT PORTFOLIO SERVICES have occured because  IMPROPER MORTGAGE LOAN PROCESSES  AND PROCEDURES  involving  CUGNO’s  Mortgage  Racketeers are involved.  Tennessee,  Ohio, North Carolina, Texas, Florida and in virtually every State across America  the above  SCHEMERS   on a vast scale  IGNORED, VIOLATED and BROKE all the Rules in the Books.
This  DEMAND for Information seeks the AUDITS, REPORTS, DATA, INVESTIGATIONS of the  CUGNO CRIME SPREE with   Premier, Paramount, Pioneer  JP Morgan Chase, Select Portfolio Servicing, Credit Suisse, Deutche Bank.
Attached are a number of examples of the Information and Records Being Sought.
Thank You
Judson Witham
Legacy Trust Media
SUBJECT:    Premier Mortgage Funding, Inc., Paramount Mortgage Funding, Inc.   Pioner  Mortgage Funding Inc. and Its Sponsor Banks , JPMorgan Chase, Deutsche Bank  that Did Not Comply With HUD Underwriting Requirements and Did Not Meet All Quality Control Requirements .   The  CUGNO FAMILY  GANG  and all the  PMF  Inc.   Violations, Investigations and Audit Reports ……   ALL AUDITS INVESTIGATIONS FINES ENFORCEMENT ACTIONS   of  the  CUGNO …..   PMF  Inc.   Companies   and  JP Morgan Chase and  Deutsche Banks
FHA/ HUD Handbook 4155.1, REV-5  and  all other RELEVANT  HAND BOOKS  NEED TO BE PRODUCED

JPMorgan to pay $5.1B in mortgage settlement – USA TODAY

Oct 25, 2013 · JPMorgan Chase will pay $5.1 billion to settle allegations it misled mortgage-finance agencies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac about the quality of residential mortgages the banking giant sold them.

JP Morgan-Chase paid its billions in fines for mortgage fraud …

A lawsuit against JP Morgan-Chase — the nation’s largest bank — asserts that the institution paid off the $4,200,000,000 in mortgage forgiveness that it agreed to as a settlement for widescale …

Confidential Federal Audits Accuse Five Biggest Mortgage …

Earlier this month, Justice cited findings from HUD investigations in a lawsuit it filed against Deutsche Bank AG, one of the world’s 10 biggest banks by assets, for at least $1 billion for …

Chase’s fraudulent foreclosure: Court says executive …

JPMorgan Chase (JPM) created and recorded false documentation that showed the bank owned the mortgage of two California residents in order to foreclose on their home, the California Court of …

Federal Reserve Consent Order JPMorgan Chase Response Risk …

Mortgage Servicing Operations Risk Assessment Process In accordance with the April 13, 2011 OCC Consent Order, the Bank is conducting a comprehensive assessment of risks in mortgageservicing. The assessment is addressing operational, compliance-based, transactional, legal, reputational, and financial risk.

PDF FCA, FHA Lending, And US V. Deutsche Bank – Buckley Sandler

qui tam action, many of the mortgage lending FCA cases like Deutsche Bank begin at HUD. Quite commonly, an institution is targeted during an audit, at which point HUD’s counsel becomes involved. The DOJ is often not far behind. The RBC case began with an HUD audit report, and Deutsche Bank is no exception. The complaint alleges
Premier understated the borrower’s monthly debt, Falsified Borrowers Marital Status, Failed to investigate employment, falsified credt and debt and employment information  etc etc etc.
Premier entered and JPMorgan Chase certified inaccurate credit information and did not have adequate quality control reviews 
The sponsor (JPMorgan Chase) certified to the integrity of incorrect data that Premier entered into the automated underwriting system. The incorrect data are material enough to affect loan approval.
Premier did not verify the stability of borrower income. The employer described the borrower’s probability of continued employment as “unknown.” Premier did not document its analysis or obtain clarification of the employer’s comments

JPMorgan Chase to Pay $614 Million for Submitting False …

JPMorgan Chase put profits ahead of responsibility by recklessly churning out thousands of defective mortgage loans, failing to inform the government of known problems with those loans and leaving the government to cover the losses when the loans defaulted. / U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

The agreement does not prevent the United States from pursuing action against the banks related to misrepresentations of the quality of loans that were packaged into mortgage-based securities or the conduct that is the focus of the new Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities Working Group.

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Sues And Settles With JPMorgan Chase …

To resolve the United States’ claims, JPMORGAN CHASE has agreed to pay $614 million to the United States under the False Claims Act. In addition, JPMORGAN CHASE has agreed to implement an enhanced quality control program to address the misconduct concerning the integrity of loan data submitted to HUD-FHA.


WHEREAS, on April 13, 2011, JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association, Columbus, Ohio (the “Bank”), a national bank owned and controlled by JPMC, consented to the issuance of a Consent Order by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (the “OCC”) (the “2011 OCC
We relied in part on data maintained by HUD in its Neighborhood Watch system. We did not perform a detailed analysis of the reliability of the system.
Further, we recommend the assistant secretary for housing – federal housing commissioner and chairman of the Mortgagee Review Board
1F. Ensure Premier’s current quality control plan meets HUD requirements and is implemented. 1G. Consider appropriate sanctions against Premier and JPMorgan Chase for entering incorrect data into the automated underwriting system and certifying their integrity.
 Our audit objectives were to determine whether Premier and it sponsors 1) acted in a prudent manner and complied with HUD requirements in the origination of the Federal Housing Administration-insured single-family mortgages selected for review and 2) whether their quality control plans, as implemented, met HUD requirements.
Premier did not enter correct data into an automated underwriting system or perform required quality control reviews. In addition, the sponsor, JPMorgan Chase, certified to the integrity of the data Premier entered into the system and did not perform adequate quality control reviews. This occurred because Premier and its sponsor did not ensure the accuracy of the borrowers’ credit information, and Premier did not have specific processing policies and/or procedures that branch offices must follow.
Premier • Overstated income (five loans), • Did not verify the stability and/or history of income (two loans), 5 • Understated the borrowers’ liabilities (seven loans), • Did not verify reserves and/or deposits (seven loans), and • Originated loans in which the actual note terms (principal, interest, and term) differed significantly from the terms entered into Loan Prospector (one loan).
These deficiencies occurred because Premier and JPMorgan Chase did not ensure the accuracy of the borrower’s credit or other information. Instead, Premier relied on JPMorgan Chase to identify and resolve underwriting deficiencies, but JPMorgan Chase apparently accepted the data and certified their accuracy without further examination. Also, Premier did not have specific processing policies and/or procedures that branch offices must follow.
Premier did not comply with HUD’s quality control requirements.5 Premier officials told us they never performed a quality control review of any kind on the Austin branch, nor were they aware of any quality control reviews by JPMorgan Chase.
  2 Mortgagee Letter 05-16, dated April 13, 2005, increased the qualifying debt-to-income ratios to 31:43. 3 HUD Handbook 4155.1, REV-5, paragraph 2-5 B, states that if the borrower is delinquent on any federal debt, the borrower is not eligible until the delinquent account is brought current or a repayment plan is established and verified by the federal agency owed. 4 Mortgagee Letter 03-07, dated May 22, 2003, states, “If a property is resold 90 days or fewer following acquisition by the seller, the property is not eligible for a mortgage insured by FHA [Federal Housing Administration]. FHA defines the seller’s date of acquisition as the date of settlement on the seller’s purchase of that property. The resale date is the date of execution of the sales contract by the buyer that will result in a mortgage to be insured by FHA.” 5 HUD Handbook 4060.1, REV-1, chapter 6, contains the minimum requirements of a lender’s quality control plan. Paragraph 6-1 requires all lenders to implement and continuously have in place a quality control plan for the origination of insured mortgages as a condition of maintaining Federal Housing Administration approval.
6 HUD Handbook 4060.1, REV-1, paragraph 6-6 D, requires a quality control review of all loans going into default within the first six payments. Paragraph 6-6 E (3) requires a field review of the appraisals for those loans. Paragraph 6-3 I requires the final report of a quality control review to identify corrective actions being taken, the timetable for their completion, and any planned follow-up activities. 7 HUD’s review was conducted during the period of our scope – June 1, 2003, through May 31, 2005.

HUD OIG Report | JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A. Foreclosure and …

Chase’s foreclosure operations are conducted by its servicing branch, Chase Home Finance, LLC (Chase Home), which is located in Westerville, OH. As of October 1, 2010, Chase Home serviced more than 580,000 FHA-insured loans.

HUD bans JPMorgan Chase branch from originating FHA mortgages

HUD did not release the default rate of the JPMorgan Chase branch on Long Island. But a recent letter from HUD discontinued FHA approval for loan correspondents beginning Dec. 31.

JPMorgan, FDIC, Deutsche Bank finalize settlement in WaMu …

According to an 8-K filing from JPMorgan Chase, “As previously disclosed, JPMorgan Chase Banksigned a term sheet with Deutsche Bank and the FDIC to resolve pending litigation brought by DBNTC against the FDIC, in its capacity as receiver for Washington Mutual Bank and in its corporate capacity, and JPMorgan Chase Bank, as defendants …
• Responsible for monitoring the data entry and policy adherence process to ensure information submitted by loan officers and closers correspond with signed loan documents.